Energies And Golden Liquid Light Throughout My Bloodstream As Divine Mother Says “Welcome Home”.


Energies And Golden Liquid Light Throughout My Bloodstream as Divine Mother Says “Welcome Home”.

6 March, 2017.
I felt it was time to tune in and align myself once again with The Cosmos in a conscious way. So as I tuned in with intent and focus to The Cosmos, I had an Intense Merging as I sensed my Bloodstream as Golden Liquid Light streaming throughout my physical bloodstream having absorbed my normal bloodstream. This can be likened to Alchemy of course, which is so close to my and my twin flame’s heart and soul. For with Alchemy, the process which has many facets, depths and layers, I and others going though any of the Alchemical processes transform our physical body nearer to our true Light Body, such then is joy and bliss felt as those steps upwards into deeper consciousness is maintained and Gaia has been transcended – this is the path of all aspiring souls who have incarnated or reincarnated, for then we are so much closer to Home, thus does our soul sing once again the Keynote of its Very Existence.


As this Golden Liquid Light continued moving round and round and up and down, I became further Aligned and Attuned to the Cosmos as “I” was left behind and Enveloped in this Golden Liquid Light, whereby after quite some time I became aware of One of The Divine Mothers above in the Sky – Ether – Cosmos. Divine Mother said “Welcome Home” and was very happy to see that I was aware of Her, as compared to Energies where I have often tuned into Divine Mother in the past, in that here as usual, the Energies were Exquisite, but I was looking at this particular Divine Mother, and recognising Her which IS NEW as to being aware at that moment, one could say in the NOW, we were looking at each other, and it feels a Deeper Connection has taken place in my Consciousness and my Twin Flame’s Adam El Daoud, for as Twin Flames, what one of us experiences and goes through, so does the other have full access and awareness, which by its very concept is an awesome thought as when we both tune into completely that which is our beloved’s past – present into the NOW – as we take those steps forward into our Soul Contract with The Divine, so deeper states of Bliss and Oneness are ours. So in essence, as I am remembering that which I have known so well, AED and myself, are going forward together as we have always done so through the innumerable aeons and ages since our Emergence into Manifestation from Within the Heart and Mind of The Creator to what could be termed separation then as one Dual Life Ray, able to separate at will from each other, or to Return into our Divine Twin Flame Union, as was our Gift from The Creator – Our Divine Parents, such is the case for all Twin Flames or Twin Life Forms, where indeed no separation exists, this is merely a feeling we have so often felt whilst we live in the density of Gaia.


During my Merging with The Cosmos, at some stage I wished all beings to be free from pain and suffering and filled with Divine Light and Love as usual. I have found that often as AED and myself merge, or in this case The Cosmos and myself Further and Deeper Align Ourselves as One, that I am able to send out deeper healing to all life forms than ever before as my consciousness has been raised and my energies and vibrations are on a Higher Vibration and Frequency.


Towards the end of tuning into The Cosmos, I was seeing and sensing a Golden Lotus as a continuation of my Golden Liquid Light in my bloodstream, and so this Golden Lotus I feel was relevant to my bloodstream, and thus this next phase of AED and myself regaining those memories and states of awareness which has always been our Birthright, but which for me living here on Gaia, I am working towards remembering as those veils of Gaia have been transcended. This Golden Lotus is not of the lotus blossoms on Gaia, it was Deeper in Colour and Intensity and was More Deeply Golden. This colour can be likened to the Gold of Alchemy, as well as when I was shown as my post shared here on my website on the 14 February, 2017 – “I See My Light Body As A Ship With The Elements As Beautiful Golden Swans” those Golden Swans which were indications of my having Control of the Elements, and this Golden Lotus was very much in keeping with those Golden Swans and the Golden Liquid which can be seen when that Alchemical Process has taken place.
As once again, I was shown another Lotus flower, this only adds to my deep love and fascination of these most exquisite of blossoms, for they act as a magnetic pull as they draw me into their inner and outer depth and meaning, which as time continues, their very exquisite connection and bond to Source, leads me into greater awareness Home, such then is my and my beloved’s joy as over a year ago I was told that I am indeed “Speeding Home”. This is the nectar of my and thus our soul, that those veils of Gaia have long ago been pushed open, thus as never before, does joy and delight smile within me as my dearest one and I, are back into Our Divine Oneness, and therefore, are able to continue our Journey through Eternity, side by side – is wonderful, bringing to us our Divine Union as we share in the Cosmic Unity which is open to all life forms.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.

2 thoughts on “Energies And Golden Liquid Light Throughout My Bloodstream As Divine Mother Says “Welcome Home”.

  1. Paul

    Once again, you have transmuted doubt into golden Light in my heart and soul. I am so grateful for witnessing your immesurable talent, focus and dedication to Life and All That It Is. I started reading into the Emerald Tablets last night but being tired, I slept unusually long (10 hours) and coming back from the Ships, I heard my name called at the airport announcing I was on vacation.

    Your text is the first thing I read this morning and so, this is so wonderful – I do feel I am returning from a cosmic holiday, fully rested and grateful for the intense energies you are sending forth. Much Love and Light returns and flows your way, dearest Pat!

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    1. Hi Paul, how lovely to see you here again, and as always to have your thoughts. I am blessed that this post has resonated so well with you, thus am I further inspired. The Emerald Tablets are indeed awesome, and you will gain much remembrance as you read them, as they stand the test of time and beyond. How wonderful to hear your name called as you were coming back from the Ships. When we hear our name, it is always very potent, as it was for you. Interesting that you heard that you were on vacation, which in a way, life on Earth is, for you are far from your spiritual Home. Bringing back memories when we dream or in that higher state of consciousness, is indeed the nectar of our soul, that golden thread, has once again been lit up. Laugh, I am glad that when you read my text it made your morning, with the Golden Lotus, the pictures give that Golden sense surrounding this post. Much love to you also, Paul. Suryananda. ♥

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