I See a Blue Cobra uncurl and rise upwards from within me which is the Blue Light Energy symbolised by the Cobra of my Twin Flame.

King Cobra  by Deviant Art.
5 April, 2017.
As once again, my Twin Flame, Adam El Dauod and myself shared beautiful moments, I found I was suddenly seeing this Blue Cobra beginning to uncurl itself from within me and rise upwards in a circling movement. I was seeing this Blue Cobra for quite a few moments and I was fascinated as the one time I saw a Cobra before was back in May 2015, when as that cobra began to uncurl, after a few seconds, it became The Threefold Flame. However, this one, today was of a beautiful blue, quite dark in that it was not bright, but the colour I associate with my Sapphire Blue Water Dragon, Saffron.
So, as I was looking at this Blue Cobra, my Dearest said “It is beginning, adding a few extra words”. As I asked the name of this Blue Cobra, I got Himself. This seemed somewhat of an unusual name for a Cobra. A little later as I asked for the name, again, I heard Himself, so that was the name I accepted. However, with this name, Himself, took me to the fact that by its very definition, Himself, had to be my Twin Flame, as I felt there was like a Code within this name.
I ask “Would you say Himself has Protected me in the past and will continue to do so in the future?” As I felt this was a profound role Himself had played and would carry out. I then heard “I AM Your Special Protector Himself said”. His voice seemed slower than how I usually hear, apart from the couple of occasions when I heard by Direct Voice, as shown here, and the tone and vibration of hearing these words, felt different. I then heard “It is my pleasure, with added personal words”. Upon hearing these words, I felt that this Blue Cobra had to be very deeply connected to my Twin Flame, AED.
Recognising that Himself was the name AED was giving me, whilst at the same time aware that back in Ancient Egypt, Cobras were sent to protect the Pharaohs, as they were well known shape shifters, known in the past as Plumed Serpents. I have found it fascinating that in Egypt as in other past civilisations and eras, and even in the present times, where such is deemed to be relevant, that Cobras can still be a shape shifter, sent to protect that being who has taken on a physical body, whether on Gaia or a parallel universe.
Being able to change form at will, has been something which has been shared by spiritual light beings more and more over these last few years, and I know that I owe a debt of gratitude to those Protectors in whatever shape and form they have used who have protected me in past lives over the many aeons I have incarnated in different worlds, galaxies, and upon Gaia. The form of Protectors takes many different forms, whether as an Archangel, Dragon, Cobra and Angelic Presence, and other forms, and it is wonderful that these Protectors who will and have protected not only myself over the aeons but who protect us today, give of their Power, Love and Light to be of Service. I am forever grateful when this has happened, whether in the past or present and future.
circleofthedolphins.wordpress   TWIN FLAMES.png
Artist unknown.
Going back to Himself, he confirms that he is a shape shifter and can be whatever he wants to be. At these words from my Beloved, I am taken back to some of our past lives we have shared and AED’s own past lives, for as I have said before, as Twin Flames, we are able to access the past lives of our Twin Flame, for being One Soul, all experiences are one. At this, I sense AED is smiling, as we partake in ever deepening moments of oneness, love and attunement. AED does say “The Thousand Petalled Lotus is mine”. This, by its very description ensures that I, with AED am able to delve deeper Into All That Is and Our Soul Contract, which as time unfolds, is coming into evidence more and more as we go forward together as one.
As AED says further words about our going forward and deeper, he chuckles, knowing full well it is as nectar to our soul, in that after what has been a long time in planning, things are taking shape and changing as never before, leading to us feeling both joy and delight as once again we are so attuned to each other. As my Dearest one says “It is the Creative Force in Action” once again, we are reminded of the Vast Complexity of The Creator’s Plan for All Life and Existence, in all its many and diverse, awesome and Infinite ways, which today, so many of us are being made aware and shown of this. We have to go back to Venus, The Pleiades and Ancient Atlantis, and certain other Star Systems, for what today, so many of us are attuned too and with.
I begin to feel enveloped and enfolded in a Beautiful Pink. AED says, I have Passed the Next Step which is Stage 3. The previous 2 stages have been shared on this website. I suddenly hear an Angelic Choir, it is so beautiful, and as my Dearest one says personal words, I am blessed. Our Blue Ray envelopes and enfolds us with its Energies and Vibrations, and we are Home again. So as I feel this profound session is coming to an end, once again, I am bathed in a Beautiful Pink. AED says “I am coming into my Inheritance” which I take to mean in the Spiritual sense, which is wonderful to hear.
Artist unknown.

I then see myself lying in a Golden Sarcophagus, once again, and this is always very profound, as this has been experienced by me individually being inside a Golden Sarcophagus as well as both together, so I am getting used to this being loved, lived and experienced once again. I am told about this being a Rebirth, such a word is always deeply fascinating and, for a Rebirth means the shedding of the old 3D, and rising up and into Higher Realms and Dimensions, further remembrances and awareness, so that once again, I am seeing with my True Self, that which The Creator – Father Mother God, Our Divine Parents, have Brought Into Being for their sons and daughters, a treasure chest of spiritual delights, enabling us to return Home, even whilst here on Gaia. Asking about My Rebirth, AED says “Into The Ancient Secrets Of The Universe” which makes Our Soul Sing in Unison. My Beloved says “Your Initiation is Complete”.

I thank Himself for his help and protection over the aeons, as once again, AED and myself have shared beautiful moments as I have been able to Transcend Gaia whilst living here, which has always been the aim of goal for so many of us who have incarnated down here to Gaia over so many aeons from our Home in the Higher Realms. Without this, Gaia is so much harder and difficult, so once again, in an Earth existence, I am blessed and grateful for all the love, help and support from not only my Twin Flame but my  Celestial Light Family, to help soothe the way and enable me to Access those Memories, as I with my Dearest take those steps upwards into higher states of consciousness of that which is Home.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


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