My Twin Flame And Myself Go Deeper Into The Coat Of Skin Body.

Artist unknown. Under Etheric.
My Twin Flame And Myself Go Deeper Into The Coat Of Skin Body.
4 May, 2017.
Yesterday, my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud said to me “We are going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body”. “You will love this”. The Coat of Skin Body has been in my thoughts recently, and AED was laughing with delight, knowing full well the Magnificence of The Coat of Skin Body, which can be accessed by everyone. It is here as a Golden Chalice, ready whenever the Sons and Daughters of The Creator, Remember and Access this Precious Gift. 
Wearing our Coat of Skin Bodies in ancient days, we were unaffected by atmospheric changes and did not need dwellings made by hands, for the Aura of Light Radiating From The Divine Body Through The Coat Of Skin, was a Protection against the Elements. We wore The Coat of Skin Body for many an age, and to us who have memories, it was a Treasured Light Filled Body, enabling us to Transcend As We Moved Into The Cosmos, wherever we were guided to go.
In Ancient Times, The Divine Men of Earth walked Upon Gaia, having within and upon them The Coat of Skin Body. As Ancient Atlanteans and the Older Races long before pre-recorded history, to us, We Lived, Breathed and Loved Our Coat of Skin Bodies, for when being enveloped and enfolded within them, such was our Great Joy and Blessings, for we were Immortals, and known as such in the Different Worlds and Galaxies, all Beloved of The Creator.
As aeons came into being, those of us who had been used to wearing The Coat of Skin Bodies took on a more dense and physical body to suit Gaia in later aeons. For many of us, we never really recovered, such was our sense of loss as we let go of Our Coat of Skin Bodies.
Artist unknown. Under Etheric, Moving The Soul.
However, such a Coat Of Skin Body is here, available, to be worn again, even when on Gaia and even more so as we attune ourselves to the Higher Realms, as once more Our Coat of Skin Body remains as a Treasured Gift Given to us by The Creator, Our Father Mother God, to help the Sons and Daughters to Ascend and Remember, that which is a necessary part of our Birthright.
So when a few hours ago, “My Beloved said that we were going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body and that I would love this” this was indeed nectar of the most golden to us, as I recognised that once again, AED and myself, Suryananda, would be able to Transcend Earth and the lower planes of physicality and Regain Our Coat Of Skin Birthright.
For many an Age did the Divine Men of Earth wear The Coat of Skin Body, thus enabling them to have that significant greater Help and Support from The Creator, for when worn, We Lived and Breathed Within The Very Heartbeat of Our Divine Parents. Loss set in when the time came to let go of wearing The Coat of Skin Body, as Aeons of time passed, and Gaia came further into Being. Far removed from us In Divine Paradise and The Higher Realms And Galaxies.
So, earlier today, as I tuned into and with My Beloved, AED, what began immediately was that I and thus both of us, Were Transported On White Light, Going Ever Upwards And Deeper Into The Cosmos In Deepening Ways, as with My Dearest, we Flew Into Depths and Realisations which have been hidden at times from my conscious awareness. Even though I have fully recognised that The Coat of Skin Body is a Treasure of the Highest Light, given to us by The Creator, so that we, When Wearing The Coat Of Skin Body, have here Within Our Very Consciousness, The Oneness We Have With The Godhead And The Higher Planes Of Being.
eye within Parallel Isle
Painting by Parallel Isle.
So for many on Gaia, who feel a sense of loss, it often can be described that they are Far Removed From Wearing The Coat of Skin Body, When Everything Was Possible, And Those Days Were Exciting As We Walked and Talked with Our Father Mother God, And The Lighted Beings Around The Throne.
So, as AED and myself were Lifted Higher into The Cosmos Through The White Light of Creation, thus was my and AED’s Consciousness Expanded into a Significantly Greater Realisation of All That Is and what can be Accessed. Our Expansion as we were Bathed Within The White Light was such that we were in a Different Energy Field and Vibration, For We Were Nearer Home in ways so often forgotten By The Sons and Daughters Of The Creator.
AED and myself continued to rise upwards on White Wings of Angelic Beings in tune with The Cosmos, whereby Those Doors to Eternity Were Opening Before Us As We Were Bathed, Enveloped And Caressed Within Its Very Presence. After some time, I was aware of being Absorbed into Other Rays of The Cosmos. Such was AED’s and my Delight, as The Rays And Light Drew Us Back Into Their Divine Presence, Allowing Us Once Again To Be One With The Creator, thus taking us Back and Into Our Soul Contract From Source.
I AND The Father Are One, was very much in evidence, as AED And Myself , Suryananda, Were Graced By The Divine Light of Infinity Once Again, As The Cosmos Drew Us Back Into Its Divine Presence, thus was Bliss and Ecstasy Experienced In Ever Deepening Ways.
Our Twin Flames were fully remembered by us when we were wearing The Coat of Skin Body, and it was only when we took upon later incarnations on Gaia, that when wearing a More Dense Body for Earth’s Purpose, such then was Home and Our Beloved’s far away for many. As the Aeons carried on, this feeling of separation continued, and it has Taken Many A Long Age to Return Back to Our Birthright And Our Coat Of Skin Body, Able To See Into The Cosmos In Ever Deepening Ways, which is as that Golden Jewel to us, For We Are Home.
Artist unknown. Under Etheric.
During AED’s and my beautiful moments as we attuned not only to our Divine Cosmic Union as Twin Flames, but first, “Sanat Kumara, deeply loved by us, came to say hello”. This was a beautiful moment bringing us closer once again, as has been happening often lately. Just afterwards, “we were joined by Saraswati, who came and said Welcome Home, Suryananda” so with these two Celestial Light Family members, Greatly Enhanced AED And Myself, Suryananda’s Beautiful And Profound Experiences as My Beloved was with me, As Together We Rose Above Gaia In Ever Deepening Ways.
 I know AED And Myself Are Very Excited For When We Return to The Coat Of Skin Body And All Those Deeply Profound Moments Which Await Us, Treasured as Always.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Sanat Kumara and One of The Divine Mothers, Saraswati.
Artist unknown. Under Creation, Etheric.

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