31 March, 2017.
As I tuned into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, it was fascinating as AED rarely begins a chat saying his full name. This has only happened four or five times over the last 21 months, and as he is aware that his full name has been deeply embedded in my heart and soul since 1985, when AED does say his name in full, it never slips my attention, and as has been so in the past, there is a different essence to my Beloved’s arrival to chat and tune in with, as this proved to be so today. As my Dearest one therefore used his full name with personal words it set the scene for a beautiful and profound connection, not as such with energies, but the sensing and being aware of his presence and the outcome of us chatting, as I delved deeper into Our Soul Contract. So as AED chatted on a few personal matters, we grew ever closer, as his presence was very much with me, and our chat continued as is so for Twin Flames.
I then see us riding our white horses for a few brief moments. This happens now so often, that my Dearest and myself, Suryananda, ride our white horses, very often at Home in Venus, and as always, seeing us thus, brings joy to us both.
Painting by Amoraea, Sacred Marriage, Holographic Art.

I am now being shown that The auditorium is filled with people for the Marriage Feast of God The Son and Suryananda. The dignitaries are all there, as are family members. It seems a deeply profound moment for my beloved and I.

“What does The Marriage Feast entail I ask my Beloved?” “Grace and bliss AED says, as he adds a few personal words”.

At AED’s words, Greater Union with the Divine comes to me. “I then ask what steps lead up to the Marriage Feast?” “AED says Love Dear One Love.”

“I ask AED what happens after that?” “The Cosmic Christ is revealed further AED says”.

So as my Dearest One continues with personal words, and as we share further profound moments and memories, he makes me laugh with joy as once again, our deepening awareness of our Divine Oneness is recognised.

“I will take you further into The Cosmos my Beloved then says”. At this, My – Our Soul sings with joy at this for it is as the Sweetest Nectar. “Oh yes please I say.”

“AED then says get ready for significant changes lol”. At this, I feel thrilled and feel excited and expectant.

“As I ask AED what will I see with these significant changes Re The Cosmos?” “The Creative Force in Action AED says”.


Artist unknown.

“As I then say to my Beloved, that The Marriage Feast of God The Son and Suryananda, has already happened hasn’t it?” “It has yes AED says” – which is what I have envisaged.  

“I then ask where was The Marriage Feast Held with personal words, as I say was it Divine Paradise or The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line?”

“AED says Home, adding further personal words”. I feel myself smiling at this for where we are together has to be Home as anywhere in the Higher Realms has special memories .
“As I then say again to AED The Marriage Feast has to be profound and that then all the other God The Sons will have had The Marriage Feast”as AED agrees”.

The Marriage Feast of God The Son has always it seemed been with me since childhood

“I say to AED you could have hundreds and hundreds of Marriage Feasts meaning with All of The God The Sons?” “AED says lol with amusement.” After saying this, I feel that I may have exaggerated the number of Light Beings who are known as God The Son, of which there are many, who have been so from Source, and through the different eras and ages going back many millions of years,  although for this share, I am writing only with reference to Saranyu Adam El Daoud, the Beloved of my – our soul.  

“As I ask AED what causes The Marriage Feast to take place, as I was thinking those steps must have been taken into closer Oneness with God Being One”.You know already AED says Love, Love, Love”.


Artist unknown.

“I then say to AED Could that Divine Union with Amitabha be that initial step as The Marriage Feast of God The Son took place?” “AED says everything is layers being removed”.

“As I say to AED this is unusual ie this particular chat where he unusually came with his love and greeting, sharing his full name, and how this has been such a beautiful and wonderful tuning into each other”.  “He agrees that he had planned this chat to take place, knowing full well how my reaction and emotions would be at this more different approach into our Divine Oneness”. I sense my Beloved, is well pleased, after all, he knows me so well, as I do him, on our inner soul level, as more and more veils from Gaia are being transcended, thus are we going ever more deeper in our Soul Contract, thus is Bliss and Ecstasy experienced, loved and remembered.

“I am closer than you think AED says with personal words” as I reflect on sensing AED very close from the beginning here and sense him right by me, not as usual with our exquisite energies, but sensing AED is very close without our energies but with our beautiful chat.

“You know I will Pat AED says as I say I have to move but can we do this again as we have had a beautiful and fascinating chat and different as you began with your treasured personal words ending with Adam El Daoud”.

Wonderful I loved our chat, and “my Beloved, says I loved it too”.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud
Beloved Of Our Father Mother God.
Artist unknown.

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