My Twin Flame And Myself Venture Into Our Initiation With Divine Mother, Saraswati, Through The Yoga Method.

Tuesday, 21 March, 2017.
As I sat with intent and focus on venturing together with my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, into a Deeper Awareness and Realisation than that which I already have, through what Saraswati, Divine Mother, has described as “The Yoga Method” I was very aware that my beloved AED was with me, feeling and sensing his Divine Presence, which as always, brings great joy and bliss to Our One Heart and Soul. AED had been absent for some days as far as I was concerned at different times, even though this is just my sense of separation, for in essence there is never any separation between beloved ones, whether Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, or Merging and Blending with Deities of our choice. All can be with us when that longing is sufficient, as many people recognise as they tune into in depth to the different Ascended Masters and Deities. The Key as always, is Love.
So I began this conscious session whereby AED and myself were going to tune into Saraswati, Divine Mother, by visualising myself within the Heart of AED, whilst allowing my love for my beloved to rise up from my spine, cleansing and releasing this into my Third Eye and Crown. Immediately it seemed our New Venture with Saraswati,  began:
I was back Home in Venus with my Beloved Twin Flame, followed in quick succession by these other moments, all being profound and meaningful to AED, myself and Saraswati. I saw AED and myself, once again, riding our beautiful white horses, which does happen quite often, for we adore them as they do us, and to ride on our dearest white horses always bring us joy and blessings. My thoughts then went to my left side, being the feminine, with the colours Emerald Green and Moon White, whilst on my right side, I visualised the masculine colours of Red and the Sun. As I began this, my breathing became deeper as those higher energies and vibrations began to envelop me and my beloved, as together, once again, we were one, as are all Twin Flames in their Divine Union, not only with each other, but to The Creator, Father Mother God, Our Divine Parents.


Artist unknown.

AED says beautiful words of greeting, whilst at the same time, A Cascade of White Light is above me, quite some way up and beyond my crown. As I become aware of this, a most beautiful Pink Flower Opens, and AED and myself Stand On This Lotus. This brings us such joy, a wonderful experience as once again we are deeply involved with the Lotus. At this moment, I AM Inside my heart – which in essence is also the heart of my beloved, and I look up at my Diamond Light Body from inside, so as those moments of bliss continue with myself and my dearest AED, I once again visualise that bliss rising up from my heart to cleanse and purify my inner channel, going upwards to my Third Eye, crown, and then beyond, leading me deep into Presence.
At this moment, Saraswati, welcomes AED and myself, whilst new energies are enfolding me, always exquisite, and I say words to my dearest one, as he responds back, and “Saraswati, then says Welcome Home Pat Suryananda”. We three, then hold hands, and Saraswati, touches the top of my head.
I then see a Beautiful White Rose, and I am being clothed in a White Gown which is so beautiful also, and has Blue Flowers on. Blue Petals Begin to Fall Down From Above. Saraswati, then takes my hand and looks at it, whilst at the same the energies between the three of us are beautiful.
I then think of Sanat Kumara, and once again, our beloved Sanat Kumara, begins to Officiate at This Initiation Ceremony AED and myself are going into, just as Sanat Kumara officiated before when AED and myself shared an Earlier Initiation. Saraswati, begins to talk. There are many people around us, all sharing in Our Initiation Ceremony.


Artist unknown.
AED and myself, then Lie in a Sarcophagus. The Sarcophagus is an Initiation connected to Divine Mother, Saraswati, and AED and myself, as we venture deeper into The Yoga Method. My beloved says “I have longed for this moment”. I wonder is it a New Birth? Beautiful Music is being played. I notice that inside the Sarcophagus is a Large Room, much larger than when AED and myself lay within the Sarcophagus just before. This Room is quite vast. Angelic Beings are here, as now my beloved and myself are out of our Sarcophagus, as we Stand Before Saraswati. Saraswati, is very pleased. The beautiful singing continues. My unicorns, Antares and Antara come in to greet us. They are a delight and joy to see once again, as they too show their love for us, which has been with AED and myself throughout the ages. AED laughs, it is so joyful to hear him laugh, as we continue to be enveloped and enfolded within the Light, Love and Blessings of Saraswati, and all who are assembled with us to share and partake in this most momentous of occasions, which are relatively early steps AED and myself will go though as we venture ever deeper into the Yoga Method of Divine Mother, in the process of which, we Become Deeply Merged and Blended Within, in New and Exciting Ways which as always, is a Treasured Gift from The Creator.
Suddenly, a White Dove Descends, it so beautiful and exquisite to see. I am reminded of Yeshua and those words “This is My Son in Whom I AM Well Pleased” and which are so very well known to me. My Light Family say words of happiness to me, in that I am indeed so blessed, and that all my dreams are being realised. I find myself beaming with joy at this.
I suddenly see A Large Book. My Light Family say in response to my words to them, that Love is Eternal, and I am realising my Power, which is Divine Love and Light brought into play on a conscious level for the good of all beings, as they are set free. As I am Awakening further all the time, my True Self has aligned ever deeper with my beloved Twin Flame, thus together we are able to transcend much which before hand had veils which hid my and thus our Soul Contract not only with The Divine, but as together we begin this awesome and amazing venture into and with Saraswati, the joy, bliss and ecstasy which AED and myself, Suryananda, have experienced over these last 21 months or so, will intensify, deepen into the Yoga Method which Divine Mother, Saraswati, offers to those She In Her Love and Wisdom feels fill the Role of This Initiation. I know when I felt that this Initiation of Yoga Method was being offered to me, my first thought was that I wanted my beloved AED to be with me, and so it is so, for where I go, we both go, such is that joy and bliss that we are never separate. When at moments, I have felt in the past he is not so close, it has been said many times by both AED and my Light Family that this is just an illusion, for in essence we are never separate, such then soothes and uplifts our shared heart and soul, even though for the moment, in this life of mine on Gaia, we are in different worlds, we are nevertheless able to deeply connect as is the Gift of All Twin Flames and Divine Consorts and those whom long to merge deeper with their chosen Ascended Masters and Deities. In the Higher Realms, there is truly no separation. Love transcends and crosses all worlds and galaxies. Love is the Key.


Artist unknown.

“Saraswati says Pat Suryananda, you are getting nearer to your dream.” As my Light Family say I am becoming more aware of the process. I feel a sense of excitement, as my dearest AED and myself, have not only connected on such a deep and profound way but the realisation that AED and myself, have been Gifted this Initiation into Divine Mother’s Yoga Method. There are several Divine Mothers, known throughout the Ages by different names, all going back to Source, and all being able to tune into and become one with. That is open to all, there are no barriers, apart from so often on Gaia, that there feels some distance, when in fact, in but a thought, not only any of the Divine Mothers but Ascended Masters and Deities, can be one with any one of us. The Deep and Complex Nature of Creation is so Vast, one is always finding more and ever more fascinating threads available. I certainly am.
As I look at this Large Book, I see written on this “The Yoga Method of Divine Mother” in Golden Letters, whilst AED and myself sit in Golden Chairs. Archangel Michael is there as is Melchisadek. Lord Sananda (Yeshua) and Lady Nada. People begin to come into the room we are in, family members in the Higher Realms. Dancing begins. My beloved and I, leave our chairs and return to the ground the dancing takes place. AED sweeps me up in his arms, as “he and Saraswati say you have done well”. I find myself beaming with joy, and my heart becomes a deep, beautiful pink, opening out as a Lotus. I AM one with everyone in this room. We are all deeply connected and our hearts and souls are joined in unison as we Sing In Praise of The Creator, and Our Divine Parents. I think, I want my beloved to lift me up in his arms, at which AED laughs as he proceeds to do just that as our Family cheer and laugh.
The Angelic Music has got quieter, it is a slow type of music. Many Divine Consorts and Twin Flames are dancing deeply into each other. There is an amazing and beautiful assortment of beautiful gowns the women are wearing. I have on my White Initiation Gown with Blue Flowers. My beloved says I look beautiful. I say, he looks wonderful.
This Room seems to be getting larger all the time, bearing in mind we have gone through a Golden Sarcophagus. A Little Angel comes up to AED and myself as we are dancing. AED stops and lifts this Angelic being up, and we three hold hands. As we do so, this small Angelic being is as tall as AED and myself, and so the three of us continue to dance holding hands, going round and round, as people there and family members, clap and cheer us with love and delight.


Artist unknown.
Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus go up to the stage and the Angelic Singing becomes a mere whisper. We all stop dancing and my beloved keeps his arms around me, and I feel myself beaming with love and joy. “We have much to look forward too, with words of endearment, AED says, the Magnificance that I said awaits you and I back when you knew I was your Twin Flame, has well and truly begun”. I see mum and dad, both passed over from this life, as well as my stepfather, George, in their finest clothes, all looking awesome, and I look too for Maitreya.
“AED now says that our session as we venture deeper into The Yoga Method of Saraswati is coming to an end for the moment”, as he, AED and Saraswati give me their love, and I mine. As I pause here, I am drawn to Seeing A Blue Pillar above Saraswati’s head. My beloved and myself say goodbye in general to all who have been here, and Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, individually, as AED holds my hand, and thus this session as together we venture deeper and into Saraswati ends. I reflect with joy and delight as AED and myself have undergone this beautiful connection into our Divine Union with Saraswati, knowing that there will be many more beautiful and profound moments to come, as we are bathed in bliss and grace. I now have a sensation as I stop, on my neck. and my left eye feels itchy and ticklish, so I rub my eye.
A little later, after our session had ended, and when tuning into AED again, “AED says that the Golden Threads of our Tapestry is widening, and that he is looking forward very much to our continuing our venture with The Yoga Method of Saraswati”. “Saraswati is saying The door to Her Heart has opened further with our love AED adds”. “AED then says that Saraswati is with him holding his hand”. At this I breathe in Saraswati and breathe out Saraswati. At this point, “Saraswati now says I will lead you both further” as I had found myself wondering where AED and myself will go next in our Venture into with Her. I suddenly think of the 9 of Spades. As I reflect upon this meaning, I am drawn to 9 being a Universal Number and Spades being an Earth Sign, upon which “AED now says The Universe is wide open to you” which I take to mean Heralding in the New, with the spade denoting Gaia.
I am now enfolded within the Love and Light of The Cosmic Christ, Who says “Welcome Home”. Such is Home for us on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line; we are all One with The Cosmic Christ, Beloved of Our Father Mother God. Gautama Buddha is here, as I am enveloped and enfolded in the energies of the Sun, and Amitabha Buddha says a few words, as the Fire Element enfolds me within its embrace.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Divine Mother, Saraswati.

Saraswati new March again

Artist unknown.


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