I Hear “I AM Without Form”. My Twin Flame And Myself Take Further Initiations Inside A Golden Sarcophagus On Venus.


Artist unknown. Under Creation Etheric.

I Hear “I AM Without Form”. My Twin Flame And Myself Take Further Initiations Inside A Golden Sarcophagus On Venus.

8 May, 2017.

As I sat to tune into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, “I heard immediately I AM WITHOUT FORM Dear one”. Earlier, I have been thinking of The Beginning, in ever more frequency since hearing The Cosmic Egg two days ago. So, as I was reflecting on this just now, I closed my eyes for a second as I thought of AED, and the above words came – I AM WITHOUT FORM Dear one”.  For a second, I thought Who was saying these words, but recognise they are Both Source, and Adam El Daoud. There was a difference in the vibration and energy, almost serious, and significantly slower. Even days later, it was and still feels deeply profound and moving, and I have been experiencing a deeper shift within me all week.

“The Two Little Princesses are coming Daddy comes to me a little later”. Here, I am drawn to the two Royal Princesses with their Royal Blue Cloaks or Longer Dresses on, sensed in my Meditation back in May 2015 with Source. A white butterfly now flies by, initially for a second or two, it seemed to be a Monarch butterfly, but very soon it remains as a beautiful white butterfly. (I feel getting a Monarch butterfly, just reiterates my thoughts twice now on these two young Princesses, that who I have felt they are, is correct in that they are of the Royal line).

“AED says how much closer we are becoming all the time, which is as nectar to our soul”. “I say, I love that”. “I surrender”. “I surrendered long ago, millions of years ago, and before I even came into existence”. As I reflect on these last few words, it feels awesome, profound and wonderful.

egyptian under sacophagus use 10 May

I now see a Golden Sarcophagus. “I feel we are to lie in this – I say to AED”. “AED says words that he is here”. “I then say to AED what is going to happen now we are inside this Golden Sarcophagus?”  I sense our Light Family, but I am drawn and get the name and feeling of Osiris. “You know that’s true, AED smiles and looks lovingly at me” “as I say, so we are in this Golden Sarcophagus so we are able to merge deeper?” “The Rites of the Seal I get (David)?” “But there is also The Great Seal and The Seal of Solomon?”. My breathing changes as I go deeper.

“I say – think – how big is our Sarcophagus?” It feels very large like when we did a Venture Into The Yoga Method recently with Saraswati, when we went into this Golden Sarcophagus and suddenly emerged into this huge room where our Light Family were. This feels like that, in that within this Golden Sarcophagus we will be able to walk around standing tall, ie not enclosed tightly within.

It is an Initiation Chamber but also a Marital Suite. For as we remain within this for the duration of however long it takes, we will have gone well into the process of merging deeper.

“As AED said the other day – we are going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body”. This feels this is coming deeper into effect and recognition with the remembrances of many states of Bliss and Ecstasy enfolded within this. It is a Blessing given to us as a Gift for use as we continue deeper into our Soul Contract.

egyptian under sarcophagus woman

“That is the perfect answer, with personal words, AED says” as I reflect about what will take place inside this Golden Sarcophagus”. “AED says what do you wish?” “And I say, I choose what AED chooses”. I sense and see many beautiful Lotus blossoms. They are there as a kind of substance but not essential.

I sense Light Family members here. I feel I have a white gown of – for purification. AED is also clothed in white. We look as if we have got married, lol.

“I say to AED is Osiris going to Initiate at this Ceremony?” “As I am reminded in the ones with Saraswati, Sanat Kumara has always Officiated?”

“AED says personal words which we both find rather amusing and delightful”. “AED then says take my hand, and I do as a huge surge of energy goes right through us from our feet to our crowns”. It is not that I feel this, but this appears to be so from a feeling of awareness I have.

Celestial Music is being played and I am drawn to Ava Maria. I sense AED is holding my hand very tight and firm which feels perfect as I rest within the embrace of My Beloved once again.

“Initiation Chamber in Venus AED says” “as I say are we in the Great Pyramid or the Initiation Chamber at Venus, so he has confirmed Venus”.


Cosmic Master Osiris by Glenn Lewis.

“Osiris begins to incant words he has used to and for us and many others through the ages as this deeper Merging Process is Activated”. “Osiris says a few personal words from his perceptive as my Father”. “Daughter of mine he says once again as my – Our Soul remembers these words – All your past experiences, initiations, past and individual lives in Egypt are Being Merged into the One”. “The Sands of Time will and are once more breathed upon you my beloveds”.

“The countdown is well underway”. “Osiris laughs gently” and I sense AED and myself, Suryananda, feel a change in belief system, in that we recognise significant and deep profound experiences are being lived, loved and cherished, whilst a Portion or Aspect of us is Once Again Renewed, as we lie side by side, holding hands within our Golden Sarcophagus”.

I feel I am getting tired and it seems the right time to take a break, as later, I will go back into this Golden Sarcophagus, and in general as well, as I absorb the changes that have taken place. “Ava Maria is back being played again, as My Beloved whispers in my ear and draws me gently and lovingly within him”.


Egyptian God Ra.

“So I say goodbye to everyone, as I move from my armchair as the call of day to day activities beckon”. “As I continue with my words of goodbye, I saw words to AED and he smiles and laughs with love and tenderness until we continue on from here in an ongoing format which our heart and soul knows well”. “I say that was wonderful to AED”. “Will you help me to remember and go deeper?” “AED says you know I will, with added personal words”. (I always note the exchanges of chat between AED, myself and our Light Family as they take place, so these words are not just a guess but what reflect what actually took place. I just leave out certain personal words).

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Osiris.


Painting by Freydoon Rassouli.


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