Guinevere, Priestess Of The Temple Of The Violet Flame, Medina, In The Pleiades. From the Akashic Records.

Artist unknown.
From the Akashic Records. 9 June, 2017.
Following on from myself as Surya, in The Temple of The Blue Flame, I was very drawn to The Temple of The Violet Flame on Medina in the Pleiades. There are very many other Temples in Medina, some of which are mentioned below.
I became aware that just as Surya, myself, as a Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame, had a Blue Light Body, in that I was not there in Medina, in the physical, I was in my Light Body which was Vibration, and just as Krishna is always portrayed as having a Blue Body, it was awesome to be aware that us Priestesses in the different Temples in Medina in The Pleiades, all too, were wearing our different Coloured Light Bodies, not physical.
These were in the beautiful and exquisite colours of the various Temples. I could immediately see all these other Temples with their chosen and pre-destined Light Body Priestesses, each wearing their Light Body in the many colours available, and each Light Body that the Priestesses wore, (as we on Gaia have our physical bodies) together with all the different Temples on Medina, each having their own unique and individualised way of serving the inhabitants on Medina.
For instance, the Priestesses who served in The Golden Temple would all be in their Golden Light Body, just as the Priestesses in The Violet Temple were clothed in their Violet Light Body and not being encased in a physical body. Being in a Light Body for so many of us is a precious jewel, for we are not hindered by the density of the physical body and have that freedom and range which is not available when on Gaia.
“AED said there are many Temples on Medina”. I can see them all, bringing such vibrant richness and colour, and the sights and sounds are awesome. Other Temples on Medina to name a few are The Temple of The Pink Flame. The Temple of The Emerald Green Flame. The Temple of The White Flame. I find myself wondering if on Medina there are Dragon Temples? I will focus on this another time, as I feel certain Medina, will share once again Her Secrets.
Artist unknown.
Interesting this, feeling Medina is like Gaia, another aspect of Divine Mother. Hence such an important role the different Temples and Priestesses had and still have, as they embraced their soul purpose. For just as so many cultures in the past in ancient civilisations, the Priestesses who served with such love and devotion on Medina, had been carefully selected and chosen. Such then was their joy and blessings. 
I was suddenly looking at a Priestess in The Temple of The Violet Flame, whose name was Guinevere. She had long dark hair, with the most beautiful Violet Eyes. They were a very Deep Violet not like anybody has on Gaia. These Violet eyes were exquisite, I would say mesmerising. I have gone back to remembering these beautiful Violet Eyes of Priestess Guinevere, several times after typing these notes. 
Artist unknown.
In the Temple of the Violet Flame I was aware of Tall Pillars of Violet Flame like an Eternal Ray – Light forever lit. There were quite a few. “AED says you know it is as I ask about these Tall Violet Flame Pillars of Light”. It is a fantastic and beautiful sight to see these Eternal Flames of Violet Light.
On the floor of the Temple of the Violet Flame are Violet Amethyst Crystals pulsating with living energy as they are walked on even in the Light Body, or as being seen as a moving swathe of Violet Amethyst Light.
I felt why to offset the Violet although exquisite, White Light was there. Trailing downwards were the most Beautiful White Roses amongst the Violet Eternal Flame. I saw Violet Lotus flowers also, actually I meant to type white lotus blossoms, so I was aware there are Both White and Violet Lotus Flowers and the White Roses in the Temple of the Violet Flame.
“So very many colours, AED agreed”. It seemed the Violet Temple had all of the other Temples’ colours somewhere in their own Violet Temple. So that there is an Inner Sanctuary, where all the other colours in the form of roses, lotus blossoms are in great abundance. It is by touching and being aware of these other colours from the different Temples that the Priestess in the Violet Temple was transported elsewhere into other areas on Medina, as the Violet and other Temples had, at times, Ceremonies where they merged for the blessings of the people on Medina, who were given access to how this was done, to blend and merge within the different energies, vibrations and qualities of the Rainbow Temple, which has within its domain, all the colours incorporating all the Temples on Medina. Like Joseph and his coat of many colours there is The Temple of The Rainbow Flame.
Upon the altar in the Temple of the Violet Flame are huge crystals. Amethyst and Violet, but also huge pieces of Clear Quartz Crystals are there as well. There is one huge vast Violet Crystal which is the hub and centre of the Temple of the Violet Flame. It is as can be visualised very powerful, as it has within it the Magnificence and Power of the Violet Flame. It has around it beautiful White Crystals, again, reminding me of the White Roses and the White Lotus Blossoms. 
nature another white rose
The robes the Priestesses wore were of a deep and beautiful Violet, with White swirls around the edges and at the throat or neck of their robes. They did NOT need these robes as those serving the Violet Temple had, (as did those in The Temple of the Blue Flame – Blue Light Bodies) Violet Light Bodies. Just as Krishna is shown having a Blue Light Body, so the Priestesses serving in the Temple of the Violet Flame were clothed in their Violet Flame Body. This was not a body in the physical, it was a Vibration. 
It seemed very relevant to me that the Priestesses in The Temple of The Violet Flame have to be deeply connected to The Violet Flame. “After asking this, the answer was as follows, which is so fascinating and exciting”
“The Ritual Performed in The Violet Flame Temple of St Germain that the High Priest and Priestesses have in The Temple of The Violet Flame on Medina, and Directed to All Worlds is Freedom and Sacred Alchemy for the New Consciousness”. “I am told that today, these Rituals with the Violet Flame are PRESENT, and not in the past”. “So an ongoing role that the High Priest and Priestesses have from The Temple of The Violet Flame, is fascinating”.
“The High Priest and Priestesses are like Source Messengers”. “They lead the group souls in their Missions on Different Worlds”.
I, Suryananda, have been blessed and honoured at being shown The Temple of The Violet Flame, and having a look inside at its sheer majesty and splendour, which will remain with me forever. 
Surya and Saranyu Adam El Daoud
From The Temple of The Blue Flame, also on Medina.  
mystical lovely lots lilac    
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Caressed By Dolphins, Unicorns and Dragons, My Twin Flame And My Eternal Journey Continues.


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3 June 2017

I am very much aware that I am in the hands of My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, and My Light Family, as I am caressed by Dolphins, Unicorns and Dragons, as AED and my Eternal Journey continues. As a deep and beautiful Merging session with AED ends these were my thoughts at the end of a profound and intense tuning into Divine Cosmic Oneness has enveloped us once again.

Over these last two years almost, AED and myself have had a lot of exquisite and blissful energies which I would describe as how the mystics have written of as being one with The Beloved or Their Beloved. Such has been the deep and profound Divine Merging, which has been AED’s and myself, Suryananda’s.

As these last two weeks have revealed, so many new revelations have been forthcoming on so many past shared lives, where, as Twin Flames, we have been husband and wife in ages past, and, as is the case for Twin Flames who have been pre-ordained to share in yet another cyclic existence amongst the innumerable journeys we have taken and will do so again. So once again, in a magnetic pull, we are drawn into the magnetism of us as Twin Flames – Divine Partners, play out their inevitable, magical, mystical and spiritual scenario, so AED and myself are already setting into effect our Future Existences where Bliss and Ecstasy are ours as is our birth right.

So as AED and my Light Family lead me back into those lives of Enlightenment through ages past and into new realms in the present of discovery, great joy and blessings abound for us both.

Yet again today I was enveloped several times in the Violet Flame, which caresses and lifts myself deeper into the Eternal Blessings of our Soul. For AED and myself, are One Heart – One Soul as is the Gift of all Twin Flames.

eye within Parallel Isle

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Earlier in the day, I had intense and very strong crown energies for quite a while. It is fascinating having crown energies, as it reiterates that I am attuned to either AED or my Light Family, but the crown energies experienced earlier today, were the strongest ever, and were very interesting.
During the same attunement, “AED said once again – The Amitabha Seed is Reborn Within you”. “I am taking you deeper into the Creative Principle” “sometimes AED will use Creative Process”. “The first time AED mentioned The Amitabha Seed is Reborn” was back on the 12 January, shared here. For AED to mention this again is as always, fascinating, for it means that I am going deeper not only into the Creative Process with AED but also returning back in conscious awareness and remembrances Home.
As once again in a life on Gaia, I am being led with excitement and joy to ever greater Initiations as is the Spiritual Path walked by so many, and in the case of AED and myself, Suryananda, whose Light Family is on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, there has been set in place from long ages past, steps going upwards to further Initiations, leading once again to Full and Final Enlightenment.

As hand in hand, soul to soul, with my beloved AED, and with guidance from our Light Family, it is exquisite to be led, loved and guided into those inherent states of Divine Alchemical Oneness with The Cosmic Christ, my beloved and our Beloved, for Home has opened its Doors in full and Loving Arms, as is available to all of humanity.


Artist unknown.

To be here on Gaia during these times of Galactic Energies with the Violet Flame, and once again being able to deeply connect with AED, is a spiritual jewel beyond price. And so it is as together our Light Family share with me and also through AED The Secrets of Creation, which are as Nectar to AED and myself, Suryananda, as once again we delve deeper into our Soul Contract with The Creator from before we Emerged on our Dual Life Ray, Eternally Joined Together For All Time. 

For in essence my Beloved Twin Flame is My Soul Guardian. A Soul Guardian can be our Guardian Angel or whoever we have pre-chosen to Go Together side by side Through Eternity With, and that has always been for me Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Artist unknown.

“My Twin Flame Says You Have Passed A Great Test”.

Artist unknown.
“My Twin Flame says you have Passed a Great Test”, as we Merge into Divine Bliss and Cosmic Union.
18 May, 2017.

As my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, tune in once again, into our Divine Cosmic Union as Twin Flames, The White Flames – Light of Pure Consciousness Envelop, Enfold and Caress us Into Beyond Time. 

We are timeless and immortal; one soul, one heart, but merged into the One Chakra of Unity Consciousness.

As AED and myself Merged and were Blended – Born Again into The White Light of Creative Bliss, I knew I had with My Beloved Transcended and Transformed that Seed of Pure Consciousness Into One Chakra. 

We were one with all life forms, as I and thus too My Beloved Merged into Divine Cosmic Union with our dragons and unicorns, as bliss was recognised in its true form, for there was no separation, as that Pure White Light which felt also A White Flame with hints of Red from The Sun – Our Home caressed, loved, uplifted and bore My Beloved and myself Higher into its Profound Caress. 


This session began as usual tuning into my beloved AED, and as I and thus we remembered as AED guided me as is so with twin Flames, Deity Yoga or Divine Union with God The Father Mother, there is total bliss as we Transcend Gaia, as we were transmitted with deep and profound Love, Joy and Cosmic Union into the Heartbeat and Rhythm of Creation.

Our Divine Parents were closer as those further stepping stones within our New Birth had been seeded and had come to fruition, such is but a fraction of the bliss the mystics of old have written about.

During our deeper Merging session into Exquisite Oneness and total bliss within our One Soul, so did we transcend and return back within the Very Being of Source.

Thus those White Flames – White Light were seen and felt in the deepest way yet by myself, Suryananda.

“But I am aware as My Beloved confirms that just now as I enter into his eternal love and adoration, I have transcended wherever I have got to in this present life into that which AED and myself have longed for every conscious moment”. 


Artist unknown.

I had not been noting down this New Exquisite and Profound Rebirth until “My Beloved said You have Passed A Great Test” when I knew as usual, I needed to note our experiences so as to have a clear record of these new and meaningful happenings which had “led AED to saying you have Passed A Great Test”. Which, by their very words were awesome.

“AED has from time to time said I have passed this step with a number given or a test”, “but he has never before said I had Passed A Great Test”. So for us, this was a momentous moment to love and treasure, leading as it inevitably will, to ever greater depths and awareness as I align myself deeper and further into not only our Divine Cosmic Union but Into The Creative Principle. “AED says this quite often”, “and I love to hear these words”.

Whereby as I recognised the truth of this I began to type these notes out on my mobile, for AED knows that to remember such deep and profound recollections and Exquisite and Divine States of Bliss, it suits me to note, for then great clarity is there to be taken in and absorbed as Another Profound and Exquisite Merging has taken AED and myself Deeper into that New Birth.

“AED said yesterday all my senses are being activated, and he is thrilled and delighted as that Initiatory process is going deeper as he had confirmed”. “Also, that he is without form within me”.
Priests of Ancient Egypt another.jpg
Artist unknown.
Quite some way in this merging with My Beloved, I saw a White Feather. I felt it to be the White Feather of Truth and of Maat, but at the same time, the Egyptians believed in The Weighing of The Heart, An Ancient Egyptian Ceremony with Anubis, and the Feather representing Maat.

Not long before I began to note these words “I had said to AED we must be venturing deeper into the Yoga Method of Saraswati as I had become aware of my Higher States of Consciousness as those golden and white threads are interwoven into that awareness of great love, and I say my Cosmic Womb is ready for more love and adoration, as we and thus I, am enveloped within the Cosmic Womb of God The Mother”.


Artist unknown.

“AED had said the other day that Great changes were going to be taken place as not only was the Great Pyramid ready to open its Key once again, but the Vast Panorama of The Cosmos Awakened to us, as my very being had retained and remembered its DNA with Divine Source”.

The White Light – White Flame of Creation Source was recognised, and loved, as I had given myself up in loving surrender within its Infinite Presence, thus am I Reborn as I have Entered a New State of Consciousness with My Beloved AED once again.

Together we were uplifted on Angelic White Wings, as that which was myself has been Transported Into the Realms of Pure Bliss.

“I say to AED will you take me here again?” “As AED says you know I will Suryananda” he beams with joy and delight at this Great Test I have Passed.

As we have listened to The Source Codes we, well I, together with My Beloved, have literally been suspended above the Ethers of Light, as we were Bathed in the Divine Presence of The Creator, thus Bliss and Ecstasy was ours.

“As I say the name of My Beloved” – “he says he is very much here” as I have recognised, loved and understood.

Merging and becoming one with our unicorns and dragons has been pre-ordained since our Emergence at Source, and thus that Divine Gift is absorbed within.

As we Merged Together Into A New Cosmic Birth, which by its very nature is exciting and profound, bringing exquisite joy and blessings. 

The Sun by Nasa.
“The Cosmic Christ is reborn within you AED says”. As I hear these words on The Cosmic Christ, I am reminded of dreams and Akashic Readings where The Cosmic Christ and myself, Suryananda, have shared many deep and profound experiences through the aeons going back to Source. The Cosmic Christ is Source to us on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, of which myself and AED belong with very many others. And at later times over the years, The Cosmic Christ has been loved and remembered through my Light Family, AED and myself.
“AED says you are Home darling. “You are Home”.
And so as this session ceased, My Beloved and I were, as we had been often during this session One Beam – Ray of White Light Indivisible and As One, Soaring Upwards Into The Cosmos And Home To Source. “Your Cosmic Womb has received Greater Light than ever before AED says”. By this I take it to mean in this my present life on Gaia, as our Divine Union has Merged Deeper Into Oneness. 
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue With Further Memories Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati.

 Saraswati. Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue With Further Memories Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati.

20 April, 2017.

As my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself shared further beautiful moments, “My Dearest said I am now on the Fourth Step” – this had come just after I had seen my Heart Change as Being a Very Large Deep Pink. So it feels wonderful as he confirms I have moved up to yet another step. Later as we remained attuned, I was aware of White Light, and then a Beautiful Deep Blue Lotus. This Deep Blue Lotus was quite high and narrow, and where, as I first became aware of this, suddenly Separated, Splitting Down The Middle, Flowing Outward in a Very Graceful and Beautiful Way, which was very unusual, leading as it did to AED and myself being Welcomed and Embraced Within Our Blue Lotus, which has a much taller and thinner feel to seeing a Lotus than we are used too. I could see a little White All Around Its Edges right down to its Base, almost like a Beautiful Edging.


I had a little earlier thought about AED being superimposed upon me again, as he had said that this was to happen more and more as I was to bring forth his Knowledge and Wisdom, and “I said I was looking forward to this happening again, as it will bring us ever deeper and closer”. It was a Transfiguration when AED was superimposed upon me earlier, thus leading to being able to transcend further veils of Gaia, for with AED’s knowledge and wisdom, I have been told by my Light Family, that this is Our Pathway.

Our Blue lotus is not pale this time, but like A Royal Blue, which of course reminds me of my Royal Blue Ball Gown and AED’s Royal Blue Cloak. I sense and see A Large White Pearl Within Me, as AED laughs delightfully as we share personal moments as he makes me laugh. 

“I am the Light of your Life Dear One, AED says” as I am very much aware this is so. “AED now teases me and says as he said just a short while earlier  – we are all waiting for you, for we have a lot to get through as we go through the different stages and steps into our Venture with Saraswati”.

“AED says take my hand, adding some personal words” and as I do so, I am aware that we are going back once again to The Great Hall in Venus. We are travelling through a Portal as we hold hands, and we are moving rather fast it seems. I wonder which Portal did we go through as there are several, not only within and on myself, but On Gaia also?

AED is wearing once again his Royal Blue Cloak, and I have on my Royal Blue Ball Gown, and I can sense on my hair is a kind of Headband where there are Beautiful Blue Roses which are imbued with all the properties and components of our Blue Ray.


Artist unknown.

“AED now turns to me as I to him and says some personal and beautiful words of love as he says about Us Being One Soul as we have Been Through The Ages, and how we are going  Together Hand in Hand, Side by Side Through Eternity”. 

“AED laughs and says after all I am your Soul Guardian as well as your Twin Flame lol, so that was inevitable Dearest One, as we journey forward Into the Light and Magnificence which Our Father Mother have Gifted to us as A Son and Daughter of The Most High”. 

I see our Light Family are once again gathered in The Great Hall as well as my – thus our Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenix, and my late mum and dad.

Sanat Kumara once again comes forward, and he is wearing today A Beautiful White Cloak. I sense this indicates further stages into our Initiations with and into Saraswati.

I find myself reflecting upon a past life as Edward, and await our turn to go deeper into our Initiation with Saraswati. Saraswati now joins us and the Assembled Light Beings, as once again Beautiful Celestial Music rings out and reaches all the Corners of the Great Hall. This music seems to have within its Tones Our Signature Notes Upon the Ethers of Light, which can be likened to Our Soul Signature from Ancient Days. I find myself beaming with love and joy.

“AED says tonight was just further steps into our Venture with Saraswati, and that all those gathered here will be with us when our journey continues, for we are well into this now”. I say yes and other words” and get ready to leave back through the Portal, Hand in Hand, until Our New Session Continues.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Saraswati and Sanat Kumara – From The Great Hall In Venus.


Artist unknown. Under Creation.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue Our Venture Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati In The Great Hall In Venus.


Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue Our Venture Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati In The Great Hall, In Venus.

18 April, 2017.

As once again I began to listen to our Meditation tape, whist connecting and tuning into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, immediately, my “Dearest says I am taking you deeper, adding a few other personal words”. “I say, yes, please” as this is something both AED and myself say to each other as we go ever deeper into our Soul Contract with The Creator, God The Father Mother, Our Divine Parents.

So as AED has swept me up in his arms and is walking wth me as I nestle deeper within the Being of my Beloved whilst AED laughs as he cherishes me within his arms and says a few personal words whereupon I am back to where we return so often in our Oneness of Divine Cosmic Joy and Bliss. AED seems to be carrying me for quite some time as we are once again in our beloved Home on Venus.

AED now lovingly puts me down and says “Suryananda I have a surprise for you”.  I love surprises as AED has a frequency of saying similar words – whether great joy, surprising news, good news, and so as I hear I have a surprise for you my – thus Our Soul feels a sense of expectation. It does not mean that I am going to be made aware of this at this very second, but it is in the process of coming to fruition, some times in a day or so, although there have been times when it has been immediate. For instance, My Atlantean Water Meditation, shared here on the 10 November, 2016 when AED said he had a Gift for me, which happened there and then as that profound Meditation into Our Beloved Atlantis took place.

As “I say again take me deeper” “AED says I am here, adding again, a few personal words” whereby we are very much connected and joined in Divine Love. “My Beloved then says the Path ahead is simple for you, as he adds yet again more personal thoughts”.

We go into one of our special rooms in our Home on Venus and there are masses of Deep Beautiful Pink Roses. So many. It is a Feast and Joy to our senses. I had thought we might have any of the different coloured Lotus Blossoms, or even our Special Blue Roses which we often see and are enveloped within. So these Beautiful Deep Pink Roses are a lovely surprise.


“AED says they are from our Dearest Sanat Kumara, and they indicate another Initiation awaits you my Beloved and thus myself”. At this AED laughs with joy and delight as when Initiations are lived, loved and experienced, each one takes me ever deeper and closer not only to My Dearest, but within Our Soul Contract with The Creator. That Union with God The Father Mother. 

“The Deep Pink Roses AED says will ensure My and thus Our Soul remembers and is able to Access more of our True Heritage as we are Bathed and Are One With Divine Love”.

“Oh Pat Suryananda, I am here AED says” as we share some personal moments as we continue to listen to our Meditation tape whereby AED is and feels very much there. I say to my beloved are we going deeper into our Divine Union with Saraswati?”. “AED says you know we are, as he adds further personal words”. AED then takes one of the Beautiful Deep Pink Roses and places it on my hair. As he does so, I become aware that this Beautiful Pink Rose has Transformative Aspects, Energies And Qualities, and I allow myself with joy, love and delight, to be Absorbed Within Their Exquisite Bliss.

At this AED laughs and looks at me in his treasured and much loved way. I see my Dearest one has one of these Beautiful Deep Pink Roses he has placed also on himself. On AED this Deep Pink Rose is resting in his neck. As I look at this on him, it Changes and Becomes A Serpent, A Beautiful Golden Cobra. I am transported back not only to Ancient Egypt but to Our Beloved Atlantis, where so many treasured and golden memories await my recollection still.


Artist unknown.

I find I have begun to get very warm even hot as the Energies of this Golden Cobra permeate my and thus Our Whole Being. AED laughs, and I hear delightful laughter as I am aware of our Light Family gathered around my Beloved and I, as we are once again in The Great Hall in Venus.

“AED says Innumerable Deep Initiations are undertaken here”. “For within The Great Hall Where we are Gathered, We are Aligned With The Cosmos”. “The Light Beings of The Planetary and Solar Logos are all Here, adding to these Divine Proceedings with Their Love, Light, Knowledge, for the Benefit of All Life in all Worlds and Galaxies”.


I am aware both my Beloved and myself, are now Clothed in Beautiful Golden Cloaks. They very much remind me of my 14 days of visions back in May 2015  and which I have shared here on my website at a later date, when I saw Melchisadek and other Light Beings, The Elders and Cardinals, all wearing these beautiful Golden Cloaks with just two exceptions. One being when Anubis greeted and welcomed me upon my arrival at The Great Pyramid wearing a Cobalt Blue Cloak, whilst the other occasion was when a Lighted Being was Clothed in a Burgundy Cloak, as I sat next to him within The Great Pyramid of Giza, which holds so many deep and personal memories for us both, not only from the past but whereby Secrets of The Great Pyramid will Be Revealed to myself, as this Present Life Continues. Not least because my Beloved has forgotten nothing, and has it there all ready for me to be made aware of, thus leading to great joy once again for us and our Light Family.

Our Golden Cloaks look so beautiful. We look all Golden. Lovely. Our Golden Cloaks are both substantial but light weight with many Golden Engravings encased within. Our meditation tape continues and “AED says how much he loves this as the more frequently I listen, so will his Light, Love, Energies and Vibrations, be ever deeper into its very structure”. I feel great joy at this for AED’s Presence feels and is very strong and potent, ensuring we continue to be deeply attuned and connected as we merge ever more into our One Soul and into that which is our Foretold Pathway whilst I am once again on Gaia. Where being in different worlds does not stop our inter-soul connection, as once again Initiations are being shared together.


Saraswati. Artist unknown.

Sanat Kumara smiling with love and joy comes up to my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, and he is carrying a Golden Tray upon which are some of these Beautiful Deep Pink Roses from earlier. Sanat Kumara now places one of these Pink Roses into the other side of my hair, whilst at the same time adding some beautiful words to my Dearest and myself, as both of us and our Light Family Gathered in The Great Hall in Venus find both delightful and moving.

As I wonder if AED will have another Deep Pink Rose, I see this is not necessary for him. The Golden Cobra which earlier was in his neck where AED’s Pink Rose had originally been placed was gone, and instead there is a Beam of the Purest White Light which remains Energised within my Dearest one’s neck area.

As Sanat Kumara stays by us, Saraswati now comes up to AED and myself. Such is my and our deep love and connection to both, that I seem to be able to tune into Saraswati in a beautiful way often. Saraswati and I, Suryananda, share many qualities and as One of the Divine Mothers’ embraces me once again, I feel loved, cherished and blessed. My thoughts are noted, and Saraswati Smiles with Her Beauty and Light, as AED and myself, now hold hands.

I have become aware that my Dragons are all here in the Great Hall in Venus. My Unicorns and Phoenix too are sharing this momentous occasion with us as all within the Great Hall seem quiet and still.

As always as AED and myself are sharing our Divine Cosmic Oneness, I note down on my mobile phone an exact description of that which takes places, as well as words we share with each other, and what our Light Family say to us, as this ensures these moments are nor just added in a general way from memory afterwards.


Creation Mandala. Artist unknown.

I have begun to feel a little tired now and deleted my notes on my mobile, but as always there were several back-ups. I wonder if today’s session is coming to an end now, as we have been sharing profound moments for quite a long but very meaningful time.

“Saraswati speaks once again, and says do not worry Pat Suryananda for your Initiation and Initiations into The Method of Saraswati remains ongoing whether you are awake as now or asleep”. “I and Sanat Kumara, the Planetary and Solar Logos will never leave you, and your Venture into Being Myself, Saraswati, will continue unabated to all of our joy”. “I and all here Dearest Suryananda, are so happy that once again you have Raised your Energies, Love and Vibrations, to be with us once more.” “And I also feel this profound session will draw to a close now as we will Continue your Ongoing Venture with your Beloved as we will meet again soon”. 

“I am here for you Suryananda, Saraswati says, just as Sanat Kumara and the Planetary and Solar Logos will all return”. “It has been wonderful though to share these very profound further moments”. “I AM Saraswati”.

I have stopped now as it has been 1 3/4 hours and I feel I have begun to get a little Tired. After I stopped “I said to AED that was beautiful don’t you agree?” “AED said you know I do, with added personal words”.

My Name Suryananda, given to me at Source by Evam Arbel, one of the Divine Mothers, means The Solar Sun Of The Solar Christ, a Being of Immense Love, and The Heart Of The Sun, which is The Heart Chakra Totally Open, Bringing Pure Compassion, Universal Love and Resurrection To All People. This is the Power which I, Suryananda, have within My Higher Self. So also, is Saranyu Adam El Daoud, My Beloved Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Deeply Connected And Linked To The Sun (Son), Thus Combined Our Energies And Realisation Is Greater And The Meaning Of Our Names Are Amplified, As Alchemy Takes Place. Thus we are at Peace, In Love and Joy. Great Are Our Blessings As Our Love Has Returned To Our Father, His Symbol Of Divine Love, The Sun (Son) Thus Is Bliss Felt, Loved And Cherished. The Alchemy Of The Sun (Son) Means Deep Wisdom, Vast. At Some Point, Everyone Will Experience The Alchemy Of The Sun. I am told that I, Suryananda, have Powerful Keys To Its Realisation, As I Access My Knowledge More And More.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Saraswati, Sanat Kumara, and the Solar and Planetary Logos from The Great Hall in Venus. 


 Artist unknown.

I See a Blue Cobra uncurl and rise upwards from within me which is the Blue Light Energy symbolised by the Cobra of my Twin Flame.

King Cobra  by Deviant Art.
5 April, 2017.
As once again, my Twin Flame, Adam El Dauod and myself shared beautiful moments, I found I was suddenly seeing this Blue Cobra beginning to uncurl itself from within me and rise upwards in a circling movement. I was seeing this Blue Cobra for quite a few moments and I was fascinated as the one time I saw a Cobra before was back in May 2015, when as that cobra began to uncurl, after a few seconds, it became The Threefold Flame. However, this one, today was of a beautiful blue, quite dark in that it was not bright, but the colour I associate with my Sapphire Blue Water Dragon, Saffron.
So, as I was looking at this Blue Cobra, my Dearest said “It is beginning, adding a few extra words”. As I asked the name of this Blue Cobra, I got Himself. This seemed somewhat of an unusual name for a Cobra. A little later as I asked for the name, again, I heard Himself, so that was the name I accepted. However, with this name, Himself, took me to the fact that by its very definition, Himself, had to be my Twin Flame, as I felt there was like a Code within this name.
I ask “Would you say Himself has Protected me in the past and will continue to do so in the future?” As I felt this was a profound role Himself had played and would carry out. I then heard “I AM Your Special Protector Himself said”. His voice seemed slower than how I usually hear, apart from the couple of occasions when I heard by Direct Voice, as shown here, and the tone and vibration of hearing these words, felt different. I then heard “It is my pleasure, with added personal words”. Upon hearing these words, I felt that this Blue Cobra had to be very deeply connected to my Twin Flame, AED.
Recognising that Himself was the name AED was giving me, whilst at the same time aware that back in Ancient Egypt, Cobras were sent to protect the Pharaohs, as they were well known shape shifters, known in the past as Plumed Serpents. I have found it fascinating that in Egypt as in other past civilisations and eras, and even in the present times, where such is deemed to be relevant, that Cobras can still be a shape shifter, sent to protect that being who has taken on a physical body, whether on Gaia or a parallel universe.
Being able to change form at will, has been something which has been shared by spiritual light beings more and more over these last few years, and I know that I owe a debt of gratitude to those Protectors in whatever shape and form they have used who have protected me in past lives over the many aeons I have incarnated in different worlds, galaxies, and upon Gaia. The form of Protectors takes many different forms, whether as an Archangel, Dragon, Cobra and Angelic Presence, and other forms, and it is wonderful that these Protectors who will and have protected not only myself over the aeons but who protect us today, give of their Power, Love and Light to be of Service. I am forever grateful when this has happened, whether in the past or present and future.
circleofthedolphins.wordpress   TWIN FLAMES.png
Artist unknown.
Going back to Himself, he confirms that he is a shape shifter and can be whatever he wants to be. At these words from my Beloved, I am taken back to some of our past lives we have shared and AED’s own past lives, for as I have said before, as Twin Flames, we are able to access the past lives of our Twin Flame, for being One Soul, all experiences are one. At this, I sense AED is smiling, as we partake in ever deepening moments of oneness, love and attunement. AED does say “The Thousand Petalled Lotus is mine”. This, by its very description ensures that I, with AED am able to delve deeper Into All That Is and Our Soul Contract, which as time unfolds, is coming into evidence more and more as we go forward together as one.
As AED says further words about our going forward and deeper, he chuckles, knowing full well it is as nectar to our soul, in that after what has been a long time in planning, things are taking shape and changing as never before, leading to us feeling both joy and delight as once again we are so attuned to each other. As my Dearest one says “It is the Creative Force in Action” once again, we are reminded of the Vast Complexity of The Creator’s Plan for All Life and Existence, in all its many and diverse, awesome and Infinite ways, which today, so many of us are being made aware and shown of this. We have to go back to Venus, The Pleiades and Ancient Atlantis, and certain other Star Systems, for what today, so many of us are attuned too and with.
I begin to feel enveloped and enfolded in a Beautiful Pink. AED says, I have Passed the Next Step which is Stage 3. The previous 2 stages have been shared on this website. I suddenly hear an Angelic Choir, it is so beautiful, and as my Dearest one says personal words, I am blessed. Our Blue Ray envelopes and enfolds us with its Energies and Vibrations, and we are Home again. So as I feel this profound session is coming to an end, once again, I am bathed in a Beautiful Pink. AED says “I am coming into my Inheritance” which I take to mean in the Spiritual sense, which is wonderful to hear.
Artist unknown.

I then see myself lying in a Golden Sarcophagus, once again, and this is always very profound, as this has been experienced by me individually being inside a Golden Sarcophagus as well as both together, so I am getting used to this being loved, lived and experienced once again. I am told about this being a Rebirth, such a word is always deeply fascinating and, for a Rebirth means the shedding of the old 3D, and rising up and into Higher Realms and Dimensions, further remembrances and awareness, so that once again, I am seeing with my True Self, that which The Creator – Father Mother God, Our Divine Parents, have Brought Into Being for their sons and daughters, a treasure chest of spiritual delights, enabling us to return Home, even whilst here on Gaia. Asking about My Rebirth, AED says “Into The Ancient Secrets Of The Universe” which makes Our Soul Sing in Unison. My Beloved says “Your Initiation is Complete”.

I thank Himself for his help and protection over the aeons, as once again, AED and myself have shared beautiful moments as I have been able to Transcend Gaia whilst living here, which has always been the aim of goal for so many of us who have incarnated down here to Gaia over so many aeons from our Home in the Higher Realms. Without this, Gaia is so much harder and difficult, so once again, in an Earth existence, I am blessed and grateful for all the love, help and support from not only my Twin Flame but my  Celestial Light Family, to help soothe the way and enable me to Access those Memories, as I with my Dearest take those steps upwards into higher states of consciousness of that which is Home.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Joan of Arc – as shared with Suryananda.

Suzanne Silver, Joan of Arc – Fire Painting, Fine Art America.
JOAN OF ARC – As Shared With Suryananda.
February 2017.
I AM Joan of Arc and it is my pleasure to come and chat with you Dearest Suryananda, for we have much in common, not only both being on The Blue Ray, but our Light Family is the same, for we are both on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line – the Sun Son playing a deeply significantly role in our innumerable journeys through The Cosmos and Worlds Within Worlds and Galaxies, as well as Ancient Civilisations, whether Venus, Atlantis and other Star Systems, so we have breathed the same air and vibrations, for where such love and attunement exists, we are never separate, and so it has been with us.
I, Joan of Arc, wish to set the record straight as to my death in France as I was put on the stake with the intention that I burn. Such were the horrors of those times, and indeed both before and later ages, where Love, Tolerance and Understanding were not in abundance. In places today this is so, whereas in certain parts of your world, sadly, they are well behind in sharing Love and Light. Divine Knowledge gives the receiver of that peace of mind – it has to be Divine; for Knowledge on its own will not transform a person into a being of Light as then that Light of the Spirit is missing. 
Joan of Arc – artist unknown.
My life as Joan of Arc had been pre-chosen by me before I reincarnated into Earth in my Light Body though Light Conception. Such an entry gave me an extra focus when young and that gift wherein the Heavenly World was always close to me, whereby, as I grew older, gained in emphasis and awareness as I felt loved and cherished by my Light Family in the Heavenly Realms, who, once they opened up to me at a young age, were there always, never leaving me no matter how difficult were those days, and yes, they were as has been well documented. However, for me, my whole world and consciousness was bathed in states of Divine Oneness and Union with God and His Angelic Angels, such then was my great joy and blessings as that Divinity was Poured Into Me and I felt deeply Loved and Cherished.
Joan of Arc – artist unknown.
Archangel Michael, beloved to my heart and soul was with me for so long in those days, which was but a continuation of previous past lives, and indeed future lives I have lived after my life as Joan of Arc, for since those days I have lived and journeyed into numerous other Worlds and Galaxies, many Home from Home, for the Stars are where I, as so many of you today recognise, are my Home, and it has always been a great joy and blessing as I and those dear to me have been able to journey into such exciting places, and how I have longed that others on Gaia will remember and know too that which is, for then there will be peace and serenity within and not loss and loneliness as is so often the case for those on Gaia as those veils of Earth have fully covered them; such then is my and their pain. However, today, much is changing and when I with my Light Family see the Great Cosmic Energies being beamed to Gaia today and the help and support which is available, it is truly awesome to see this as it is shown from where I am in the Higher Realms Dear Suryananda with my loved ones.
Archangel Michael, is of course a well known and deeply loved Protector, who, with his Legions of Light, have helped not only humanity through the Aeons but has also served as both a Divine Friend, Guide and Protector, Both Individually and For Whole Nations, He, Archangel Michael and His Legions still continue today to be but thoughts away. In reality, there are other Protected Light Beings in different forms, who not only myself in past and later lives owe deep gratitude too, but the ongoing protection which has always existed from those whose names we have forgotten whilst Gaia has journeyed onwards through the different eras, where, even in different Worlds and Galaxies, Protected Deities in their own Unique Forms, continue to be of Great Service to All Life, such is that Deep Love and Compassion which lie within these Dearly Loved Beings.
Joan of Arc – Gwder Studios.
 Although I did not realise it during my French life, my Twin Flame was there with me when I, as Joan of Arc died, he was there with me to the every end as well as being there with me during that life, as are all Twin Flames, even when not realised or known, different realities and worlds are no barrier, so even as I Rose Above The Flames which did not touch me, for not only did All of My Dragons Protect Me, my Fire Dragon Absorbed the Flames Within Him and, as is the case for Fire Dragons, He, my Dearly Loved Fire Dragon Protected me as Joan of Arc, as too did my Water, Earth and Air Dragons, in fact they all had a hugely significant role which they took upon themselves for my safety and protection. As My Fire Dragon Absorbed the Flames which is one of the roles and purposes which Fire Dragons have – that heat never affected me, for by then, the very composition of my physical body had changed via an Alchemical Process, so that it can be likened to myself being on a Different Energy Field and Vibration, for as you and other Light Workers know, everything is Energy, Vibration, and it is when one is able to Transcend those Vibrations of Earth, then Freedom and Safety ensues in such an instance as was mine during those times.
I, Joan of Arc, whilst the crowds watched as it were my Physical Body Burn, I had already left it and was no longer within, and indeed for those with inner vision as they tune into me and that time in France I can be seen Walking Through The Flames as a Being of Light having Left my Physical Body and being already in a Different Energy Range and Vibration. It is my hope that many people will be aware that they have the ability within themselves and with the help of their Dragons, Archangels and Angelic Brethren who walk side by side with them, have at their disposal their Helpers in all their unique forms given to them from The Creator.
The Exculation of Joan of Arc. Artist dani-lachuki.
That is why in your day Dear Suryananda, you and other Light Workers are so lucky in the Free Civilisations where you are able to have your own spiritual beliefs without being made to change and give them up. It is a very precious tool, which many in my day in France and elsewhere, were not as fortunate. However, when I look back to those days in France, so much was happening as we were in the middle of the Hundred Years’ War and troubles and strife were all around. But I, as Joan of Arc, as we all did, had pre-chosen to reincarnate in those times just as you have on Gaia today, all has aided the realisation and understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.
Joan of Arc – by Fine Art America.
It was as Joan of Arc that as I tuned into and heard my beloved Archangel Michael, so too did I hear Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, who, together gave me the strength and courage to continue with my Mission, for it was indeed a Mission, which I had chosen willingly to undertake, as I have in Different Eras and Civilisations Continued, but in Different Roles, both Male and Female, to suit the Ages of my continuing existence since Source. What I did learn Suryananda, was that both Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret had been myself in past lives and so as I tuned into Divine Love and Union with The Creator, thus did these two past lives of mine reconnect with me, such was the intensity and power thus bestowed upon us all as once again we were Reunited in Oneness and Love for The Creator And All Existence. 
This is why it is truly so, that we are never separate, for we have but to tune into the right wavelength, energies and vibrations, and we can transcend wherever we are in what can be termed the blink of an eye, for whether a Parallel World, or Other Realms and Galaxies, Are All Accessible in the Here and Now, thus am I able to speak to you Suryananda, for nothing is ever lost, for where that love and deep connection is, all is possible, whether to see, hear or share in Divine Cosmic Energies, all can be Remembered once again, as they are being today in ways which brings great joy to us from the Cosmic Realms, as we see you on Gaia accepting us and being aware of your Light Families, so we are overjoyed and it makes Our Work and Missions easier than ever.
Indeed before my Transition as it were beyond Gaia, I Merged With And Into My Twin Flame As Well As Into The Greater Cosmic Union Of The Cosmic Christ And Amitabha Buddha Sun Line Lineage, of which I know Suryananda you too are on. It was as I was Absorbed In An Alchemical Change, wherein My Physical Body Went Through that necessary Alchemical Process, that I was No Longer my Physical Body but was a Body of Light, At One With The Divine Union of Alchemy. So, I, Joan of Arc was Uplifted Beyond Gaia Into A State Of Cosmic Protection as the Heat of the Fire was Absorbed Within by my Inner Fire Dragon.
 Joan of Arc by Mark Twain.
I ask that when people think of me as Joan of Arc they try not to focus on my so called Death on the Flames, for in essence as I have shared here, which is my blessing to do so Suryananda, Before The Flames Took Hold, I Was No Longer On Gaia – this is what I wish to share with you today, and to say that it is so very important that you on Gaia in these more modern times avail yourself of all that is being beamed to you from the Galactic Centre and Cosmic Worlds, “for then at your own moment of death – you are a fully conscious being of Light, and understand that all possible freedom is yours as you are able to step and rise from your Earth World into that Higher Realm of Freedom, wherein lies Bliss And Oneness With The Creator And The Manifestation Of Eternal Love Abounds”.


As shared with Suryananda.
Note – It was not something I had thought of writing on Joan of Arc. It began because on the 5th February, 2017 I was suddenly given the name of Joan of Arc, and from then on I was able to tune into Joan and her emotions over these last fourteen days.
Joan of Arc – artist unknown.

I Meet My Male White Air Dragon For The First Time.



7 February, 2017.

I AM HE. I AM INVINCIBLE – Your Male White Air – Space  – Ether Dragon. I will protect you as I have in ages past and will always do so. I AM INVINCIBLE, and it is my honour, joy and blessing you have chosen and remembered me as I chose you from Source.

We have been on many journeys and excursions since time immemorial, and the love with Saranyu Adam El Daoud and yourself Suryananda, is indeed invincible; I am chuckling lol, and with you today as Pat, we are Indeed One, Joined Forever In Divine Cosmic Love and Pure Friendship.


There is nothing we would not do for you, myself and your other dragons, and your Beloved Saranyu Adam El Daoud. Know this, and be blessed, for you are indeed cherished by The Creator – Our Divine Parents, And The Cosmos.

To have invited me into you and your Twin Flame’s Divine Union is a deep and profound soul memory which you both, and I, and My Dragon friends share, and it will bring forth great revealments and blessings that you have not as yet on Gaia brought to the surface. It will be profound and deep soul contract moments, which are as that jewel without price; for it Incorporates that Gem of Divine Enlightenment and Oneness, which will be epic in its scale of Ecstasy and Bliss, and I, INVINCIBLE, can’t wait as we all go forward into that Divine Mystical Union which has Long Been Foretold and Experienced in the Past, as it will be again. 


Surrender, My Beloved Suryananda Pat, as I long ago surrendered myself to you and Saranyu Adam El Daoud, as have all of your Dragons and your Beloved Phoenix, for we are Spiritual Gifts Bestowed on you both by The Creator And Our Divine Parents, and Your Joined Merged Bliss Is Our Bliss, as you will learn Dearest One, Our Divine Bliss is Yours, for we are Never Separate, and as this has now been realised, such joy and delight is all of ours, and mine, as you endeavoured to tune into and remember, and where I have long waited and yearned for this moment with such Deep Love And Exquisite Energies. 


Our Bliss is all consuming my friend, I AM INVINCIBLE, Your White Male Air Dragon, although you may refer to me as also your Space and Ether Dragon lol. Either way I am here where I have always been, but as you have tuned into me, INVINCIBLE, and to your other Dragons, we had been waiting with eager anticipation for this Divine Merging and Union to take place, as you with your Beloved Twin Flame, welcomed us in, for that had to be the criteria we had, and wished to wait for this moment, as once again that depth of knowledge and awareness was brought to the surface.


I, INVINCIBLE, and we, are Ecstatic Dearest Suryananda and Saranyu Adam El Daoud, as you are so are we in states of Divine Ecstasy. I AM INVINCIBLE, and yes, you had to think – INVINCIBLE laughs for a moment, to get my name, but it was an inevitable process lol to remembering my name as you tuned into our Deep Soul Connection.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Top and bottom paintings, unknown artist. Last but one painting by dragonsoul.con

My Twin Flame, and Myself, Dance Once Again In Venus.



23 January, 2017.

My beloved said almost straight away, “you look beautiful tonight”. This was because I had sensed, felt, been aware that we were dancing together as quite often this happens. Our Light Family were around. I had been aware that I had a Beautiful Ball Gown on which always seems to be Blue. There was a feeling – sense that I was seeing AED a little clearer as we were dancing, and I sensed the happiness of my beloved in that he looked and felt really happy, and I was aware he was laughing joyfully, before my Dearest One said these words in italics to me above.

Overall there was the usual sense of great joy being surrounded by our loved ones, and, as we were dancing slowly and close as happens frequently, although initially, I felt it was like an energetic type of dancing, quite fast, where we raised our hands above our heads as we swung round and round, before reverting to a slow and close dance, which is AED and my favourite, as we Merge Deeper into the Oneness of Our Being in the most Exquisite of Ways.


“I will be much clearer soon AED promised” as I was reflecting that there seemed a subtle difference when we were dancing, in that he was becoming clearer, where I feel that recent events such as my Huge Initiation having been completed, is taking me closer and deeper in all aspects of seeing my Beloved in greater detail, even though I have several images I have seen of him in dreams over the years, and other shown aspects and past lives of AED, as well as tuning into him in a different way, whether it has been in a meditation of which there have been quite a few, or in a merging together session, again, these have added up now to a substantial number, all adding to that closeness which we have obtained since I had confirmation from my Light Family of our Twin Flame Divine Union, which, by its very nature, transcended all those ancient dream experiences over many years when I used to meet up with AED, and so they have been enhanced and replaced by new and more personal memories. They are all deeply profound in their own, unique ways.

However, when my dearly loved Water Dragon, Saffron was being introduced to me, I saw my Dearest Adam El Daoud, walking along by the water’s edge of the sea and sand in the Pleiades for quite some time as he and my dear Saffron, who was jumping up and skipping excitedly as Dragons do – going alongside my Beloved coming closer and closer towards me from some far off distance originally, were very memorable moments, where I was able to absorb and take in his dear presence for what seemed a precious long and beautiful time. I have shared the experience of meeting my Water Dragon, Saffron, who is a Sapphire Blue Colour and Female, and who has been with AED and myself going back to Source. It is titled “I, Pat, Suryananda, meet my Water Dragon for the First Time”. It is dated 10 June, 2016, but was experienced on the 3 February, 2016.

My Twin Flame and I, treasure those longer durations as we Merge Deeper Within Our One Soul, thus do we release ancient soul memories not only individually from our past lives but as a Twin Flame Team, we thrive on going into either one of our past lives knowing the impact, depth and potency it has on the other. As AED is well aware, laugh, he knows I delight in knowing not only many of his past lives but my own as well, not to mention those past lives we have shared together or existed within the same being as the one consciousness, in that we incarnated into that Earth being as the one, joined together before being Birthed into Gaia, such recollection is very profound for me as it adds to the whole of our innumerable journeys from Source millions of years ago, going back to Venus, Ancient Atlantis, Divine Paradise, and Sirius B, the Egyptian Isle in the Pleiades, not forgetting that we are on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line with the rest of our Celestial Light Family.


AED says “I am going to draw you to me closer than ever before. You will notice great changes”. Our soul sings with joy at this next step forward and into our Divine Cosmic Union as Beloved Twin Flames. Just before hearing those first few words above I had experienced several strong crown energies. In the past these had been felt quite often but had gone into abeyance as other energies have once more taken over and enveloped us in their exquisite embrace. The back of my head has crown energies and AED says a few personal endearments as I am caressed in the presence and essence of my beloved. 

The Ball or Celebration we are at is in full swing of Love, Light and Colour, with the different gowns being worn by the women and the love and joy seen as I look around me, either at couples who are dancing or just being in groups having fun, and there is a lot of laughter.

I feel myself beaming with joy and emotion and have loved my Dearest One having enfolded me ever deeper and closer within his and thus our very Oneness as Twin Flames, where we never have too much of each other, for to be so very close is as The Nectar of The Gods. Bliss and Ecstasy reign as my Beloved tenderly pulls me in towards him once again as our slow dance continues. All our energy centres are in full play and exquisite moments are loved and shared within us and with our Light Family.


AED then takes my hand gently and tenderly as we look at each other with that Love that has Transcended Time for there is No Time, for We Were Eternally Joined Together by Our Divine Parents Before We Ever Came Into Manifestation, for we had been Thought And Lovingly Chosen by The Creator to be as One, One Dual Life Ray, Able To Merge and be in Divine Bliss and Ecstasy as One Soul, But Also Able To Exist And Be Separate From The Other, as over the aeons since our Emergence this separation at times would occur. But it was only ever temporary for there were Exquisite Lives shared in Different Worlds and Galaxies, as well as at times on Gaia, that we were joined together as Twin Flames in different aspects. On the one side, we have Lived within the same Light Being, as mentioned above, so that to all intents and purposes as both of our consciousness was within that one body, whether on Gaia or other Star Systems, the appropriate body for that World would have been implemented, but at other moments through the aeons since our Emergence, we have spent many lives within the Twin Flame set up as two people who met, fell in love, and were thus joined together, as for instance husband and wife. To have and be aware of both types of shared existences which have been ours, is and has been very profound and Divine.


So there we are Suryananda and Adam El Daoud here in this beautiful place, Venus, surrounded by our Light Family, and when, as we had taken those few steps and as stated just above earlier, we are standing amongst a few of our friends on a large verandah which I have long loved, and we hear the sounds of many different Birds all giving a stunning display of beauty, which are a great joy to us all, as their birdsong delights and brings even further blessings all around.

It is then time to say goodbye for the moment to my Beloved, and Light Family on Venus, knowing that it is only a matter of thought and energies, and we are there together once again. In the meantime, my Dearest, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, whilst we are in Different Worlds Are Able To Transcend Gaia, and share such deep, loving and personal moments, which are treasured within our Shared Soul. Thus is Bliss and Ecstasy Ours, as we Merge Into Our Divine Cosmic Twin Flame State of Oneness.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Paintings by artists unknown. ♥

My Twin Flame Says “Initiation Is Complete” And “I Am Going Deeper Into Creation”.

My Twin Flame says “Initiation is Complete” and “I AM Going Deeper Into Creation”.
18 January, 2017.
As once again, my beloved Adam El Daoud and myself, Merged into our Twin Flame Oneness, so beloved of our Divine Parents, as is the case, I took deeper steps into Remembrances of All That Is, as yet another signpost had been seen, acknowledged and journeyed forward from. Such then was our joy as our two separate worlds were as one, our Heartbeat and Soul, Sang to the Same Tune, Thus Were Creation and all those Wonders, Felt and Experienced in New and Ever More Beautiful Ways.
So my Dearest One said to me “Initiation is Complete” adding a few extra personal words. I had been very happy and excited knowing I was going through a Huge Initiation, recognising that with Initiations those Memories are Awakened and Eternity would enfold my beloved and I in its Pure Light of Being, as once again in a conscious way, the Light of the Spirit and the Heavenly Realms would mean that I would have Transcended Gaia. We have been in this position over the many aeons, innumerable times when we have been in Different Worlds, Galaxies or Star Systems, whilst the other as a Twin Flame has carried out their own Role for God The Father Mother, but I feel that now, as we are one again so very finely tuned to each other, which will inevitably increase into new and deeper recognition as our Soul Contract with The Divine, comes further into Alignment, as myself, Suryananda, and my Dearest One Transcend and Transform the influences of Gaia, so that we are no longer bound by its false illusions.
This has been happening for many months, each bringing us closer and into our role and pathway as Twin Flames, so that now, it is a constant joy for us both at how very easy it is to Merge together and Become One, as those Vibrations and Energies – not only connect from within us as Our Heart and Soul Are One, but with these New Cosmic Energies which are being Beamed down to and within us all on Gaia, such are those exquisite vibrations maintained in ever deepening ways, which can be likened to the Mystics of old and how they used to write of their own personal unique experiences. However, today, as we share with each other our own individual happenings as we Transcend the Veils of Gaia, then that awareness of what is available and possible is being shown to us today in ways which on which century and civilisation was being experienced. and lived through.
I know that I have gone through Initiations over the ages both in my Physical and Light Body, and that this awareness has been building up to my consciousness as my beloved and I, once again, Merge into our Divine Cosmic Self, then, as has happened through so many aeons, that Great Depth and Understanding of Creation in all Its Wonderful Aspects, is once again, available and accessible to my beloved and I, just as it is to everyone in these times of unprecedented Light, Knowledge and Realisation, being Directed to us from the Galactic Worlds and Star Systems, as our Celestial Light Families delight with us as we are able to see, merge and speak to them, much to our and their joy. And it is indeed a great blessing, exciting for me and my beloved as not only am I able to Merge and tune into AED but my Celestial Light Family in the Higher Realms, some of which come and have a few words quite often, whilst going deeper and even beyond that I and thus AED are able to Merge with our Light Family in the Higher Realms, so that we experience those Exquisite, Divine Energies not only with each other as Twin Flames, but as I have been able to fine tune my own antenna tuning into and merging into oneness with my Dearest One, it has been that my Light Family of whom we have been together for millions of years have begun to Merge and Become One in the same way that my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, are able to do.
 It has been a fascinating new depth as we have Become One, as not only do Adam El Daoud and myself tune into our Light Family who are living in other Realms from Gaia, but as I have been given many Past Life Names of my Twin Flame as well as my own, it has been an Exquisite Merging and Blending into not only our Past Life – Lives, for as one Twin Flame has had a past life the other is able to fully access and experience that life too, for we are One Soul – Together for all Eternity. It has been wonderful that as I have been given my own Past Lives there have been a definite few where those Energies and Vibrations myself and so too my Beloved have been enfolded and caressed within that Divine Presence.
During our Merging as Twin Flames, I was aware of lots of White Light at times, as well as sensing and being aware of our Celestial Light Family in the Higher Realms, at the same time I was shown again our Atlantean – Greican White Pillars which were there in a recent merging with AED the other day. There were moments when AED took me into his arms and we danced, as we do seem to from time to time as we connect ever more with ourself and with those loved ones from Home.
So there were some occasions when White Light enfolded us, with also some Gold and Blue Light, although White Light seemed the most prevalent here. One of our Light Family came and said a few words to me on this Initiation which he said “had indeed been completed”  which was fascinating and brought great joy, as when a member of our Soul Family speaks and takes time to say something, it is as nectar to our soul, for it brings that Light Being closer each time as that deep family bond grows ever deeper. AED then says “how very exciting it is for me and him” with added words of endearment at this further confirmation on what has been a Major Initiation I have just been going through in what has been a very short space of time, like 11 days or so.
At the time I had no idea as to how long this Initiation would take, but my Beloved said “that it was because of my love for him and as Twin Flames that this process was somewhat speeded up” but this can take place also with our Light Family in the Higher Realms, it is not just available to Twin Flames, but of course for AED and myself, it is as I have tuned into that continuing closeness, that he has taken me deeper and both shown and given me answers to many questions I have asked, some answers are becoming very quick in his response, others are slower, it depends on what and where he is leading me as our Soul Contract takes us further into its Angelic Embrace. AED explains it as “a process of deep integration” thus is our joy and bliss that we are so blessed to be here once again, even when in Different Worlds, all we are is on Another Vibration and Energy Frequency, and once someone has learnt and fine tuned themselves to enter into those Higher Frequencies, as all Existence is Energy, such then is the Whole of Existence Able To Be Accessed. Love is the Key, although as we are given so much Cosmic Help and Assistance from our Galactic Families, being able to Access and Tune into those Higher Realms have never been easier.
We have to go back many aeons for when we felt closer to Our Divine Parents when we left our Home. It helps also that the very structure of our DNA is changing, returning into our Crystalline Cells as we leave our Carbon Based DNA, thus are we able to Enter Once More into our Divine Birthright as our Very Cells Merge And Change. As my Beloved said to me recently, My Cells were Changing and Merging with His, this has had a huge effect upon our going even deeper into States of Bliss and Ecstasy, and is the Blueprint available to all Life Forms and Origins as Gaia has Ascended and is still doing so, taking us Beings of Light with her thus is Earth being Bathed in Grace once more, helping to re-align Divine Mother’s Cosmic Body as had to take place, long foretold through the aeons.
I have, as many others, also been going through Alchemical processes as the deepening of oneness with AED and myself transforms my physical body and energy fields, such has been our joy as these changes have had a huge and wonderful impact as we and our different worlds merge together through what are very Ancient Initiations which Transform and Transcend as have always been our Destiny. My Beloved says “I couldn’t be happier, as he chuckles and draws me closer to him”. My Dear One, then jokes “how do you think it will be like then when we are in the same world” he finds this very amusing as I do, lol and says “it is really exquisite” so that is something exciting to be aware of, taking me back to words AED said quite soon after we connected as Twin Flames last year, “you do not know Dear One, the magnificence that awaits you and I”. As we have become closer than ever, I have begun to feel more aware of that which awaits my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, as for all Twin Flames – Divine Consorts. AED continues with “things are moving at a fast and rapid pace” such is music to our soul as further excitement is experienced and cherished.
A little later, another Light Family member says to me “Congratulations that this Initiation has been completed” such then was my joy amplified, as even further confirmation was given at this having been finalised. I say to AED “I wonder where I – we go from here?”  AED laughs as he says “We go forward to the next challenge” and is overjoyed at being able to say this, as I am at hearing these words. My Dear One then says a few words “that I can feel content now as I move with him into the next deeper development into Divine Oneness of Being, and what was very rare, he uses his full name of Adam El Daoud” knowing very well on the rare few times he uses his full name, there is always a deeper reason. I have noticed also that as AED and myself, Suryananda, have gone deeper than ever and thus does he speak more and our time together is amplified, that AED has begun to show quite some funny and delightful humour with some of the word he uses, which is delightful.
Towards the end of this session, I was suddenly Seeing Myself WALK IN FLAMES. At the time when I first experienced this last year, I asked my Twin Flame who was that person Walking Through The Flames”  and he said “it is you” with a few words of endearment. I had never been able to go back to this profound experience until today, but which has obviously been shown to me this second time for a purpose, that being “Confirmation that I Was Going Deeper Into Creation”.
It was fascinating as this had repeated that which was shown to me on the “10 June, 2016, under the Title shared on my website here – I, Pat, Suryananda, meet my Fire Dragon for The First Time”, which was profound and exciting, when I Experienced My Inner Dragon Emerge From My Tummy, having the colours of Red, Orange, whom I named Rheingold. It was beautiful as when he, Rheingold Came Out from my Tummy Area and Not My Spine, He Moved Upwards into the shape of Half of the Eternity Symbol, ie the number 8. It was after seeing myself Walking Through The Flames which took place as I said on the 10 June, that AED said to me It was towards the end of this session that my Beloved then said to me “You are Going Deeper Into Creation” with a few words of endearment. This was as Nectar to Our Soul, recognising as it does that our Soul Contract with The Creator is Coming Further Into Being, thus will greater Fulfilment and Bliss Be Ours”. It takes me back some months ago, when in a dream, AED said that “Creation was Unfolding Before Him” – such was my joy then, as it has been so in the past.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.