Caressed By Dolphins, Unicorns and Dragons, My Twin Flame And My Eternal Journey Continues.


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3 June 2017

I am very much aware that I am in the hands of My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, and My Light Family, as I am caressed by Dolphins, Unicorns and Dragons, as AED and my Eternal Journey continues. As a deep and beautiful Merging session with AED ends these were my thoughts at the end of a profound and intense tuning into Divine Cosmic Oneness has enveloped us once again.

Over these last two years almost, AED and myself have had a lot of exquisite and blissful energies which I would describe as how the mystics have written of as being one with The Beloved or Their Beloved. Such has been the deep and profound Divine Merging, which has been AED’s and myself, Suryananda’s.

As these last two weeks have revealed, so many new revelations have been forthcoming on so many past shared lives, where, as Twin Flames, we have been husband and wife in ages past, and, as is the case for Twin Flames who have been pre-ordained to share in yet another cyclic existence amongst the innumerable journeys we have taken and will do so again. So once again, in a magnetic pull, we are drawn into the magnetism of us as Twin Flames – Divine Partners, play out their inevitable, magical, mystical and spiritual scenario, so AED and myself are already setting into effect our Future Existences where Bliss and Ecstasy are ours as is our birth right.

So as AED and my Light Family lead me back into those lives of Enlightenment through ages past and into new realms in the present of discovery, great joy and blessings abound for us both.

Yet again today I was enveloped several times in the Violet Flame, which caresses and lifts myself deeper into the Eternal Blessings of our Soul. For AED and myself, are One Heart – One Soul as is the Gift of all Twin Flames.

eye within Parallel Isle

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Earlier in the day, I had intense and very strong crown energies for quite a while. It is fascinating having crown energies, as it reiterates that I am attuned to either AED or my Light Family, but the crown energies experienced earlier today, were the strongest ever, and were very interesting.
During the same attunement, “AED said once again – The Amitabha Seed is Reborn Within you”. “I am taking you deeper into the Creative Principle” “sometimes AED will use Creative Process”. “The first time AED mentioned The Amitabha Seed is Reborn” was back on the 12 January, shared here. For AED to mention this again is as always, fascinating, for it means that I am going deeper not only into the Creative Process with AED but also returning back in conscious awareness and remembrances Home.
As once again in a life on Gaia, I am being led with excitement and joy to ever greater Initiations as is the Spiritual Path walked by so many, and in the case of AED and myself, Suryananda, whose Light Family is on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, there has been set in place from long ages past, steps going upwards to further Initiations, leading once again to Full and Final Enlightenment.

As hand in hand, soul to soul, with my beloved AED, and with guidance from our Light Family, it is exquisite to be led, loved and guided into those inherent states of Divine Alchemical Oneness with The Cosmic Christ, my beloved and our Beloved, for Home has opened its Doors in full and Loving Arms, as is available to all of humanity.


Artist unknown.

To be here on Gaia during these times of Galactic Energies with the Violet Flame, and once again being able to deeply connect with AED, is a spiritual jewel beyond price. And so it is as together our Light Family share with me and also through AED The Secrets of Creation, which are as Nectar to AED and myself, Suryananda, as once again we delve deeper into our Soul Contract with The Creator from before we Emerged on our Dual Life Ray, Eternally Joined Together For All Time. 

For in essence my Beloved Twin Flame is My Soul Guardian. A Soul Guardian can be our Guardian Angel or whoever we have pre-chosen to Go Together side by side Through Eternity With, and that has always been for me Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Artist unknown.


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