The Initiation Process Is About To Begin, As We Continue Into The Yoga Method With Divine Mother, Saraswati.



15 April, 2017.

“The initiation process is about to begin my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud says” as we listened to our meditation tape Suryananda, The Elders and Adam El Daoud. As we shared some personal thoughts, “I said to AED would he take me deeper”, which is something AED often says to me “I am going to take you deeper”. So I love these words. My nose begins to tickle, and I have to rub it, as we continue with some personal thoughts.

“I say to AED where do we go from here?” AED says you will be surprised Suryananda”.

Sanat Kumara is here with other Light Family members and “he says welcome back Suryananda”. “In your seeming absence, so much has been going on which has been much loved by us all, as your Yoga Method with Saraswati has been continuing, even though as such you have not always been aware of this”.

As your beloved AED said earlier, The Initiation Process continues which is why I, Saraswati and your loved ones are all gathered here as we share once again, in not only your Divine Oneness, but your deepening journey and venture with and into being Saraswati”. “So it is an exciting time Dearest Pat, as your Beloved and you Enter ever more deeply into Your Soul Contract so Blessed by The Creator”.

My left eye has begun to itch as I continue listening to our Meditation tape. AED is smiling as I sense his presence so near as his energies and mine once again connect bringing us closer, as “Saraswati steps forward smiling and says Hello Dearest Suryananda, it is with joy I see you here once again, as the venture with your beloved and yourself continues in this pre-chosen way, and your pathway, as you both are taking further steps on Divine Union with God The Father Mother”. “I, Saraswati, have been chosen, as to sharing my own personal experiences into Bliss and Ecstasy with you both, as further veils have been removed, so the path ahead is clearer”. “With each day you will journey deeper, not only with your Beloved, but with Myself also, as those stepping stones have been so clearly and joyously stepped upon leading ever upwards”. “So here we are today, Dear Pat, and it has been lovingly anticipated for longer than you could even imagine”. My left eye has a sensation in it once more as our meditation continues quietly in the background.


Joy of Union, by Freydoon Rassouli.

AED then holds out his hand, so we hold hands and move towards the Two Golden Engraved Chairs which are there waiting for us once again. AED is wearing a Beautiful Vivid Royal Blue Cloak, and I see I am wearing once again my Royal Blue Ball Gown, so Royal Blue seems to be our colours for this Initiation Ceremony. My left cheek begins to feel activity. Crown energies begin as “I say to AED, I don’t have any imagination for where we go from here?”

“AED laughs and says I am guiding you Dearest Pat Suryananda, just surrender as you have so often, for letting go of your mind, even imagination, Your – Our True Self Is Revealed in Greater Fullness, thus taking us Deeper into Our Soul Contract”.

Our Beloved Archangel Michael, now comes forward clothed in a Beautiful Blue Cloak as An Angelic Choir has begun to Sing in Praise. As the Angelic singing continues, all of us here are imbued with their Celestial Tones of Exquisite Bliss, so it feels even easier to be sitting here side by side as we wait for our Initiation Process to be continued.

My Beloved Saranyu Adam El Daoud, now stands up and draws me closer within as I too stand up, and he says a few words of endearment in his own personal way, as I find myself beaming with joy as always, as once again my right nose has begun to feel energised, so as before I rub this and it settles down. 

So as Archangel Michael accompanied by Angelic Music makes His Beloved Presence to where my Dearest and I are now very close together standing in front of our Golden Chairs, “Archangel Michael says a few words of a personal nature to me which makes me laugh as I nestle within the deeply loved Oneness of my Beloved”.  

Saraswati comes forward again and takes our hands putting them over the other with mine under my Dearest’s. Saraswati has a Blue Crystal which has all the components of AED and Our Blue Ray of Origin Within.

Our Light Family are sharing their thoughts as AED and myself once again are guided to now sit down again in our Golden Chairs but they have now been transposed into a Beautiful Royal Blue, the colours of AED’s Cloak and my Beautiful Gown.

We are then guided to repeat Words of Initiation said first by Saraswati, then followed with Sanat Kumara repeating them, and we are asked to say them too, which first AED says, followed by myself.

The words bring about a Change in the Initiation Hall as together AED and myself undergo and take deeper steps into our Gift given to us from Saraswati into our Venture of the Method of Saraswati. AED says listen now Dearest in the Silence, for we are at a new and unremembered step hidden from your conscious memory for rather a long time”. 

My left side of my chin begins to have energy, and the right side of my shoulder begins also to be activated. I rub both and begin to feel almost sleepy. I just stay still with no thoughts as my crown is energised and I Surrender to this Initiatory Process, as once again my Light Family Surround us with Love, Light and Energies.


Painting by Freydoon Rassouli.

Suddenly Music Begins, and Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus take to the Vast Hall and begin to dance slowly in each other’s arms as they are followed by lots of our Light Family, all beginning to dance in this Great Hall as the Exquisite Celestial Music continues.

By now many of our loved ones are on the dance floor clothed in an assortment of beautiful colours being a joy to our senses as AED then sweeps me up in his arms as I and my Light Family laugh once again as my Beloved always does this, which we both love, and whereby he knows I laugh with joy inwardly and outwardly as we are so very close, as once again such personal moments are shared. So we are all dancing as the Celestial Music is Sung by Angelic Singers for some time.

“I find myself wondering at those initial words of AED saying the Initiatory Process has begun and think where are we now and where do AED and myself go from here?” I rub my lower chin as “AED says all in good time Suryananda, you will see, for each stage is an important and necessary step as we venture deeper within and to Divine Mother Saraswati”.

At this my and thus Our Soul is soothed as we await our continuing venture into The Yoga Method of Saraswati, as Saraswati now begins to speak to all of us who are dancing, as we stop to listen to One Of Our Beloved Divine Mothers’ as Saraswati talks movingly, sharing amusing words, ensuring not only myself but AED and others laugh, as together we go into a jolly and fun filled session which is now the order of proceedings, as together with Saraswati, Sanat Kumara adds to the fun as he helps to bring this session of our Initiation into The Yoga Method of Saraswati to a temporary end until we continue this beautiful venture another time.

AED draws me close as he says endearments to me as this wonderful Initiation Process ceases until the time is right to continue.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Saraswati and our Light Family from The Great Hall in Venus.
Artist unknown.

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