The Profound And Moving Power Of Love.

 Artist unknown.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud

22 May, 2017.

Just a short while ago, I was thinking of how in the past 20 months I have tuned into Ancient Battlefields which have been my own past lives. Where, whilst fully awake, I was suddenly transported right into the midst of ancient battlefields where soldiers and horses were fighting and where I could both see, hear and sense the horror of battles being fought. This has happened to two ancient battlefields, and in each I had goosebumps and was very much affected at such an awesome and unexpected happening, as being unexpectedly placed right into the middle of such fighting with both men and horses, were deeply profound moments.

The other time was in a vision in May 2015, when I tuned into The Terracotta Army. This was fascinating and I have shared this on my website titled  Ptah, Looking Down At The Terracotta Army Below, posted 19 July, 2016.

The other time I was tuned into and taken into a battlefield was during the Crimean War. This has resonated with me on inner levels for many years; it has just been a feeling as having meaning for me. The Crimean War was another time when I was typing at my laptop, when all of a sudden there I was, once again, in the midst of it all, hearing the shocking noise of battles being fought, and aware of soldiers, sights, sounds and colours. And chaos as is so with such battles and fights between opposing sides.

nature purple roses

“As I was taking stock of being tuned into the Crimean War – Crimea, I was given that Adam El Daoud, my twin flame and myself were together in this Crimean life as husband and wife”. “We had quite a few children and deeply loved each other”. “However, I knew that I was dying, I was still quite a young woman, so not old”. “I said to my beloved, AED, that I wanted him to find someone else when I had passed over and to be happy”.

It was very deeply moving and profound, as I knew as I tuned into The Crimean War and AED and our past life together, that after I died, AED found a lovely woman who was going to look after him, and also, our much loved children would be looked after.


Artist unknown.

At the time as is usual, I typed out the pesonal information I was getting which brought tears to my eyes and knew that AED too, was very moved, not only because I had tuned into such a very different era than now, but as to our love which I was remembering as I had aligned myself with those energies and vibrations, where even with war taking place, our love was cherished. Such is the case, that we are able to tune into any past lives, civilisations and eras, all we need is to be able to align with love our energies and vibrations to match.

It is like tuning into the Akashic Records, for within the Akasha, All Knowledge and Remembrances can be found, for the Akasha is a Storehouse of Imperishable Knowledge which holds not only The Secrets of Creation and Universes, but all of our past lives, soul families, countries and ancient civilisations, long before records were noted. The Akashic Records have always existed.

I think that AED will bring to my awareness further past lives we have shared. I already know of a couple, but this past life we shared in the Crimean War, unlike our others, we have no recognised names, just that Love which Transcends Time, in fact it can be described as AED said to me yesterday, “I AM Taking you Into No Man’s Land, as he chuckled”. Such comments from AED was very amusing and fascinating for me at the same time.

So this morning, I was thinking of AED and myself during the time of the Crimean War and those love and emotions which love embraces us with. I have not been able to find my typed notes even though I have looked for them a couple of times over many months, as reading those exact words and emotions as I tuned into us then, has even greater impact. However, I am drawn to sharing some of those memories of my beloved and myself in that past life today.


Artist unknown.

“As I was reflecting on this I said to AED that him and myself, must have had many lives where one died before the other, and where, he, my beloved, had died saving me, whereby I had not wanted to carry on without him, but had responsibilites, for instance, children?” “AED said, yes, very many”.

So, going back as I have from time to time into AED and my past life in The Crimean War and the love that was felt between us, as it is now, and has been through the aeons, is as for all of us where such love transcends time, we move beyond time into the pure realms of consciousness, which rests within us all, for they are heart and soul memories, and will remain because of love, forever, for Love Is Eternal and Infinite.


Just after, as AED and myself were still sharing beautiful moments, I suddenly saw a Deep Purple Ray Light coming towards me, it was a deep purple, and is not a colour I usually see, but it was beautiful and has remained with me. This Purple Lotus is quite a good likeness, although one can never get quite the exact shade of colours on Gaia as compared to the colours we see as we tune into higher states of vibration.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud – Beyond Time.

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Artist unknown.



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