I have a New Website. Details are shown below here:



And is http://suryanandaakashicreader.wordpress.com

Hi everyone,

I HAVE A NEW WEBSITE. The details of which are both above here as well as below. I envisage that I will post on my New Website, rather than continuing on here. If there are any comments, of course, I will still be aware of them.

Thank you for sharing this website with me, and I hope that you will continue to follow my posts on my new website. I have just posted TWO NEW shares, they are called:

THE WINDS GATHER PACE AS THE EGYPTIAN SANDS REVEAL THEIR SECRETS ONCE AGAIN. This is Part 1 of 2, which is listed below. Posted today, 30 June.

My other new post is Part 2, titled:
THE WINDS OF CREATION – THE SANDS OF TIME. Again, posted today, 30 June.

The description of my new website is
Suryananda Akashic Reader
Light Worker Seer.

And is http://suryanandaakashicreader.wordpress.com

It will say also suryanandaakashicreader

Blessings, Suryananda. ♥


Egypt new.jpg







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