My Twin Flame And Myself Continue With Further Memories Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati.

 Saraswati. Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue With Further Memories Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati.

20 April, 2017.

As my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself shared further beautiful moments, “My Dearest said I am now on the Fourth Step” – this had come just after I had seen my Heart Change as Being a Very Large Deep Pink. So it feels wonderful as he confirms I have moved up to yet another step. Later as we remained attuned, I was aware of White Light, and then a Beautiful Deep Blue Lotus. This Deep Blue Lotus was quite high and narrow, and where, as I first became aware of this, suddenly Separated, Splitting Down The Middle, Flowing Outward in a Very Graceful and Beautiful Way, which was very unusual, leading as it did to AED and myself being Welcomed and Embraced Within Our Blue Lotus, which has a much taller and thinner feel to seeing a Lotus than we are used too. I could see a little White All Around Its Edges right down to its Base, almost like a Beautiful Edging.


I had a little earlier thought about AED being superimposed upon me again, as he had said that this was to happen more and more as I was to bring forth his Knowledge and Wisdom, and “I said I was looking forward to this happening again, as it will bring us ever deeper and closer”. It was a Transfiguration when AED was superimposed upon me earlier, thus leading to being able to transcend further veils of Gaia, for with AED’s knowledge and wisdom, I have been told by my Light Family, that this is Our Pathway.

Our Blue lotus is not pale this time, but like A Royal Blue, which of course reminds me of my Royal Blue Ball Gown and AED’s Royal Blue Cloak. I sense and see A Large White Pearl Within Me, as AED laughs delightfully as we share personal moments as he makes me laugh. 

“I am the Light of your Life Dear One, AED says” as I am very much aware this is so. “AED now teases me and says as he said just a short while earlier  – we are all waiting for you, for we have a lot to get through as we go through the different stages and steps into our Venture with Saraswati”.

“AED says take my hand, adding some personal words” and as I do so, I am aware that we are going back once again to The Great Hall in Venus. We are travelling through a Portal as we hold hands, and we are moving rather fast it seems. I wonder which Portal did we go through as there are several, not only within and on myself, but On Gaia also?

AED is wearing once again his Royal Blue Cloak, and I have on my Royal Blue Ball Gown, and I can sense on my hair is a kind of Headband where there are Beautiful Blue Roses which are imbued with all the properties and components of our Blue Ray.


Artist unknown.

“AED now turns to me as I to him and says some personal and beautiful words of love as he says about Us Being One Soul as we have Been Through The Ages, and how we are going  Together Hand in Hand, Side by Side Through Eternity”. 

“AED laughs and says after all I am your Soul Guardian as well as your Twin Flame lol, so that was inevitable Dearest One, as we journey forward Into the Light and Magnificence which Our Father Mother have Gifted to us as A Son and Daughter of The Most High”. 

I see our Light Family are once again gathered in The Great Hall as well as my – thus our Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenix, and my late mum and dad.

Sanat Kumara once again comes forward, and he is wearing today A Beautiful White Cloak. I sense this indicates further stages into our Initiations with and into Saraswati.

I find myself reflecting upon a past life as Edward, and await our turn to go deeper into our Initiation with Saraswati. Saraswati now joins us and the Assembled Light Beings, as once again Beautiful Celestial Music rings out and reaches all the Corners of the Great Hall. This music seems to have within its Tones Our Signature Notes Upon the Ethers of Light, which can be likened to Our Soul Signature from Ancient Days. I find myself beaming with love and joy.

“AED says tonight was just further steps into our Venture with Saraswati, and that all those gathered here will be with us when our journey continues, for we are well into this now”. I say yes and other words” and get ready to leave back through the Portal, Hand in Hand, until Our New Session Continues.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Saraswati and Sanat Kumara – From The Great Hall In Venus.


Artist unknown. Under Creation.


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