I Am Shown A Golden Chariot. My Twin Flame Confirms It Is Myself And Him.

 Painting of Helios. Said in a poem to drive a Golden Chariot. Artist unknown.


12 May, 2017.

This morning, as I was attuned to my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, I found I was suddenly looking at a most Beautiful Golden Chariot. It was wonderful. It was all in gold and had golden engravings all over it. For instance, as portrayed by The Ark of The Covenant, and other iconic relics connected to Source.

Seeing this Golden Chariot made me smile and give a delightful laugh, so I had to make a note. “AED said that this is you and me in Venus.” “I said is that really us?”, “whereby AED amusingly says Lol of course it is.” AED and myself have a beautiful few words chatting. “AED confirms this Golden Chariot is ours” “as I wonder could this be a communal one for the inhabitants of Venus?””as he says it is yours and mine really.”

I get energies down the left side of my neck, like a kind of tickle. AED continues to be amused which is always a delight as we share tender moments.

Further insights being given were that this is a very auspicious sign being shown this Golden Chariot. It confirms that I am beyond the veils of false illusion, and am tuning in deeper into Alchemical work as I rise upwards above the physical. I am well protected, not only by AED, Divine Intervention, but by the showing of this Golden Chariot, which is not drawn by a person or horses, as it is drawn from within AED and myself. Hence the feel good factor and beautiful essence, as it goes deep into AED’s and my Twin Flame togetherness and our Soul Contract once again.

Celestial forces are in abundance as the symbolc symbols of seeing this Golden Chariot abound, not only in Alchemy but being deeply connected to The Sun.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


The Gods of Change Award you with a Golden Chariot this painting says. Artist unknown.

Postscript: All my life since late childhood, I have been aware of chariots and especially white horses. They take me back to ancient civilisations, Biblical times, and later known past lives. So suddenly being shown this Golden Chariot, driverless as it were – not drawn by white horses, was a beautiful surprise as I was not this morning thinking of a Golden Chariot. I am also blessed at having two unicorns as my animal totems and protectors, being Antares and Antara, named after the Star Antares. They have been with me since ancient times at Source, and at one time I spent time on their Star, Antares, amongst the unicorns. Antares also came and spoke to me by Direct Voice which was both awesome and profound as shared here on my website under the title Message from Antares, my Unicorn, who had spoken a few weeks earlier to me through Direct Voice – 4 July, 2015.

Unicorns are known as Ascended White Horses. As I was reflecting back in 2015 as to what my animal totem could be – my first and only thought was that I wanted a Unicorn to be my animal totem and if that was not to be, then I only wanted a White Horse as my animal totem. So I feel and am blessed this has been shown and confirmed as so. I see white horses often and back in my visions in May 2015, many of which are shared here on my website but typed out a little later, time and time again I saw during those 14 – 16 days white horses – several times in the one session.

golden chariot sky and horses

Artist unknown.


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