I AM Surya, Priestess Of The Temple Of The Blue Flame, Medina, In The Pleiades. From the Akashic Records.

Temple of the Gods by Deviant Art.
I AM Surya, Priestess of The Temple of The Blue Flame, Medina in The Pleiades.
From the Akashic Records from Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
7 June, 2017.
It feels an exciting time
“Oh it is – was dear one AED says”
Could be like the time of ancient Atlantis?
Millions of years ago on Medina
I was a Priestess comes
That is new
“AED was he the High Priest?”
“AED says you know I was”
So we were the High Priest and Priestess on Medina
That is intriguing
Yes we had children, Light Conception Children
We undertook initiatory experiences in – within our Blue Ray
Within was very profound and deep
The memories will return as to those initiations we took with others
We lived separate but part of the community
Melchisadek was there
He had a very important role and place in our hearts as always
Melchisadek was the Overseer?
He directed us into the various planets and planes of being
Which we left from Medina to go into other dimensions under our Blue Ray
He was my Father, Melchisadek there on the Isle of Medina
As he has been so often
The Father of my – our Soul
I adore him
What kind of initiations did we undertake?
The safety of the planet
And our people
Against Star Wars
We learnt to be invincible
We used the Rays as Weapons of Light against the darkness
“I said to AED is that right?” “AED said you know it is”
We were a Master Race
Known as Rainbow Warriors
But for us we were under and within the First Ray, Our Blue Ray
The Will of The Father
And His Creative Principle
Creation in all its forms was ours
We learnt the Secrets of Matter
Eternal Life and the Immortality of our Souls
It was a special Gift bestowed upon us in Medina for what was to come
Could be seen coming
Our dragons and unicorns were assigned to help and assist us
They took on that role with us and many sacrifices were made out of love
What does that mean?
“Who won on Medina?”
AED looked very sad
I sensed in his eyes great sadness
So the Isle of Medina left many dead at the hands of the invaders or intruders
It was a time of great sadness and took a long time to recover
It has recovered now
The Beings of Light won but it was at a great cost
The ones who died reincarnated
So they were not lost
But their life in Medina ended
Medina used to be called at one time The Vale of Tears
After the Star Wars
Now it is full of love and light
“Blossoming AED says”
With vibrancy and passion, laughter and joy
End from the Akashic Records.
I decided to share this particular past life of mine with Adam El Daoud, as I feel certain I will return with further detailed information soon.
abstract.desktop.nexus.com under blue temple
Painting by abstract.desktop.nexus.com
Artist unknown.
I AM Surya, Priestess of The Temple of The Blue Flame, Medina in The Pleiades.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with the background which led to me typing on Surya.
7 June, 2017.
As I tuned into the Akashic Records once again with my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, carrying on from a few hours before, which is shared above here, it was given as a Gift this life, where I was once again, able to see, feel and sense, such a deeply profound and meaningful time, when, with AED, who was a High Priest on Medina, we looked back into those times, which as always, through so many ages, is very Present, for together we lived, loved and breathed in the One-ness of The Creator of all life. Thus it was both awesome, beautiful, whilst being very sad for what took place so many millions of years ago, when AED and myself, Surya, as with so many others, lived and shared countless memories of Love and Divinity on Medina.
I had intended these two sessions to be separate, as there were just a few hours between them. However as I aimed to show how tuning into and reading the Akashic Records on my past life as Surya, Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina came to be tuned into and shared, I have added here that session of the conversations with AED and myself.
The background leading up to my past life as Surya, Priestess, serving The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina, began as AED and my Water Dragon, Saffron were there in front of me, together, side by side as they so often are and share with me, that deep and Eternal closeness which is theirs as it is for myself, Suryananda, with Saffron, who is my main Dragon going back to Source and whose colour is a Sapphire Blue.
So looking at AED and Saffron, I could see waves, blue waves as the sea, rising upwards quite high as waves do. Within the waves were the colours of white and cream as well as darker blue, all incorporated with these medium bright blue waves. These waves were very clear as even now, quite a few hours later.
Artist unknown.
I sensed I was on an Island. My thoughts went to where am I? “Am I in the Pleiades I asked AED?” “AED said yes”. This is fascinating. The Pleiades are where AED and myself, Suryananda, met when he was walking along with Saffron, skipping and jumping by his side, which was my first sighting of Saffron.
Medina comes to me. I know Medina is deeply connected to AED and myself, for a little over a year ago, I was shown AED and myself, sharing beautiful moments on the Isle of Medina, which, as is the case, when we tune into the Akasha, is still very vivid all these months later. I have also felt a deep soul recognition from the first time I became aware of Medina in the Pleiades a couple of years ago, but not knowing anything about Medina as such, just that AED and myself deeply connect to Medina as do so many of our Light Family.
“As I found myself wondering as I asked why AED and myself were on Medina? and not Venus, where we so often visit together as we have our home there”. “AED says Healing dear one”. “Healing of the land from centuries ago”.
I close my eyes, as I have been typing our chat as usual, so that clarity remains and words heard are not general. I sense a small dog, AED and children, two or three. “I say to AED, are they our children on the Isle of Medina?” “You know they are, AED laughs delightedly”. It is a very happy sight as I look upon our children and small dog.
“I say to AED, I don’t understand why we are here to heal the land?” “Is the land to be healed Medina?”  “But Medina is in the Pleiades, so surely does not need healing?”
AED seems serious for a moment, and I see deep compassion in his eyes. It is a different sensing. It feels that there is something I am not aware of from my present awareness whilst here on Gaia. I recognise that Medina is very hot and gets storms from space at times, which have been somewhat harsh as those storms move in upon Medina during different cycles.
I leave that for now and close my eyes once again. “AED says one of our children is named Jeremiah.” Jeremiah also takes me back 18 months when, reflecting spiritually on a particular project Jeremiah had come into my thoughts. It was really lovely as afterwards Jeremiah came and thanked me for thinking of him, which I thought was really beautiful, and I treasured those moments. AED now laughs as we go back into recent revelations which he has shared with me over these last few weeks, and I feel that love and continuity of our past, present and future, all within the Now moment. Although the name Susan has come to me, AED says Susan is not our daughter, so that is intriguing.
Sanat Kumara. Artist unknown.
“Sanat Kumara comes into AED and my attunement and says ‘hello Pat’ which is always so lovely when he comes and says hello”. With Sanat Kumara saying hello, this takes me once more to Saraswati, and I see Saraswati smile. I wonder where AED and myself, Suryananda are regarding our Venture into the Yoga Method of Saraswati? “AED now says it is very close” which is fascinating as my left toes begin to itch. “Saraswati says, I have got news for you”. This is unusual, and now my left cheek has a sensation as well. I rub the top of my left cheek.
AED now holds out his hand towards me. This takes me to our Atlantean Water Meditation which was AED’s Gift, where during that profound Atlantean Meditation, shared here on my website on the 10 November, 2016 when I once again saw AED hold out his hand for me to take. AED and myself share beautiful moments as twin flames do as we say a few words whilst remaining attuned to the process of these present moving and profound happenings.
“As AED sweeps my hair off of my face and says he is just in front of me” it is as can be expected very profound, for we are in different worlds, but able to connect ever more deeply in Divine Cosmic ways, as I have learnt with joy to raise my energies and vibrations to match and merge with his, thus we are one heart and soul again as we have always been since Source.
“AED has never said those words I am just in front of you before, but our tuning in had begun when, sitting in my armchair and focusing, I was aware immediately of a large swathe of Periwinkle Blue just in front of me, and had sensed immediately AED was here”. I then was shown swathes of pink peach and white flowers, row after row in equal measure, which was beautiful to see. My right eye begins to itch and the top of my left forehead, and my right cheek, AED is amused.
“AED says it is time to move forward through the centuries”. This is fascinating. My first thoughts were of Ancient Egypt but I feel AED is meaning today, us, in our present times. I am reminded of The Heart of the One Chakra, and as I look at my notes a little earlier “AED had said the words – Unity of the One Chakra was all I needed”.
“As I reflect upon what I have typed, AED says – The Initiatory Process is very Advanced”. These words are nectar to my and thus our soul. I find myself beaming with joy. I am reminded of a deeply profound life as a Tibetan monk in the 13th Century, when from a dream AED had said I was fully Enlightened, as once again, we had shared Higher Teachings from those times as now, today, as I am going down those well versed, known and loved, Tibetan Practices towards Enlightenment to Liberation and Freedom.
As crown energies come once again, I sense an army. It is a Spiritual Army of Warriors of the Light. Earlier I had sensed a battle but had dismissed it. But with this being shown to me again, I am reminded and given that it is a spiritual army, eradicating the darkness of aeons on Gaia, enabling Gaia to further Ascend and Illumine the Planet for future generations.
“AED now says I am Taking you Home, as he laughs”. “I say, where is Home?” “AED says deep within me”. That sounds perfect to me, to us. “I say to AED, what about our children from Medina, will we go back to them?” “AED says perhaps”.
As I then close my eyes for a moment, I have a brief glimpse of the colours Green and Yellow, before they vanish. I would say an Emerald Green or a Bright Green like a Weeping Willow Tree, not a dark green.
“AED now says The Akasha is coming ever deeper within” as we reflect over these last few weeks of fascinating revelations he has shared with me about his and my past lives. “AED says you will be amazed”. I know I am thrilled and amazed already, as once again, AED and myself, Suryananda, illumine and inspire one another as Divinity comes ever closer as we merge together as one.
As I tune into deeper with my beloved, AED, after beautiful and exquisite energies, I was suddenly aware of this Beautiful Blue Flame as we merged into our Divine Cosmic Oneness as Twin Flames. This Blue Flame was quite high and felt Divine, Exquisite.
“As AED confirmed to me that myself, Suryananda, was being Born Anew, as I, along with so many others are awakening, thus further revelations and sharings will continue, which is as always, exciting and wonderful to hear.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
Note As A Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame, I have had it confirmed that my name here was – is Surya. Surya is also the name by which I am known as a fully Enlightened Female Blue Buddha. So it is fascinating to now be aware that for this past life as a Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina, and also as a Female Blue Buddha, I am known as Surya. Normally, I do not share my past lives but this past life was and is very relevant, as I feel I will be adding further details from the Akashic Records soon.

I Hear “I AM Without Form”. My Twin Flame And Myself Take Further Initiations Inside A Golden Sarcophagus On Venus.


Artist unknown. Under Creation Etheric.

I Hear “I AM Without Form”. My Twin Flame And Myself Take Further Initiations Inside A Golden Sarcophagus On Venus.

8 May, 2017.

As I sat to tune into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, “I heard immediately I AM WITHOUT FORM Dear one”. Earlier, I have been thinking of The Beginning, in ever more frequency since hearing The Cosmic Egg two days ago. So, as I was reflecting on this just now, I closed my eyes for a second as I thought of AED, and the above words came – I AM WITHOUT FORM Dear one”.  For a second, I thought Who was saying these words, but recognise they are Both Source, and Adam El Daoud. There was a difference in the vibration and energy, almost serious, and significantly slower. Even days later, it was and still feels deeply profound and moving, and I have been experiencing a deeper shift within me all week.

“The Two Little Princesses are coming Daddy comes to me a little later”. Here, I am drawn to the two Royal Princesses with their Royal Blue Cloaks or Longer Dresses on, sensed in my Meditation back in May 2015 with Source. A white butterfly now flies by, initially for a second or two, it seemed to be a Monarch butterfly, but very soon it remains as a beautiful white butterfly. (I feel getting a Monarch butterfly, just reiterates my thoughts twice now on these two young Princesses, that who I have felt they are, is correct in that they are of the Royal line).

“AED says how much closer we are becoming all the time, which is as nectar to our soul”. “I say, I love that”. “I surrender”. “I surrendered long ago, millions of years ago, and before I even came into existence”. As I reflect on these last few words, it feels awesome, profound and wonderful.

egyptian under sacophagus use 10 May

I now see a Golden Sarcophagus. “I feel we are to lie in this – I say to AED”. “AED says words that he is here”. “I then say to AED what is going to happen now we are inside this Golden Sarcophagus?”  I sense our Light Family, but I am drawn and get the name and feeling of Osiris. “You know that’s true, AED smiles and looks lovingly at me” “as I say, so we are in this Golden Sarcophagus so we are able to merge deeper?” “The Rites of the Seal I get (David)?” “But there is also The Great Seal and The Seal of Solomon?”. My breathing changes as I go deeper.

“I say – think – how big is our Sarcophagus?” It feels very large like when we did a Venture Into The Yoga Method recently with Saraswati, when we went into this Golden Sarcophagus and suddenly emerged into this huge room where our Light Family were. This feels like that, in that within this Golden Sarcophagus we will be able to walk around standing tall, ie not enclosed tightly within.

It is an Initiation Chamber but also a Marital Suite. For as we remain within this for the duration of however long it takes, we will have gone well into the process of merging deeper.

“As AED said the other day – we are going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body”. This feels this is coming deeper into effect and recognition with the remembrances of many states of Bliss and Ecstasy enfolded within this. It is a Blessing given to us as a Gift for use as we continue deeper into our Soul Contract.

egyptian under sarcophagus woman

“That is the perfect answer, with personal words, AED says” as I reflect about what will take place inside this Golden Sarcophagus”. “AED says what do you wish?” “And I say, I choose what AED chooses”. I sense and see many beautiful Lotus blossoms. They are there as a kind of substance but not essential.

I sense Light Family members here. I feel I have a white gown of – for purification. AED is also clothed in white. We look as if we have got married, lol.

“I say to AED is Osiris going to Initiate at this Ceremony?” “As I am reminded in the ones with Saraswati, Sanat Kumara has always Officiated?”

“AED says personal words which we both find rather amusing and delightful”. “AED then says take my hand, and I do as a huge surge of energy goes right through us from our feet to our crowns”. It is not that I feel this, but this appears to be so from a feeling of awareness I have.

Celestial Music is being played and I am drawn to Ava Maria. I sense AED is holding my hand very tight and firm which feels perfect as I rest within the embrace of My Beloved once again.

“Initiation Chamber in Venus AED says” “as I say are we in the Great Pyramid or the Initiation Chamber at Venus, so he has confirmed Venus”.


Cosmic Master Osiris by Glenn Lewis.

“Osiris begins to incant words he has used to and for us and many others through the ages as this deeper Merging Process is Activated”. “Osiris says a few personal words from his perceptive as my Father”. “Daughter of mine he says once again as my – Our Soul remembers these words – All your past experiences, initiations, past and individual lives in Egypt are Being Merged into the One”. “The Sands of Time will and are once more breathed upon you my beloveds”.

“The countdown is well underway”. “Osiris laughs gently” and I sense AED and myself, Suryananda, feel a change in belief system, in that we recognise significant and deep profound experiences are being lived, loved and cherished, whilst a Portion or Aspect of us is Once Again Renewed, as we lie side by side, holding hands within our Golden Sarcophagus”.

I feel I am getting tired and it seems the right time to take a break, as later, I will go back into this Golden Sarcophagus, and in general as well, as I absorb the changes that have taken place. “Ava Maria is back being played again, as My Beloved whispers in my ear and draws me gently and lovingly within him”.


Egyptian God Ra.

“So I say goodbye to everyone, as I move from my armchair as the call of day to day activities beckon”. “As I continue with my words of goodbye, I saw words to AED and he smiles and laughs with love and tenderness until we continue on from here in an ongoing format which our heart and soul knows well”. “I say that was wonderful to AED”. “Will you help me to remember and go deeper?” “AED says you know I will, with added personal words”. (I always note the exchanges of chat between AED, myself and our Light Family as they take place, so these words are not just a guess but what reflect what actually took place. I just leave out certain personal words).

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Osiris.


Painting by Freydoon Rassouli.

My Twin Flame And Myself Go Deeper Into The Coat Of Skin Body.

Artist unknown. Under Etheric.
My Twin Flame And Myself Go Deeper Into The Coat Of Skin Body.
4 May, 2017.
Yesterday, my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud said to me “We are going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body”. “You will love this”. The Coat of Skin Body has been in my thoughts recently, and AED was laughing with delight, knowing full well the Magnificence of The Coat of Skin Body, which can be accessed by everyone. It is here as a Golden Chalice, ready whenever the Sons and Daughters of The Creator, Remember and Access this Precious Gift. 
Wearing our Coat of Skin Bodies in ancient days, we were unaffected by atmospheric changes and did not need dwellings made by hands, for the Aura of Light Radiating From The Divine Body Through The Coat Of Skin, was a Protection against the Elements. We wore The Coat of Skin Body for many an age, and to us who have memories, it was a Treasured Light Filled Body, enabling us to Transcend As We Moved Into The Cosmos, wherever we were guided to go.
In Ancient Times, The Divine Men of Earth walked Upon Gaia, having within and upon them The Coat of Skin Body. As Ancient Atlanteans and the Older Races long before pre-recorded history, to us, We Lived, Breathed and Loved Our Coat of Skin Bodies, for when being enveloped and enfolded within them, such was our Great Joy and Blessings, for we were Immortals, and known as such in the Different Worlds and Galaxies, all Beloved of The Creator.
As aeons came into being, those of us who had been used to wearing The Coat of Skin Bodies took on a more dense and physical body to suit Gaia in later aeons. For many of us, we never really recovered, such was our sense of loss as we let go of Our Coat of Skin Bodies.
Artist unknown. Under Etheric, Moving The Soul.
However, such a Coat Of Skin Body is here, available, to be worn again, even when on Gaia and even more so as we attune ourselves to the Higher Realms, as once more Our Coat of Skin Body remains as a Treasured Gift Given to us by The Creator, Our Father Mother God, to help the Sons and Daughters to Ascend and Remember, that which is a necessary part of our Birthright.
So when a few hours ago, “My Beloved said that we were going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body and that I would love this” this was indeed nectar of the most golden to us, as I recognised that once again, AED and myself, Suryananda, would be able to Transcend Earth and the lower planes of physicality and Regain Our Coat Of Skin Birthright.
For many an Age did the Divine Men of Earth wear The Coat of Skin Body, thus enabling them to have that significant greater Help and Support from The Creator, for when worn, We Lived and Breathed Within The Very Heartbeat of Our Divine Parents. Loss set in when the time came to let go of wearing The Coat of Skin Body, as Aeons of time passed, and Gaia came further into Being. Far removed from us In Divine Paradise and The Higher Realms And Galaxies.
So, earlier today, as I tuned into and with My Beloved, AED, what began immediately was that I and thus both of us, Were Transported On White Light, Going Ever Upwards And Deeper Into The Cosmos In Deepening Ways, as with My Dearest, we Flew Into Depths and Realisations which have been hidden at times from my conscious awareness. Even though I have fully recognised that The Coat of Skin Body is a Treasure of the Highest Light, given to us by The Creator, so that we, When Wearing The Coat Of Skin Body, have here Within Our Very Consciousness, The Oneness We Have With The Godhead And The Higher Planes Of Being.
eye within Parallel Isle
Painting by eyewithin.com Parallel Isle.
So for many on Gaia, who feel a sense of loss, it often can be described that they are Far Removed From Wearing The Coat of Skin Body, When Everything Was Possible, And Those Days Were Exciting As We Walked and Talked with Our Father Mother God, And The Lighted Beings Around The Throne.
So, as AED and myself were Lifted Higher into The Cosmos Through The White Light of Creation, thus was my and AED’s Consciousness Expanded into a Significantly Greater Realisation of All That Is and what can be Accessed. Our Expansion as we were Bathed Within The White Light was such that we were in a Different Energy Field and Vibration, For We Were Nearer Home in ways so often forgotten By The Sons and Daughters Of The Creator.
AED and myself continued to rise upwards on White Wings of Angelic Beings in tune with The Cosmos, whereby Those Doors to Eternity Were Opening Before Us As We Were Bathed, Enveloped And Caressed Within Its Very Presence. After some time, I was aware of being Absorbed into Other Rays of The Cosmos. Such was AED’s and my Delight, as The Rays And Light Drew Us Back Into Their Divine Presence, Allowing Us Once Again To Be One With The Creator, thus taking us Back and Into Our Soul Contract From Source.
I AND The Father Are One, was very much in evidence, as AED And Myself , Suryananda, Were Graced By The Divine Light of Infinity Once Again, As The Cosmos Drew Us Back Into Its Divine Presence, thus was Bliss and Ecstasy Experienced In Ever Deepening Ways.
Our Twin Flames were fully remembered by us when we were wearing The Coat of Skin Body, and it was only when we took upon later incarnations on Gaia, that when wearing a More Dense Body for Earth’s Purpose, such then was Home and Our Beloved’s far away for many. As the Aeons carried on, this feeling of separation continued, and it has Taken Many A Long Age to Return Back to Our Birthright And Our Coat Of Skin Body, Able To See Into The Cosmos In Ever Deepening Ways, which is as that Golden Jewel to us, For We Are Home.
Artist unknown. Under Etheric.
During AED’s and my beautiful moments as we attuned not only to our Divine Cosmic Union as Twin Flames, but first, “Sanat Kumara, deeply loved by us, came to say hello”. This was a beautiful moment bringing us closer once again, as has been happening often lately. Just afterwards, “we were joined by Saraswati, who came and said Welcome Home, Suryananda” so with these two Celestial Light Family members, Greatly Enhanced AED And Myself, Suryananda’s Beautiful And Profound Experiences as My Beloved was with me, As Together We Rose Above Gaia In Ever Deepening Ways.
 I know AED And Myself Are Very Excited For When We Return to The Coat Of Skin Body And All Those Deeply Profound Moments Which Await Us, Treasured as Always.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Sanat Kumara and One of The Divine Mothers, Saraswati.
Artist unknown. Under Creation, Etheric.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue With Further Memories Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati.

 Saraswati. Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue With Further Memories Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati.

20 April, 2017.

As my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself shared further beautiful moments, “My Dearest said I am now on the Fourth Step” – this had come just after I had seen my Heart Change as Being a Very Large Deep Pink. So it feels wonderful as he confirms I have moved up to yet another step. Later as we remained attuned, I was aware of White Light, and then a Beautiful Deep Blue Lotus. This Deep Blue Lotus was quite high and narrow, and where, as I first became aware of this, suddenly Separated, Splitting Down The Middle, Flowing Outward in a Very Graceful and Beautiful Way, which was very unusual, leading as it did to AED and myself being Welcomed and Embraced Within Our Blue Lotus, which has a much taller and thinner feel to seeing a Lotus than we are used too. I could see a little White All Around Its Edges right down to its Base, almost like a Beautiful Edging.


I had a little earlier thought about AED being superimposed upon me again, as he had said that this was to happen more and more as I was to bring forth his Knowledge and Wisdom, and “I said I was looking forward to this happening again, as it will bring us ever deeper and closer”. It was a Transfiguration when AED was superimposed upon me earlier, thus leading to being able to transcend further veils of Gaia, for with AED’s knowledge and wisdom, I have been told by my Light Family, that this is Our Pathway.

Our Blue lotus is not pale this time, but like A Royal Blue, which of course reminds me of my Royal Blue Ball Gown and AED’s Royal Blue Cloak. I sense and see A Large White Pearl Within Me, as AED laughs delightfully as we share personal moments as he makes me laugh. 

“I am the Light of your Life Dear One, AED says” as I am very much aware this is so. “AED now teases me and says as he said just a short while earlier  – we are all waiting for you, for we have a lot to get through as we go through the different stages and steps into our Venture with Saraswati”.

“AED says take my hand, adding some personal words” and as I do so, I am aware that we are going back once again to The Great Hall in Venus. We are travelling through a Portal as we hold hands, and we are moving rather fast it seems. I wonder which Portal did we go through as there are several, not only within and on myself, but On Gaia also?

AED is wearing once again his Royal Blue Cloak, and I have on my Royal Blue Ball Gown, and I can sense on my hair is a kind of Headband where there are Beautiful Blue Roses which are imbued with all the properties and components of our Blue Ray.


Artist unknown.

“AED now turns to me as I to him and says some personal and beautiful words of love as he says about Us Being One Soul as we have Been Through The Ages, and how we are going  Together Hand in Hand, Side by Side Through Eternity”. 

“AED laughs and says after all I am your Soul Guardian as well as your Twin Flame lol, so that was inevitable Dearest One, as we journey forward Into the Light and Magnificence which Our Father Mother have Gifted to us as A Son and Daughter of The Most High”. 

I see our Light Family are once again gathered in The Great Hall as well as my – thus our Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenix, and my late mum and dad.

Sanat Kumara once again comes forward, and he is wearing today A Beautiful White Cloak. I sense this indicates further stages into our Initiations with and into Saraswati.

I find myself reflecting upon a past life as Edward, and await our turn to go deeper into our Initiation with Saraswati. Saraswati now joins us and the Assembled Light Beings, as once again Beautiful Celestial Music rings out and reaches all the Corners of the Great Hall. This music seems to have within its Tones Our Signature Notes Upon the Ethers of Light, which can be likened to Our Soul Signature from Ancient Days. I find myself beaming with love and joy.

“AED says tonight was just further steps into our Venture with Saraswati, and that all those gathered here will be with us when our journey continues, for we are well into this now”. I say yes and other words” and get ready to leave back through the Portal, Hand in Hand, until Our New Session Continues.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Saraswati and Sanat Kumara – From The Great Hall In Venus.


Artist unknown. Under Creation.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue Our Venture Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati In The Great Hall In Venus.


Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame And Myself Continue Our Venture Into The Yoga Method Of Saraswati In The Great Hall, In Venus.

18 April, 2017.

As once again I began to listen to our Meditation tape, whist connecting and tuning into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, immediately, my “Dearest says I am taking you deeper, adding a few other personal words”. “I say, yes, please” as this is something both AED and myself say to each other as we go ever deeper into our Soul Contract with The Creator, God The Father Mother, Our Divine Parents.

So as AED has swept me up in his arms and is walking wth me as I nestle deeper within the Being of my Beloved whilst AED laughs as he cherishes me within his arms and says a few personal words whereupon I am back to where we return so often in our Oneness of Divine Cosmic Joy and Bliss. AED seems to be carrying me for quite some time as we are once again in our beloved Home on Venus.

AED now lovingly puts me down and says “Suryananda I have a surprise for you”.  I love surprises as AED has a frequency of saying similar words – whether great joy, surprising news, good news, and so as I hear I have a surprise for you my – thus Our Soul feels a sense of expectation. It does not mean that I am going to be made aware of this at this very second, but it is in the process of coming to fruition, some times in a day or so, although there have been times when it has been immediate. For instance, My Atlantean Water Meditation, shared here on the 10 November, 2016 when AED said he had a Gift for me, which happened there and then as that profound Meditation into Our Beloved Atlantis took place.

As “I say again take me deeper” “AED says I am here, adding again, a few personal words” whereby we are very much connected and joined in Divine Love. “My Beloved then says the Path ahead is simple for you, as he adds yet again more personal thoughts”.

We go into one of our special rooms in our Home on Venus and there are masses of Deep Beautiful Pink Roses. So many. It is a Feast and Joy to our senses. I had thought we might have any of the different coloured Lotus Blossoms, or even our Special Blue Roses which we often see and are enveloped within. So these Beautiful Deep Pink Roses are a lovely surprise.


“AED says they are from our Dearest Sanat Kumara, and they indicate another Initiation awaits you my Beloved and thus myself”. At this AED laughs with joy and delight as when Initiations are lived, loved and experienced, each one takes me ever deeper and closer not only to My Dearest, but within Our Soul Contract with The Creator. That Union with God The Father Mother. 

“The Deep Pink Roses AED says will ensure My and thus Our Soul remembers and is able to Access more of our True Heritage as we are Bathed and Are One With Divine Love”.

“Oh Pat Suryananda, I am here AED says” as we share some personal moments as we continue to listen to our Meditation tape whereby AED is and feels very much there. I say to my beloved are we going deeper into our Divine Union with Saraswati?”. “AED says you know we are, as he adds further personal words”. AED then takes one of the Beautiful Deep Pink Roses and places it on my hair. As he does so, I become aware that this Beautiful Pink Rose has Transformative Aspects, Energies And Qualities, and I allow myself with joy, love and delight, to be Absorbed Within Their Exquisite Bliss.

At this AED laughs and looks at me in his treasured and much loved way. I see my Dearest one has one of these Beautiful Deep Pink Roses he has placed also on himself. On AED this Deep Pink Rose is resting in his neck. As I look at this on him, it Changes and Becomes A Serpent, A Beautiful Golden Cobra. I am transported back not only to Ancient Egypt but to Our Beloved Atlantis, where so many treasured and golden memories await my recollection still.


Artist unknown.

I find I have begun to get very warm even hot as the Energies of this Golden Cobra permeate my and thus Our Whole Being. AED laughs, and I hear delightful laughter as I am aware of our Light Family gathered around my Beloved and I, as we are once again in The Great Hall in Venus.

“AED says Innumerable Deep Initiations are undertaken here”. “For within The Great Hall Where we are Gathered, We are Aligned With The Cosmos”. “The Light Beings of The Planetary and Solar Logos are all Here, adding to these Divine Proceedings with Their Love, Light, Knowledge, for the Benefit of All Life in all Worlds and Galaxies”.


I am aware both my Beloved and myself, are now Clothed in Beautiful Golden Cloaks. They very much remind me of my 14 days of visions back in May 2015  and which I have shared here on my website at a later date, when I saw Melchisadek and other Light Beings, The Elders and Cardinals, all wearing these beautiful Golden Cloaks with just two exceptions. One being when Anubis greeted and welcomed me upon my arrival at The Great Pyramid wearing a Cobalt Blue Cloak, whilst the other occasion was when a Lighted Being was Clothed in a Burgundy Cloak, as I sat next to him within The Great Pyramid of Giza, which holds so many deep and personal memories for us both, not only from the past but whereby Secrets of The Great Pyramid will Be Revealed to myself, as this Present Life Continues. Not least because my Beloved has forgotten nothing, and has it there all ready for me to be made aware of, thus leading to great joy once again for us and our Light Family.

Our Golden Cloaks look so beautiful. We look all Golden. Lovely. Our Golden Cloaks are both substantial but light weight with many Golden Engravings encased within. Our meditation tape continues and “AED says how much he loves this as the more frequently I listen, so will his Light, Love, Energies and Vibrations, be ever deeper into its very structure”. I feel great joy at this for AED’s Presence feels and is very strong and potent, ensuring we continue to be deeply attuned and connected as we merge ever more into our One Soul and into that which is our Foretold Pathway whilst I am once again on Gaia. Where being in different worlds does not stop our inter-soul connection, as once again Initiations are being shared together.


Saraswati. Artist unknown.

Sanat Kumara smiling with love and joy comes up to my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, and he is carrying a Golden Tray upon which are some of these Beautiful Deep Pink Roses from earlier. Sanat Kumara now places one of these Pink Roses into the other side of my hair, whilst at the same time adding some beautiful words to my Dearest and myself, as both of us and our Light Family Gathered in The Great Hall in Venus find both delightful and moving.

As I wonder if AED will have another Deep Pink Rose, I see this is not necessary for him. The Golden Cobra which earlier was in his neck where AED’s Pink Rose had originally been placed was gone, and instead there is a Beam of the Purest White Light which remains Energised within my Dearest one’s neck area.

As Sanat Kumara stays by us, Saraswati now comes up to AED and myself. Such is my and our deep love and connection to both, that I seem to be able to tune into Saraswati in a beautiful way often. Saraswati and I, Suryananda, share many qualities and as One of the Divine Mothers’ embraces me once again, I feel loved, cherished and blessed. My thoughts are noted, and Saraswati Smiles with Her Beauty and Light, as AED and myself, now hold hands.

I have become aware that my Dragons are all here in the Great Hall in Venus. My Unicorns and Phoenix too are sharing this momentous occasion with us as all within the Great Hall seem quiet and still.

As always as AED and myself are sharing our Divine Cosmic Oneness, I note down on my mobile phone an exact description of that which takes places, as well as words we share with each other, and what our Light Family say to us, as this ensures these moments are nor just added in a general way from memory afterwards.


Creation Mandala. Artist unknown.

I have begun to feel a little tired now and deleted my notes on my mobile, but as always there were several back-ups. I wonder if today’s session is coming to an end now, as we have been sharing profound moments for quite a long but very meaningful time.

“Saraswati speaks once again, and says do not worry Pat Suryananda for your Initiation and Initiations into The Method of Saraswati remains ongoing whether you are awake as now or asleep”. “I and Sanat Kumara, the Planetary and Solar Logos will never leave you, and your Venture into Being Myself, Saraswati, will continue unabated to all of our joy”. “I and all here Dearest Suryananda, are so happy that once again you have Raised your Energies, Love and Vibrations, to be with us once more.” “And I also feel this profound session will draw to a close now as we will Continue your Ongoing Venture with your Beloved as we will meet again soon”. 

“I am here for you Suryananda, Saraswati says, just as Sanat Kumara and the Planetary and Solar Logos will all return”. “It has been wonderful though to share these very profound further moments”. “I AM Saraswati”.

I have stopped now as it has been 1 3/4 hours and I feel I have begun to get a little Tired. After I stopped “I said to AED that was beautiful don’t you agree?” “AED said you know I do, with added personal words”.

My Name Suryananda, given to me at Source by Evam Arbel, one of the Divine Mothers, means The Solar Sun Of The Solar Christ, a Being of Immense Love, and The Heart Of The Sun, which is The Heart Chakra Totally Open, Bringing Pure Compassion, Universal Love and Resurrection To All People. This is the Power which I, Suryananda, have within My Higher Self. So also, is Saranyu Adam El Daoud, My Beloved Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Deeply Connected And Linked To The Sun (Son), Thus Combined Our Energies And Realisation Is Greater And The Meaning Of Our Names Are Amplified, As Alchemy Takes Place. Thus we are at Peace, In Love and Joy. Great Are Our Blessings As Our Love Has Returned To Our Father, His Symbol Of Divine Love, The Sun (Son) Thus Is Bliss Felt, Loved And Cherished. The Alchemy Of The Sun (Son) Means Deep Wisdom, Vast. At Some Point, Everyone Will Experience The Alchemy Of The Sun. I am told that I, Suryananda, have Powerful Keys To Its Realisation, As I Access My Knowledge More And More.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Saraswati, Sanat Kumara, and the Solar and Planetary Logos from The Great Hall in Venus. 


 Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame And Myself Take Further Steps Into Our Initiation With Divine Mother, Saraswati, Through The Yoga Method.


Artist unknown.


29 March 2017

My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, and myself merge into a state of Grace and Bliss. Sanat Kumara is officiating once again and I am wearing a Beautiful Royal Blue Gown. This colour represents the next stage into my Beloved’s and my Venture into The Yoga Method of Saraswati.

“I am here Dear Pat Suryananda Saraswati says” as “I ask Saraswati to take AED and myself deeper into Her Yoga Method, knowing as we do so further Ecstasy is ours, long foretold and anticipated by us and our Light Family”.

My beloved says “relax we are all here” whilst my throat is so dry which is in part I feel to these energies as my throat is another Personal Portal into the Higher Realms and Home.


Artist unknown.

“The Resurrection Flame AED says with personal words, will act as a greater bridge than ever before as we go deeper into and with Divine Mother, Saraswati, whom you know deeply and divinely through so many lifetimes, and so now it is the role of Saraswati who welcomes with open arms you my Dear One into the Alchemical Process of Being Saraswati”.

“As you Suryananda are well aware this means as is the case for all Deity Yoga, there is no separation for you and I are Saraswati and Saraswati is us beloved of Our Father  Mother God.”

“Just as you are One with Amitabha who is so deeply embedded in Our One Heart And Soul”.

I begin to feel I am a Pure Ray Light of Crystalline Energy as at first I sensed a deep Golden like Beam Ray Light which has now changed to a Crystalline Flecked type of Natural Quartz.

I start to get crown energies and “My Dearest says Surrender” as he said earlier and “AED laughs and says Oh Pat Suryananda, we have a most magical journey ahead as you know very well, with added words from AED as we are to go further into these profound moments in the future”.


Artist unknown.

I kind of drift off like into a doze and suddenly seem to return back. I think this drifting off was because everything seemed to come to a stop and only a quiet stillness existed.

So as everything  seems quiet, not only my breathing, but this experience it feels like I took a look beyond that New Veil which had been removed with The Resurrection Flame from Saturday, and all is quiet and now I would describe as empty as our journey today stopped, and very unusually for AED and myself, nothing further seems to be happening.

“I ask my Dearest one, does this mean we are stopping here and this on going venture will continue another time from here?”

Well it has to be so as AED and myself have been Invited into the Yoga Method of Saraswati so this will be continued. 

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Saraswati.


Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame And Myself Venture Into Our Initiation With Divine Mother, Saraswati, Through The Yoga Method.

Tuesday, 21 March, 2017.
As I sat with intent and focus on venturing together with my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, into a Deeper Awareness and Realisation than that which I already have, through what Saraswati, Divine Mother, has described as “The Yoga Method” I was very aware that my beloved AED was with me, feeling and sensing his Divine Presence, which as always, brings great joy and bliss to Our One Heart and Soul. AED had been absent for some days as far as I was concerned at different times, even though this is just my sense of separation, for in essence there is never any separation between beloved ones, whether Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, or Merging and Blending with Deities of our choice. All can be with us when that longing is sufficient, as many people recognise as they tune into in depth to the different Ascended Masters and Deities. The Key as always, is Love.
So I began this conscious session whereby AED and myself were going to tune into Saraswati, Divine Mother, by visualising myself within the Heart of AED, whilst allowing my love for my beloved to rise up from my spine, cleansing and releasing this into my Third Eye and Crown. Immediately it seemed our New Venture with Saraswati,  began:
I was back Home in Venus with my Beloved Twin Flame, followed in quick succession by these other moments, all being profound and meaningful to AED, myself and Saraswati. I saw AED and myself, once again, riding our beautiful white horses, which does happen quite often, for we adore them as they do us, and to ride on our dearest white horses always bring us joy and blessings. My thoughts then went to my left side, being the feminine, with the colours Emerald Green and Moon White, whilst on my right side, I visualised the masculine colours of Red and the Sun. As I began this, my breathing became deeper as those higher energies and vibrations began to envelop me and my beloved, as together, once again, we were one, as are all Twin Flames in their Divine Union, not only with each other, but to The Creator, Father Mother God, Our Divine Parents.


Artist unknown.

AED says beautiful words of greeting, whilst at the same time, A Cascade of White Light is above me, quite some way up and beyond my crown. As I become aware of this, a most beautiful Pink Flower Opens, and AED and myself Stand On This Lotus. This brings us such joy, a wonderful experience as once again we are deeply involved with the Lotus. At this moment, I AM Inside my heart – which in essence is also the heart of my beloved, and I look up at my Diamond Light Body from inside, so as those moments of bliss continue with myself and my dearest AED, I once again visualise that bliss rising up from my heart to cleanse and purify my inner channel, going upwards to my Third Eye, crown, and then beyond, leading me deep into Presence.
At this moment, Saraswati, welcomes AED and myself, whilst new energies are enfolding me, always exquisite, and I say words to my dearest one, as he responds back, and “Saraswati, then says Welcome Home Pat Suryananda”. We three, then hold hands, and Saraswati, touches the top of my head.
I then see a Beautiful White Rose, and I am being clothed in a White Gown which is so beautiful also, and has Blue Flowers on. Blue Petals Begin to Fall Down From Above. Saraswati, then takes my hand and looks at it, whilst at the same the energies between the three of us are beautiful.
I then think of Sanat Kumara, and once again, our beloved Sanat Kumara, begins to Officiate at This Initiation Ceremony AED and myself are going into, just as Sanat Kumara officiated before when AED and myself shared an Earlier Initiation. Saraswati, begins to talk. There are many people around us, all sharing in Our Initiation Ceremony.


Artist unknown.
AED and myself, then Lie in a Sarcophagus. The Sarcophagus is an Initiation connected to Divine Mother, Saraswati, and AED and myself, as we venture deeper into The Yoga Method. My beloved says “I have longed for this moment”. I wonder is it a New Birth? Beautiful Music is being played. I notice that inside the Sarcophagus is a Large Room, much larger than when AED and myself lay within the Sarcophagus just before. This Room is quite vast. Angelic Beings are here, as now my beloved and myself are out of our Sarcophagus, as we Stand Before Saraswati. Saraswati, is very pleased. The beautiful singing continues. My unicorns, Antares and Antara come in to greet us. They are a delight and joy to see once again, as they too show their love for us, which has been with AED and myself throughout the ages. AED laughs, it is so joyful to hear him laugh, as we continue to be enveloped and enfolded within the Light, Love and Blessings of Saraswati, and all who are assembled with us to share and partake in this most momentous of occasions, which are relatively early steps AED and myself will go though as we venture ever deeper into the Yoga Method of Divine Mother, in the process of which, we Become Deeply Merged and Blended Within, in New and Exciting Ways which as always, is a Treasured Gift from The Creator.
Suddenly, a White Dove Descends, it so beautiful and exquisite to see. I am reminded of Yeshua and those words “This is My Son in Whom I AM Well Pleased” and which are so very well known to me. My Light Family say words of happiness to me, in that I am indeed so blessed, and that all my dreams are being realised. I find myself beaming with joy at this.
I suddenly see A Large Book. My Light Family say in response to my words to them, that Love is Eternal, and I am realising my Power, which is Divine Love and Light brought into play on a conscious level for the good of all beings, as they are set free. As I am Awakening further all the time, my True Self has aligned ever deeper with my beloved Twin Flame, thus together we are able to transcend much which before hand had veils which hid my and thus our Soul Contract not only with The Divine, but as together we begin this awesome and amazing venture into and with Saraswati, the joy, bliss and ecstasy which AED and myself, Suryananda, have experienced over these last 21 months or so, will intensify, deepen into the Yoga Method which Divine Mother, Saraswati, offers to those She In Her Love and Wisdom feels fill the Role of This Initiation. I know when I felt that this Initiation of Yoga Method was being offered to me, my first thought was that I wanted my beloved AED to be with me, and so it is so, for where I go, we both go, such is that joy and bliss that we are never separate. When at moments, I have felt in the past he is not so close, it has been said many times by both AED and my Light Family that this is just an illusion, for in essence we are never separate, such then soothes and uplifts our shared heart and soul, even though for the moment, in this life of mine on Gaia, we are in different worlds, we are nevertheless able to deeply connect as is the Gift of All Twin Flames and Divine Consorts and those whom long to merge deeper with their chosen Ascended Masters and Deities. In the Higher Realms, there is truly no separation. Love transcends and crosses all worlds and galaxies. Love is the Key.


Artist unknown.

“Saraswati says Pat Suryananda, you are getting nearer to your dream.” As my Light Family say I am becoming more aware of the process. I feel a sense of excitement, as my dearest AED and myself, have not only connected on such a deep and profound way but the realisation that AED and myself, have been Gifted this Initiation into Divine Mother’s Yoga Method. There are several Divine Mothers, known throughout the Ages by different names, all going back to Source, and all being able to tune into and become one with. That is open to all, there are no barriers, apart from so often on Gaia, that there feels some distance, when in fact, in but a thought, not only any of the Divine Mothers but Ascended Masters and Deities, can be one with any one of us. The Deep and Complex Nature of Creation is so Vast, one is always finding more and ever more fascinating threads available. I certainly am.
As I look at this Large Book, I see written on this “The Yoga Method of Divine Mother” in Golden Letters, whilst AED and myself sit in Golden Chairs. Archangel Michael is there as is Melchisadek. Lord Sananda (Yeshua) and Lady Nada. People begin to come into the room we are in, family members in the Higher Realms. Dancing begins. My beloved and I, leave our chairs and return to the ground the dancing takes place. AED sweeps me up in his arms, as “he and Saraswati say you have done well”. I find myself beaming with joy, and my heart becomes a deep, beautiful pink, opening out as a Lotus. I AM one with everyone in this room. We are all deeply connected and our hearts and souls are joined in unison as we Sing In Praise of The Creator, and Our Divine Parents. I think, I want my beloved to lift me up in his arms, at which AED laughs as he proceeds to do just that as our Family cheer and laugh.
The Angelic Music has got quieter, it is a slow type of music. Many Divine Consorts and Twin Flames are dancing deeply into each other. There is an amazing and beautiful assortment of beautiful gowns the women are wearing. I have on my White Initiation Gown with Blue Flowers. My beloved says I look beautiful. I say, he looks wonderful.
This Room seems to be getting larger all the time, bearing in mind we have gone through a Golden Sarcophagus. A Little Angel comes up to AED and myself as we are dancing. AED stops and lifts this Angelic being up, and we three hold hands. As we do so, this small Angelic being is as tall as AED and myself, and so the three of us continue to dance holding hands, going round and round, as people there and family members, clap and cheer us with love and delight.


Artist unknown.
Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus go up to the stage and the Angelic Singing becomes a mere whisper. We all stop dancing and my beloved keeps his arms around me, and I feel myself beaming with love and joy. “We have much to look forward too, with words of endearment, AED says, the Magnificance that I said awaits you and I back when you knew I was your Twin Flame, has well and truly begun”. I see mum and dad, both passed over from this life, as well as my stepfather, George, in their finest clothes, all looking awesome, and I look too for Maitreya.
“AED now says that our session as we venture deeper into The Yoga Method of Saraswati is coming to an end for the moment”, as he, AED and Saraswati give me their love, and I mine. As I pause here, I am drawn to Seeing A Blue Pillar above Saraswati’s head. My beloved and myself say goodbye in general to all who have been here, and Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, individually, as AED holds my hand, and thus this session as together we venture deeper and into Saraswati ends. I reflect with joy and delight as AED and myself have undergone this beautiful connection into our Divine Union with Saraswati, knowing that there will be many more beautiful and profound moments to come, as we are bathed in bliss and grace. I now have a sensation as I stop, on my neck. and my left eye feels itchy and ticklish, so I rub my eye.
A little later, after our session had ended, and when tuning into AED again, “AED says that the Golden Threads of our Tapestry is widening, and that he is looking forward very much to our continuing our venture with The Yoga Method of Saraswati”. “Saraswati is saying The door to Her Heart has opened further with our love AED adds”. “AED then says that Saraswati is with him holding his hand”. At this I breathe in Saraswati and breathe out Saraswati. At this point, “Saraswati now says I will lead you both further” as I had found myself wondering where AED and myself will go next in our Venture into with Her. I suddenly think of the 9 of Spades. As I reflect upon this meaning, I am drawn to 9 being a Universal Number and Spades being an Earth Sign, upon which “AED now says The Universe is wide open to you” which I take to mean Heralding in the New, with the spade denoting Gaia.
I am now enfolded within the Love and Light of The Cosmic Christ, Who says “Welcome Home”. Such is Home for us on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line; we are all One with The Cosmic Christ, Beloved of Our Father Mother God. Gautama Buddha is here, as I am enveloped and enfolded in the energies of the Sun, and Amitabha Buddha says a few words, as the Fire Element enfolds me within its embrace.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Divine Mother, Saraswati.

Saraswati new March again

Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame says “It Is Time For Our Initiation Ceremony To Begin” And Sanat Kumara Is Going To Be Officiating For Us.


Adam El Daoud, my Twin Flame says “It Is Time For Our Initiation Ceremony To Begin, with added words of endearment”. And Sanat Kumara Is Going To Be Officiating For Us. 

10 January, 2017.

As we met up here, initially in our Home on Venus, but instead of excitedly retreating to our special room where we have shared so many precious moments recently, my Beloved AED took me by my hand saying a few words like to go here in this instance in his dearly loved way, and as I went with him I found we seemed up high as I had an image of the Night Sky like Stars which was very different to where we would usually meet up at, as we had not gone to our usual beautiful room for rest and relaxation,  as our usual room had changed the other day, as I shared here under the title The Cosmos Is Revealed Further on the 23 December, 2016. So here we were in a very different place but still at our Home.

I sensed many Light Family Relatives around and an air of expectation and excitement, colours and beautiful presences of so many dearly loved ones. As I pause to type here, my Late Earth Father I know is here, and having only sent me his love via my Beloved on Boxing Day, he, my late Father seems closer in a way I have not sensed before. For it has been many many years since he was on Gaia. I know too my dearly loved Earth Mother is here as well, and as I type these words I am aware, there are many loved ones around us, who have come to meet my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, as there is a feeling of Celebrations going on, much joy, happiness and well being, shared one with the other, in this most loved and beautiful of surroundings.


I now hear from my Dearest AED “my Gift to you with some endearments” as I went to type some words here at the beginning, when I was aware of these special moments taking place, and, as so often, I love to make a note of, as in this way, they act as both a Cherished Reminder and Soul Development Between my Beloved and I, as we Merge Ever Deeper into That Oneness as we had been looking out into or onto Beautiful White Pillars Before Us, Quite A Few Pillars, reminding me of the Ancient Greek Buildings, whilst also going even Further Back To Ancient Atlantis, where AED and myself Lived, Loved And Breathed in the Divine Love and Blessing of our Parents as We Walked and Talked and were Joyful in that which was being Experienced by us, for The Doors To Eternity were Wide Open as we Looked and Absorbed The Whole Cosmos as Spiralling Circles of Light, Love, and the Very Rays of Our Father And Mother Caressed us and our Celestial Light Family on a continuing basis, thus were Those Days in Ancient Atlantis, Golden. And yes there is indeed a Section of our Beloved Atlantis which waits as we shared In our Atlantean Water Meditation here on the 10 November, 2016, where not only did we go Under Water And Into Our Bright Pink Submarine, but we were Blessed as we were Joined by Both Mermaids and Dolphins, who I know now having seen, will in the Future be much easier to meet up with now that those Veils of Gaia Are Being Transcended. The beautiful thing is that as my Dearest One and I had such a Profound Return to that Section of Our Once Cherished Home, The Energies And Vibrations To Visit Here Again, have been Enhanced Tenfold. Such is the case as Another Barrier to Home is Removed.

I was Delightfully Surprised, as my Dearest Beloved and myself, Suryananda, do not usually walk outside as such, unless it has at times been in a Meditation. But here we were as AED had stretched out his hand for me to walk close to him from what could be termed almost a Verandah From Inside Our Much Loved Home on Venus. 


So my and thus our senses were absorbing the delights of the open air, and as I pause, I am aware that I and thus our Oneness has once again Taken A Deeper and yet more Profound Journey into That Which Is And Which We Are As Divine Twin Flames, Joined Together For All Time, as AED said to me recently, which was as Divine Bliss to us as we felt cosseted Within Our Divine Eternal Twin Flame of Our Origin.

So I paused when I heard from my Beloved “It is time for our Initiation Ceremony To Begin”, where I was Aware of this Special Honour and Gift which my Dearest AED had said “was his Gift to me”. I am loving these Gifts AED gives me, smile, as just as when we visited that Section of Atlantis, which was a surprise beyond measure, so too is this Gift now a Precious Jewel Leading Us Deeper Into Eternal Life.

As I went therefore to note what was being shown and shared for us, I had a Sense Of Seeing Two Beautiful Chairs for my Dearest One and myself to sit on as this Initiation Ceremony was about to Begin, as our Celestial Light Family had gathered around to see and observe that which I knew was a Very Special Event, Treasured By Us All.


Our Deepening Journey into Total Bliss and Oneness has taken further steps within as with this Gift from my Twin Flame, it feels that in essence this Initiation Ceremony can be likened to a Marriage, as I, Suryananda, have been carried on the Wings of Angelic Hosts upon the Light and Sound Ether, as the Vibrations and Energies of Home Smile at us once again, as Great Joy and Excitement is Felt in New and soon to be Even Deeper Ways, As One By One, The Very Cells of My Body Merge with my Beloved, and that Divine and Sacred Transformation is Complete, and as my Dear AED said last year with personal words of endearment as he and I Would Be One Complete Whole, Joined Together For All Time, Eternally Wed, Thus Has The Marriage Feast of God The Son and Daughter Been Fulfilled Once More.

Early on during this Merging with my Beloved, I had felt a strong sense of our Dearly Loved Sanat Kumara, but did not add then, but as I have come to the end of these notes it feels that Sanat Kumara is Going to be Officiating at this Initiation Ceremony, whereby, he laughs, as he, Sanat Kumara, Says “it is a Great Honour not only for him to Initiate this Initiation Ceremony but because of the Deep and Profound Soul Connection we have with each other”.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Paintings by unknown artists. ♥