Reflections On The Yoga Of Selflessness From The Kalachakra.

Guatama Buddha, artist unknown.
25 June, 2017.
As I, Pat Suryananda, reflected on the meaning of The Yoga of Selflessness From The Kalachakra, as those inner changes are both necessary and wanted, so as to lead to greater spiritual realisation, Divine Oneness and Unity with all Existences.
I often say and use those words Surrender, I surrender to the Divine Within Myself, to God The Creator Father Mother, and to my Twin Flame from Source, Saranyu Adam El Daoud. So in effect, I do and have surrendered from before my Twin Flame and myself Emerged Into Individualisation, originally in Divine Paradise, but into other spheres, realms and galaxies, and as Being on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line.
In each realm of existence, AED and myself have Surrendered, which is continuing now in all the different Star Systems as it will be in future realms of being. We Surrender to The Creator and All Aspects of The Trinity, thus are we Home – Bliss, Love and Ecstasy Abound, for we Are One. 
In fact, as I have surrendered, AED has shown and given me deeper truths or awareness, thus have I taken further steps within. In essence, AED is with me within and outside of time. Therefore, there is no sense any more of  separation, even when in different worlds, for as is so well known these days, everything is energy and vibration.
The more I have become adept at tuning into higher energies and vibrations, the easier and more prolonged have they become, so now, in just a thought, a moment in the “Now” I can be here, there and everywhere, into both our past lives and existences, where AED is now, and into future awareness, all in what can be described as a few breaths.
For AED and myself, Suryananda, Our Breath is One Breath, Our Heart and Soul, One, so as I Breathe, AED and myself Breathe together, as our Cosmic Divine Nature is allowed it’s free reign.
I understand that the “I” is constantly changing, it is never still and static and does not exist independently. This is the Key isn’t it. That what I perceive as the I – is but a fragment of all that is, of the deep oneness inherent in us all.
For as the I in me lets go and surrenders, then I AM All. I AM All Things And All People. I AM One With The Cosmos, leading as it does with each step of deeper awareness into that Divine Union with The Creator, God The Father Mother, with which those earlier steps and stages of letting go of the I – are there to lead me too.
Emptiness is in itself a fascinating word, encompassing as it does All That Is. And leading to expectancy and inner excitement as awareness deepens as the petals of the lotus unfolds before us. Each petal being a surrender of the self, and its unfolding delight, bliss and joy.
To be concerned about others, yes, as I do this, the self has been transcended. “I AM That I AM and be still – Is that fundamental Truth. I AM That I AM, as these words are reflected upon, by their very nature leads me to a higher inner awareness, which allows those Truths to be brought to my Consciousness more fully than before”.
Surrender and know I AM God comes, as to Receive Wisdom in Inner Stillness, is both profound and meaningful. It is true for instance as the I that is myself Pat, as I perform what can be termed daily tasks, the I that is Pat, often finds myself thinking mundane thoughts.
Although I do find that there are times when, even doing what is termed daily tasks necessary, whilst doing them, the I that is Pat, will and does reflect, and I am able to transcend where I am and be elsewhere, which is always fascinating and of great interest.
Thus as AED shares with ME in this earth vessel as Pat, that which is but part of our Divine Cosmic Jigsaw, as the I which is myself, Pat Suryananda is transformed and transcended as I becomes We And We Becomes One.
However, even though that which is I as Pat, being an embodiment of Suryananda, one of innumerable such embodiments I have had of Suryananda, and been a part of over the aeons since Souce and Emergence with Saranyu Adam El Daoud, nevertheless, the I that is myself as Pat and embodiment of Suryananda, very much feels and even understands that It Does Feel that it is Encompassed within the Soul Contract of AED and myself as Twin Flames.
Artist unknown.
“AED has said very much so, I have heard, in that it very much feels and resonates that it Is Within Our Pre-Chosen Soul Contract that the I of myself, Pat – being but one of yet another embodiment of Suryananda, have deep with me and thus AED To Explore those past and other world embodiments of AED and my own past lives”.
In so doing, I have grown immeasurably as a Light Being, as the I that is me has Transcended these present moments, bringing the past into the Now and thus merging into that Consciousness, as alignment, love and affinities are shared and treasured. It is an inner soul contract as the I of myself as Pat see it. “AED has said to me several times, I AM Nameless, many people do not know who I AM, but You Will Always Know My Name”. 
Therefore, AED has been true to those words from 18 months or so ago, as more and ever fascinating past existences we share together, adding as they do, to Our Whole Cosmic Jigsaw, ensuring that the I that is myself, here as Pat, is both transformed and merged into the One. Such then aids and blesses AED and myself, as we remember and fulfil our Soul Contract in yet another life, this present one.
Thus together as we see it, as I allow Surrender to be effected and take place within and without, inevitably for me and thus AED, true to AED’s words, together we Go Deeper Within that which is Our Soul Contract, for it leads to Greater Union and Oneness as yes, memories return and are recognised. Whilst at the same time, for myself living here in yet another Earth existence, together AED and myself as Pat, grow and remember myself further and Deeper into Suryananda, and thus those veils are removed so None Exist, for in Essence We – Suryananda, Saranyu Adam El Daoud, we are Home.
Artist unknown.
So whilst the I that is myself living here on Gaia completely accepts and understands that the I Needs to be Transcended, the Me Us who exists here on Gaia, have No Option than to follow the Soul Contract which, as an embodiment of Suryananda, I as Pat have, together with my beloved Adam El Daoud have no other role than To Search and find, and delve deeper as inspiration and guidance from the inner me and AED guide, then to delve deeper into All That We Have Been for thus We Are Home. 
I have written as feels the right way for AED and myself as this present embodiment of Suryananda. For us, knowing Who AED has been, is and will be, will Not change. It is deeply engrained within this pattern of this life and where “AED has fully endorsed this with his words several times to me … You Will Always Know My Name”. 
So that fascination, love and passion will remain and never cease, for within Our understanding as One Being intensifies and The Cosmic Jigsaw of Who we have been and are is more fully understood, recognised and realised. In essence as has been described, this can be likened to each Petal of the Lotus Blossom remembering the other and fully living, loving, being aware of each blossom and petal, thus Oneness Is as Our Divine Nature is Understood and Embraced.
The I that is Pat wonders if others will think as this …. more often than not, IT could be just AED Suryananda Pat – for this is within Our Soul Contract and our pathway On Creation in all its Aspects and Forms which is our Divine Blueprint from Before Our Emergence into Individualisation.
Suryananda and Saranyu Adam El Daoud.
Artist unknown.

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