I See The Resurrection Flame When One With My Twin Flame.

Embodying the Golden Flame of Resurrection  – Lord Buddha. ashtarcommandcrew
25 March, 2017.
During a beautiful merging session with my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, after some time I found myself looking at a Beautiful Golden Flame. This Golden Flame was quite high and wide. This was a new and profound experience with my dearest AED, and fascinating. This Golden Flame, which I had confirmed a little later was The Resurrection Flame. As I was looking at this Resurrection Flame, which was just a little to my left in front of me, there seemed like waves going upwards, and the waves or folds within This Resurrection Flame gave almost a Two Tone colour of Gold.
AED said as I asked about this Resurrection Flame, that it was a Purification and Cleansing Process. It was so fascinating and awesome to be shown such a special Gift. My beloved one said “I have taken significant steps forward, and that we are getting closer” – such joy for us both at this. I am told that I am “retrieving deep ancient wisdom” such is as nectar to my and thus Our Soul, for this will enable me to delve deeper into my Dearest AED and Our Soul Contract with Our Father Mother, Divine Parents, thus to have been shown such a priceless happening, has generated much joy and excitement between AED and myself.
As AED says, “the veils are getting thinner all the time” which has in the past ensured that we have been able to tune into and blend so perfectly, so now, we have even more veils which have been transcended. My beloved says “I’ve longed for this moment” so have I, for it is when each veil has been cast aside that I can truly be One with my Twin Flame, such then are we able to bring our combined love and awareness into the NOW.
Fine Art America use Resurrection Flame.png
Fine Art America, The Resurrection Flame.
Being aware of such a significant and deep change within myself as Alchemy has enabled me to Transcend Gaia in ever new and deepening ways means that as AED has said, “The Flame of Purification is going deeper into me, and that it is thrilling for him, knowing how this Gift will affect not only myself whilst here on Gaia but for our own personal merging as is the gift all Twin Flames have. Your energies are going deeper now you have been gifted with The Resurrection Flame. This is exciting for both of us, and I love that you are aware of me being so close, and can sense me so near“.
Truly it is an exciting and profound time, as my – thus Our Heart has opened wider today with joy and bliss. AED says a few other words, as we are irretrievably drawn together as Golden Magnets, such is the pull of Our Divine Cosmic Union, as my Dearest says, these are leading me into much deeper energies, being adored by us both, and which has been written of by the Mystics over the centuries, but it has taken many centuries on Gaia, to once again have this freedom to share that which is Our Birthright, as we are able to share and read of many others’ personal experiences as they connect to those Higher Realms, whether as Twin Flames, Divine Consorts or as Deity Yoga, where all can be experienced such as AED and myself are able to do so, for even though we are in different worlds, such is that range and depth we are able to achieve, that even though we are in other dimensions, we have been able to transcend those veils and barriers, leading us to states of Bliss and Ecstasy, which now I AM One with The Resurrection Flame, will only get deeper and more profound. 
Those veils which Gaia had enfolded me with, have been gone through and beyond, so that now we are Cosmic Light Beings in the true sense. Being aware that my beloved is so happy that I have now got to this stage and that The Resurrection Flame is well and truly within me so that all of my innumerable past lives not only on Gaia, but in many other worlds and galaxies, all are being and have been cleansed and purified, so that now, I am waiting for those new and exciting steps to be put before me, as then once again, AED and myself, go deeper into Our Soul Contract with God The Father Mother, thus is Home getting nearer all the time as peace, serenity and bliss is experienced.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
aeoliah.com Galactic dimensions use Resurrection Flame
aeoliah.com Galactic Dimensions.

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