Guinevere, Priestess Of The Temple Of The Violet Flame, Medina, In The Pleiades. From the Akashic Records.

Artist unknown.
From the Akashic Records. 9 June, 2017.
Following on from myself as Surya, in The Temple of The Blue Flame, I was very drawn to The Temple of The Violet Flame on Medina in the Pleiades. There are very many other Temples in Medina, some of which are mentioned below.
I became aware that just as Surya, myself, as a Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame, had a Blue Light Body, in that I was not there in Medina, in the physical, I was in my Light Body which was Vibration, and just as Krishna is always portrayed as having a Blue Body, it was awesome to be aware that us Priestesses in the different Temples in Medina in The Pleiades, all too, were wearing our different Coloured Light Bodies, not physical.
These were in the beautiful and exquisite colours of the various Temples. I could immediately see all these other Temples with their chosen and pre-destined Light Body Priestesses, each wearing their Light Body in the many colours available, and each Light Body that the Priestesses wore, (as we on Gaia have our physical bodies) together with all the different Temples on Medina, each having their own unique and individualised way of serving the inhabitants on Medina.
For instance, the Priestesses who served in The Golden Temple would all be in their Golden Light Body, just as the Priestesses in The Violet Temple were clothed in their Violet Light Body and not being encased in a physical body. Being in a Light Body for so many of us is a precious jewel, for we are not hindered by the density of the physical body and have that freedom and range which is not available when on Gaia.
“AED said there are many Temples on Medina”. I can see them all, bringing such vibrant richness and colour, and the sights and sounds are awesome. Other Temples on Medina to name a few are The Temple of The Pink Flame. The Temple of The Emerald Green Flame. The Temple of The White Flame. I find myself wondering if on Medina there are Dragon Temples? I will focus on this another time, as I feel certain Medina, will share once again Her Secrets.
Artist unknown.
Interesting this, feeling Medina is like Gaia, another aspect of Divine Mother. Hence such an important role the different Temples and Priestesses had and still have, as they embraced their soul purpose. For just as so many cultures in the past in ancient civilisations, the Priestesses who served with such love and devotion on Medina, had been carefully selected and chosen. Such then was their joy and blessings. 
I was suddenly looking at a Priestess in The Temple of The Violet Flame, whose name was Guinevere. She had long dark hair, with the most beautiful Violet Eyes. They were a very Deep Violet not like anybody has on Gaia. These Violet eyes were exquisite, I would say mesmerising. I have gone back to remembering these beautiful Violet Eyes of Priestess Guinevere, several times after typing these notes. 
Artist unknown.
In the Temple of the Violet Flame I was aware of Tall Pillars of Violet Flame like an Eternal Ray – Light forever lit. There were quite a few. “AED says you know it is as I ask about these Tall Violet Flame Pillars of Light”. It is a fantastic and beautiful sight to see these Eternal Flames of Violet Light.
On the floor of the Temple of the Violet Flame are Violet Amethyst Crystals pulsating with living energy as they are walked on even in the Light Body, or as being seen as a moving swathe of Violet Amethyst Light.
I felt why to offset the Violet although exquisite, White Light was there. Trailing downwards were the most Beautiful White Roses amongst the Violet Eternal Flame. I saw Violet Lotus flowers also, actually I meant to type white lotus blossoms, so I was aware there are Both White and Violet Lotus Flowers and the White Roses in the Temple of the Violet Flame.
“So very many colours, AED agreed”. It seemed the Violet Temple had all of the other Temples’ colours somewhere in their own Violet Temple. So that there is an Inner Sanctuary, where all the other colours in the form of roses, lotus blossoms are in great abundance. It is by touching and being aware of these other colours from the different Temples that the Priestess in the Violet Temple was transported elsewhere into other areas on Medina, as the Violet and other Temples had, at times, Ceremonies where they merged for the blessings of the people on Medina, who were given access to how this was done, to blend and merge within the different energies, vibrations and qualities of the Rainbow Temple, which has within its domain, all the colours incorporating all the Temples on Medina. Like Joseph and his coat of many colours there is The Temple of The Rainbow Flame.
Upon the altar in the Temple of the Violet Flame are huge crystals. Amethyst and Violet, but also huge pieces of Clear Quartz Crystals are there as well. There is one huge vast Violet Crystal which is the hub and centre of the Temple of the Violet Flame. It is as can be visualised very powerful, as it has within it the Magnificence and Power of the Violet Flame. It has around it beautiful White Crystals, again, reminding me of the White Roses and the White Lotus Blossoms. 
nature another white rose
The robes the Priestesses wore were of a deep and beautiful Violet, with White swirls around the edges and at the throat or neck of their robes. They did NOT need these robes as those serving the Violet Temple had, (as did those in The Temple of the Blue Flame – Blue Light Bodies) Violet Light Bodies. Just as Krishna is shown having a Blue Light Body, so the Priestesses serving in the Temple of the Violet Flame were clothed in their Violet Flame Body. This was not a body in the physical, it was a Vibration. 
It seemed very relevant to me that the Priestesses in The Temple of The Violet Flame have to be deeply connected to The Violet Flame. “After asking this, the answer was as follows, which is so fascinating and exciting”
“The Ritual Performed in The Violet Flame Temple of St Germain that the High Priest and Priestesses have in The Temple of The Violet Flame on Medina, and Directed to All Worlds is Freedom and Sacred Alchemy for the New Consciousness”. “I am told that today, these Rituals with the Violet Flame are PRESENT, and not in the past”. “So an ongoing role that the High Priest and Priestesses have from The Temple of The Violet Flame, is fascinating”.
“The High Priest and Priestesses are like Source Messengers”. “They lead the group souls in their Missions on Different Worlds”.
I, Suryananda, have been blessed and honoured at being shown The Temple of The Violet Flame, and having a look inside at its sheer majesty and splendour, which will remain with me forever. 
Surya and Saranyu Adam El Daoud
From The Temple of The Blue Flame, also on Medina.  
mystical lovely lots lilac    
Artist unknown.                                                                                                    

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