“My Twin Flame Says You Have Passed A Great Test”.

Artist unknown.
“My Twin Flame says you have Passed a Great Test”, as we Merge into Divine Bliss and Cosmic Union.
18 May, 2017.

As my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, tune in once again, into our Divine Cosmic Union as Twin Flames, The White Flames – Light of Pure Consciousness Envelop, Enfold and Caress us Into Beyond Time. 

We are timeless and immortal; one soul, one heart, but merged into the One Chakra of Unity Consciousness.

As AED and myself Merged and were Blended – Born Again into The White Light of Creative Bliss, I knew I had with My Beloved Transcended and Transformed that Seed of Pure Consciousness Into One Chakra. 

We were one with all life forms, as I and thus too My Beloved Merged into Divine Cosmic Union with our dragons and unicorns, as bliss was recognised in its true form, for there was no separation, as that Pure White Light which felt also A White Flame with hints of Red from The Sun – Our Home caressed, loved, uplifted and bore My Beloved and myself Higher into its Profound Caress. 


This session began as usual tuning into my beloved AED, and as I and thus we remembered as AED guided me as is so with twin Flames, Deity Yoga or Divine Union with God The Father Mother, there is total bliss as we Transcend Gaia, as we were transmitted with deep and profound Love, Joy and Cosmic Union into the Heartbeat and Rhythm of Creation.

Our Divine Parents were closer as those further stepping stones within our New Birth had been seeded and had come to fruition, such is but a fraction of the bliss the mystics of old have written about.

During our deeper Merging session into Exquisite Oneness and total bliss within our One Soul, so did we transcend and return back within the Very Being of Source.

Thus those White Flames – White Light were seen and felt in the deepest way yet by myself, Suryananda.

“But I am aware as My Beloved confirms that just now as I enter into his eternal love and adoration, I have transcended wherever I have got to in this present life into that which AED and myself have longed for every conscious moment”. 


Artist unknown.

I had not been noting down this New Exquisite and Profound Rebirth until “My Beloved said You have Passed A Great Test” when I knew as usual, I needed to note our experiences so as to have a clear record of these new and meaningful happenings which had “led AED to saying you have Passed A Great Test”. Which, by their very words were awesome.

“AED has from time to time said I have passed this step with a number given or a test”, “but he has never before said I had Passed A Great Test”. So for us, this was a momentous moment to love and treasure, leading as it inevitably will, to ever greater depths and awareness as I align myself deeper and further into not only our Divine Cosmic Union but Into The Creative Principle. “AED says this quite often”, “and I love to hear these words”.

Whereby as I recognised the truth of this I began to type these notes out on my mobile, for AED knows that to remember such deep and profound recollections and Exquisite and Divine States of Bliss, it suits me to note, for then great clarity is there to be taken in and absorbed as Another Profound and Exquisite Merging has taken AED and myself Deeper into that New Birth.

“AED said yesterday all my senses are being activated, and he is thrilled and delighted as that Initiatory process is going deeper as he had confirmed”. “Also, that he is without form within me”.
Priests of Ancient Egypt another.jpg
Artist unknown.
Quite some way in this merging with My Beloved, I saw a White Feather. I felt it to be the White Feather of Truth and of Maat, but at the same time, the Egyptians believed in The Weighing of The Heart, An Ancient Egyptian Ceremony with Anubis, and the Feather representing Maat.

Not long before I began to note these words “I had said to AED we must be venturing deeper into the Yoga Method of Saraswati as I had become aware of my Higher States of Consciousness as those golden and white threads are interwoven into that awareness of great love, and I say my Cosmic Womb is ready for more love and adoration, as we and thus I, am enveloped within the Cosmic Womb of God The Mother”.


Artist unknown.

“AED had said the other day that Great changes were going to be taken place as not only was the Great Pyramid ready to open its Key once again, but the Vast Panorama of The Cosmos Awakened to us, as my very being had retained and remembered its DNA with Divine Source”.

The White Light – White Flame of Creation Source was recognised, and loved, as I had given myself up in loving surrender within its Infinite Presence, thus am I Reborn as I have Entered a New State of Consciousness with My Beloved AED once again.

Together we were uplifted on Angelic White Wings, as that which was myself has been Transported Into the Realms of Pure Bliss.

“I say to AED will you take me here again?” “As AED says you know I will Suryananda” he beams with joy and delight at this Great Test I have Passed.

As we have listened to The Source Codes we, well I, together with My Beloved, have literally been suspended above the Ethers of Light, as we were Bathed in the Divine Presence of The Creator, thus Bliss and Ecstasy was ours.

“As I say the name of My Beloved” – “he says he is very much here” as I have recognised, loved and understood.

Merging and becoming one with our unicorns and dragons has been pre-ordained since our Emergence at Source, and thus that Divine Gift is absorbed within.

As we Merged Together Into A New Cosmic Birth, which by its very nature is exciting and profound, bringing exquisite joy and blessings. 

The Sun by Nasa.
“The Cosmic Christ is reborn within you AED says”. As I hear these words on The Cosmic Christ, I am reminded of dreams and Akashic Readings where The Cosmic Christ and myself, Suryananda, have shared many deep and profound experiences through the aeons going back to Source. The Cosmic Christ is Source to us on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, of which myself and AED belong with very many others. And at later times over the years, The Cosmic Christ has been loved and remembered through my Light Family, AED and myself.
“AED says you are Home darling. “You are Home”.
And so as this session ceased, My Beloved and I were, as we had been often during this session One Beam – Ray of White Light Indivisible and As One, Soaring Upwards Into The Cosmos And Home To Source. “Your Cosmic Womb has received Greater Light than ever before AED says”. By this I take it to mean in this my present life on Gaia, as our Divine Union has Merged Deeper Into Oneness. 
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.

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