I AM Surya, Priestess Of The Temple Of The Blue Flame, Medina, In The Pleiades. From the Akashic Records.

Temple of the Gods by Deviant Art.
I AM Surya, Priestess of The Temple of The Blue Flame, Medina in The Pleiades.
From the Akashic Records from Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
7 June, 2017.
It feels an exciting time
“Oh it is – was dear one AED says”
Could be like the time of ancient Atlantis?
Millions of years ago on Medina
I was a Priestess comes
That is new
“AED was he the High Priest?”
“AED says you know I was”
So we were the High Priest and Priestess on Medina
That is intriguing
Yes we had children, Light Conception Children
We undertook initiatory experiences in – within our Blue Ray
Within was very profound and deep
The memories will return as to those initiations we took with others
We lived separate but part of the community
Melchisadek was there
He had a very important role and place in our hearts as always
Melchisadek was the Overseer?
He directed us into the various planets and planes of being
Which we left from Medina to go into other dimensions under our Blue Ray
He was my Father, Melchisadek there on the Isle of Medina
As he has been so often
The Father of my – our Soul
I adore him
What kind of initiations did we undertake?
The safety of the planet
And our people
Against Star Wars
We learnt to be invincible
We used the Rays as Weapons of Light against the darkness
“I said to AED is that right?” “AED said you know it is”
We were a Master Race
Known as Rainbow Warriors
But for us we were under and within the First Ray, Our Blue Ray
The Will of The Father
And His Creative Principle
Creation in all its forms was ours
We learnt the Secrets of Matter
Eternal Life and the Immortality of our Souls
It was a special Gift bestowed upon us in Medina for what was to come
Could be seen coming
Our dragons and unicorns were assigned to help and assist us
They took on that role with us and many sacrifices were made out of love
What does that mean?
“Who won on Medina?”
AED looked very sad
I sensed in his eyes great sadness
So the Isle of Medina left many dead at the hands of the invaders or intruders
It was a time of great sadness and took a long time to recover
It has recovered now
The Beings of Light won but it was at a great cost
The ones who died reincarnated
So they were not lost
But their life in Medina ended
Medina used to be called at one time The Vale of Tears
After the Star Wars
Now it is full of love and light
“Blossoming AED says”
With vibrancy and passion, laughter and joy
End from the Akashic Records.
I decided to share this particular past life of mine with Adam El Daoud, as I feel certain I will return with further detailed information soon.
abstract.desktop.nexus.com under blue temple
Painting by abstract.desktop.nexus.com
Artist unknown.
I AM Surya, Priestess of The Temple of The Blue Flame, Medina in The Pleiades.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with the background which led to me typing on Surya.
7 June, 2017.
As I tuned into the Akashic Records once again with my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, carrying on from a few hours before, which is shared above here, it was given as a Gift this life, where I was once again, able to see, feel and sense, such a deeply profound and meaningful time, when, with AED, who was a High Priest on Medina, we looked back into those times, which as always, through so many ages, is very Present, for together we lived, loved and breathed in the One-ness of The Creator of all life. Thus it was both awesome, beautiful, whilst being very sad for what took place so many millions of years ago, when AED and myself, Surya, as with so many others, lived and shared countless memories of Love and Divinity on Medina.
I had intended these two sessions to be separate, as there were just a few hours between them. However as I aimed to show how tuning into and reading the Akashic Records on my past life as Surya, Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina came to be tuned into and shared, I have added here that session of the conversations with AED and myself.
The background leading up to my past life as Surya, Priestess, serving The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina, began as AED and my Water Dragon, Saffron were there in front of me, together, side by side as they so often are and share with me, that deep and Eternal closeness which is theirs as it is for myself, Suryananda, with Saffron, who is my main Dragon going back to Source and whose colour is a Sapphire Blue.
So looking at AED and Saffron, I could see waves, blue waves as the sea, rising upwards quite high as waves do. Within the waves were the colours of white and cream as well as darker blue, all incorporated with these medium bright blue waves. These waves were very clear as even now, quite a few hours later.
Artist unknown.
I sensed I was on an Island. My thoughts went to where am I? “Am I in the Pleiades I asked AED?” “AED said yes”. This is fascinating. The Pleiades are where AED and myself, Suryananda, met when he was walking along with Saffron, skipping and jumping by his side, which was my first sighting of Saffron.
Medina comes to me. I know Medina is deeply connected to AED and myself, for a little over a year ago, I was shown AED and myself, sharing beautiful moments on the Isle of Medina, which, as is the case, when we tune into the Akasha, is still very vivid all these months later. I have also felt a deep soul recognition from the first time I became aware of Medina in the Pleiades a couple of years ago, but not knowing anything about Medina as such, just that AED and myself deeply connect to Medina as do so many of our Light Family.
“As I found myself wondering as I asked why AED and myself were on Medina? and not Venus, where we so often visit together as we have our home there”. “AED says Healing dear one”. “Healing of the land from centuries ago”.
I close my eyes, as I have been typing our chat as usual, so that clarity remains and words heard are not general. I sense a small dog, AED and children, two or three. “I say to AED, are they our children on the Isle of Medina?” “You know they are, AED laughs delightedly”. It is a very happy sight as I look upon our children and small dog.
“I say to AED, I don’t understand why we are here to heal the land?” “Is the land to be healed Medina?”  “But Medina is in the Pleiades, so surely does not need healing?”
AED seems serious for a moment, and I see deep compassion in his eyes. It is a different sensing. It feels that there is something I am not aware of from my present awareness whilst here on Gaia. I recognise that Medina is very hot and gets storms from space at times, which have been somewhat harsh as those storms move in upon Medina during different cycles.
I leave that for now and close my eyes once again. “AED says one of our children is named Jeremiah.” Jeremiah also takes me back 18 months when, reflecting spiritually on a particular project Jeremiah had come into my thoughts. It was really lovely as afterwards Jeremiah came and thanked me for thinking of him, which I thought was really beautiful, and I treasured those moments. AED now laughs as we go back into recent revelations which he has shared with me over these last few weeks, and I feel that love and continuity of our past, present and future, all within the Now moment. Although the name Susan has come to me, AED says Susan is not our daughter, so that is intriguing.
Sanat Kumara. Artist unknown.
“Sanat Kumara comes into AED and my attunement and says ‘hello Pat’ which is always so lovely when he comes and says hello”. With Sanat Kumara saying hello, this takes me once more to Saraswati, and I see Saraswati smile. I wonder where AED and myself, Suryananda are regarding our Venture into the Yoga Method of Saraswati? “AED now says it is very close” which is fascinating as my left toes begin to itch. “Saraswati says, I have got news for you”. This is unusual, and now my left cheek has a sensation as well. I rub the top of my left cheek.
AED now holds out his hand towards me. This takes me to our Atlantean Water Meditation which was AED’s Gift, where during that profound Atlantean Meditation, shared here on my website on the 10 November, 2016 when I once again saw AED hold out his hand for me to take. AED and myself share beautiful moments as twin flames do as we say a few words whilst remaining attuned to the process of these present moving and profound happenings.
“As AED sweeps my hair off of my face and says he is just in front of me” it is as can be expected very profound, for we are in different worlds, but able to connect ever more deeply in Divine Cosmic ways, as I have learnt with joy to raise my energies and vibrations to match and merge with his, thus we are one heart and soul again as we have always been since Source.
“AED has never said those words I am just in front of you before, but our tuning in had begun when, sitting in my armchair and focusing, I was aware immediately of a large swathe of Periwinkle Blue just in front of me, and had sensed immediately AED was here”. I then was shown swathes of pink peach and white flowers, row after row in equal measure, which was beautiful to see. My right eye begins to itch and the top of my left forehead, and my right cheek, AED is amused.
“AED says it is time to move forward through the centuries”. This is fascinating. My first thoughts were of Ancient Egypt but I feel AED is meaning today, us, in our present times. I am reminded of The Heart of the One Chakra, and as I look at my notes a little earlier “AED had said the words – Unity of the One Chakra was all I needed”.
“As I reflect upon what I have typed, AED says – The Initiatory Process is very Advanced”. These words are nectar to my and thus our soul. I find myself beaming with joy. I am reminded of a deeply profound life as a Tibetan monk in the 13th Century, when from a dream AED had said I was fully Enlightened, as once again, we had shared Higher Teachings from those times as now, today, as I am going down those well versed, known and loved, Tibetan Practices towards Enlightenment to Liberation and Freedom.
As crown energies come once again, I sense an army. It is a Spiritual Army of Warriors of the Light. Earlier I had sensed a battle but had dismissed it. But with this being shown to me again, I am reminded and given that it is a spiritual army, eradicating the darkness of aeons on Gaia, enabling Gaia to further Ascend and Illumine the Planet for future generations.
“AED now says I am Taking you Home, as he laughs”. “I say, where is Home?” “AED says deep within me”. That sounds perfect to me, to us. “I say to AED, what about our children from Medina, will we go back to them?” “AED says perhaps”.
As I then close my eyes for a moment, I have a brief glimpse of the colours Green and Yellow, before they vanish. I would say an Emerald Green or a Bright Green like a Weeping Willow Tree, not a dark green.
“AED now says The Akasha is coming ever deeper within” as we reflect over these last few weeks of fascinating revelations he has shared with me about his and my past lives. “AED says you will be amazed”. I know I am thrilled and amazed already, as once again, AED and myself, Suryananda, illumine and inspire one another as Divinity comes ever closer as we merge together as one.
As I tune into deeper with my beloved, AED, after beautiful and exquisite energies, I was suddenly aware of this Beautiful Blue Flame as we merged into our Divine Cosmic Oneness as Twin Flames. This Blue Flame was quite high and felt Divine, Exquisite.
“As AED confirmed to me that myself, Suryananda, was being Born Anew, as I, along with so many others are awakening, thus further revelations and sharings will continue, which is as always, exciting and wonderful to hear.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
Note As A Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame, I have had it confirmed that my name here was – is Surya. Surya is also the name by which I am known as a fully Enlightened Female Blue Buddha. So it is fascinating to now be aware that for this past life as a Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina, and also as a Female Blue Buddha, I am known as Surya. Normally, I do not share my past lives but this past life was and is very relevant, as I feel I will be adding further details from the Akashic Records soon.

I Hear “I AM Without Form”. My Twin Flame And Myself Take Further Initiations Inside A Golden Sarcophagus On Venus.


Artist unknown. Under Creation Etheric.

I Hear “I AM Without Form”. My Twin Flame And Myself Take Further Initiations Inside A Golden Sarcophagus On Venus.

8 May, 2017.

As I sat to tune into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, “I heard immediately I AM WITHOUT FORM Dear one”. Earlier, I have been thinking of The Beginning, in ever more frequency since hearing The Cosmic Egg two days ago. So, as I was reflecting on this just now, I closed my eyes for a second as I thought of AED, and the above words came – I AM WITHOUT FORM Dear one”.  For a second, I thought Who was saying these words, but recognise they are Both Source, and Adam El Daoud. There was a difference in the vibration and energy, almost serious, and significantly slower. Even days later, it was and still feels deeply profound and moving, and I have been experiencing a deeper shift within me all week.

“The Two Little Princesses are coming Daddy comes to me a little later”. Here, I am drawn to the two Royal Princesses with their Royal Blue Cloaks or Longer Dresses on, sensed in my Meditation back in May 2015 with Source. A white butterfly now flies by, initially for a second or two, it seemed to be a Monarch butterfly, but very soon it remains as a beautiful white butterfly. (I feel getting a Monarch butterfly, just reiterates my thoughts twice now on these two young Princesses, that who I have felt they are, is correct in that they are of the Royal line).

“AED says how much closer we are becoming all the time, which is as nectar to our soul”. “I say, I love that”. “I surrender”. “I surrendered long ago, millions of years ago, and before I even came into existence”. As I reflect on these last few words, it feels awesome, profound and wonderful.

egyptian under sacophagus use 10 May

I now see a Golden Sarcophagus. “I feel we are to lie in this – I say to AED”. “AED says words that he is here”. “I then say to AED what is going to happen now we are inside this Golden Sarcophagus?”  I sense our Light Family, but I am drawn and get the name and feeling of Osiris. “You know that’s true, AED smiles and looks lovingly at me” “as I say, so we are in this Golden Sarcophagus so we are able to merge deeper?” “The Rites of the Seal I get (David)?” “But there is also The Great Seal and The Seal of Solomon?”. My breathing changes as I go deeper.

“I say – think – how big is our Sarcophagus?” It feels very large like when we did a Venture Into The Yoga Method recently with Saraswati, when we went into this Golden Sarcophagus and suddenly emerged into this huge room where our Light Family were. This feels like that, in that within this Golden Sarcophagus we will be able to walk around standing tall, ie not enclosed tightly within.

It is an Initiation Chamber but also a Marital Suite. For as we remain within this for the duration of however long it takes, we will have gone well into the process of merging deeper.

“As AED said the other day – we are going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body”. This feels this is coming deeper into effect and recognition with the remembrances of many states of Bliss and Ecstasy enfolded within this. It is a Blessing given to us as a Gift for use as we continue deeper into our Soul Contract.

egyptian under sarcophagus woman

“That is the perfect answer, with personal words, AED says” as I reflect about what will take place inside this Golden Sarcophagus”. “AED says what do you wish?” “And I say, I choose what AED chooses”. I sense and see many beautiful Lotus blossoms. They are there as a kind of substance but not essential.

I sense Light Family members here. I feel I have a white gown of – for purification. AED is also clothed in white. We look as if we have got married, lol.

“I say to AED is Osiris going to Initiate at this Ceremony?” “As I am reminded in the ones with Saraswati, Sanat Kumara has always Officiated?”

“AED says personal words which we both find rather amusing and delightful”. “AED then says take my hand, and I do as a huge surge of energy goes right through us from our feet to our crowns”. It is not that I feel this, but this appears to be so from a feeling of awareness I have.

Celestial Music is being played and I am drawn to Ava Maria. I sense AED is holding my hand very tight and firm which feels perfect as I rest within the embrace of My Beloved once again.

“Initiation Chamber in Venus AED says” “as I say are we in the Great Pyramid or the Initiation Chamber at Venus, so he has confirmed Venus”.


Cosmic Master Osiris by Glenn Lewis.

“Osiris begins to incant words he has used to and for us and many others through the ages as this deeper Merging Process is Activated”. “Osiris says a few personal words from his perceptive as my Father”. “Daughter of mine he says once again as my – Our Soul remembers these words – All your past experiences, initiations, past and individual lives in Egypt are Being Merged into the One”. “The Sands of Time will and are once more breathed upon you my beloveds”.

“The countdown is well underway”. “Osiris laughs gently” and I sense AED and myself, Suryananda, feel a change in belief system, in that we recognise significant and deep profound experiences are being lived, loved and cherished, whilst a Portion or Aspect of us is Once Again Renewed, as we lie side by side, holding hands within our Golden Sarcophagus”.

I feel I am getting tired and it seems the right time to take a break, as later, I will go back into this Golden Sarcophagus, and in general as well, as I absorb the changes that have taken place. “Ava Maria is back being played again, as My Beloved whispers in my ear and draws me gently and lovingly within him”.


Egyptian God Ra.

“So I say goodbye to everyone, as I move from my armchair as the call of day to day activities beckon”. “As I continue with my words of goodbye, I saw words to AED and he smiles and laughs with love and tenderness until we continue on from here in an ongoing format which our heart and soul knows well”. “I say that was wonderful to AED”. “Will you help me to remember and go deeper?” “AED says you know I will, with added personal words”. (I always note the exchanges of chat between AED, myself and our Light Family as they take place, so these words are not just a guess but what reflect what actually took place. I just leave out certain personal words).

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Osiris.


Painting by Freydoon Rassouli.

The Cosmic Egg. Creation Unfolding.

 The Cosmic Egg. By Deviant Art.
6 May, 2017.
Today, whilst between states, late afternoon, I suddenly heard The Cosmic Egg. I did not write these words down as I usually do, but this description remained with me for some time afterwards, when I did note. I have found it fascinating ever since.
To me, The Cosmic Egg takes me to Source. I feel The Cosmic Egg refers to God The Mother, Divine Mother and The Cosmic Womb Of Creation. Ever since getting these words I have gone back and reflected on Creation. Creation has always been a passion and fascination and part of my Twin Flame’s, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda’s Soul Contract, Blueprint.
“Not only in May 2015, did Melchisadek confirm that my Future Remit was on Creation, Creation, Creation – actually saying this to me three times when I heard Melchisadek through Direct Voice, twice, and as shared here on my website under the title Melchisadek Speaks To Me Through Direct Voice dated 3 June, 2016.” “It was whilst I was listening to The Future Source Codes that inevitably My Future Spiritual Pathway would be commented upon, and to my great blessing this was the case”.
An early question I asked back in a spiritual class in July 1983 was “What was the meaning of Creation”. “This deep interest and fascination has never lessened over the years, instead, now, as I align myself deeper into remembrances and tune into my Twin Flame, AED, together we are very much going forward as Melchisadek confirmed two years ago on Creation”.
The Cosmic Egg. Artist unknown.
This takes me to a dream I had back on the 4 November, 2016, “when AED said – I Saw Creation Unfold Before Me”. Hearing this at that time and even now, remains deeply profound and fascinating, for as Twin Flames, what one of us experiences, so that is available in its entirety to the other.
At that time “I said to AED that sounds wonderful”. “Can you share with me so I can write on it”? “I then asked AED how many of us saw This Creation Unfold Before Us”? “AED said many, with a few personal words”. Inevitably “AED said So did you, Suryananda, as your soul knows, meaning I too was there as Creation Unfolded Before Me As Well”.
As AED has said to me during these last two years, I AM Nameless”. “My name is not known, but you will always know my name”. Such has been the case, in that AED has shared with me many of his past life names and other embodiments through the aeons going back to Source.
As I heard “AED say those words I Saw Creation Unfold Before Me” so too did I reflect that I had it seemed waited all my life for that moment, just as I experienced, when it was confirmed that Adam El Daoud was my Twin Flame, almost two years ago.
As I contemplated those words, I had pulsating energies in my neck, which took me back a few months, when, whilst typing spiritual notes, I could suddenly see a huge hole in my throat which I knew was a Portal. It just so happens today I was reminded that The Great Pyramid is connected to the Throat Chakra, and as AED and myself together and separately have lived many lives in Ancient Egypt, it feels very relevant.
At the same time Adam El Daoud has an Etheric Retreat over Egypt. It is not confirmed as being his Etheric Retreat but there are times my Light Family have said that AED comes and collects me in person and takes me there and returns with me personally back to my home. So, it is no wonder Egypt has such a significant role to play in this life, and as we journey forward deeper into our Soul Contract with The Creator.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
The Cosmic Egg. By Deviant Art.

My Twin Flame And Myself Go Deeper Into The Coat Of Skin Body.

Artist unknown. Under Etheric.
My Twin Flame And Myself Go Deeper Into The Coat Of Skin Body.
4 May, 2017.
Yesterday, my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud said to me “We are going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body”. “You will love this”. The Coat of Skin Body has been in my thoughts recently, and AED was laughing with delight, knowing full well the Magnificence of The Coat of Skin Body, which can be accessed by everyone. It is here as a Golden Chalice, ready whenever the Sons and Daughters of The Creator, Remember and Access this Precious Gift. 
Wearing our Coat of Skin Bodies in ancient days, we were unaffected by atmospheric changes and did not need dwellings made by hands, for the Aura of Light Radiating From The Divine Body Through The Coat Of Skin, was a Protection against the Elements. We wore The Coat of Skin Body for many an age, and to us who have memories, it was a Treasured Light Filled Body, enabling us to Transcend As We Moved Into The Cosmos, wherever we were guided to go.
In Ancient Times, The Divine Men of Earth walked Upon Gaia, having within and upon them The Coat of Skin Body. As Ancient Atlanteans and the Older Races long before pre-recorded history, to us, We Lived, Breathed and Loved Our Coat of Skin Bodies, for when being enveloped and enfolded within them, such was our Great Joy and Blessings, for we were Immortals, and known as such in the Different Worlds and Galaxies, all Beloved of The Creator.
As aeons came into being, those of us who had been used to wearing The Coat of Skin Bodies took on a more dense and physical body to suit Gaia in later aeons. For many of us, we never really recovered, such was our sense of loss as we let go of Our Coat of Skin Bodies.
Artist unknown. Under Etheric, Moving The Soul.
However, such a Coat Of Skin Body is here, available, to be worn again, even when on Gaia and even more so as we attune ourselves to the Higher Realms, as once more Our Coat of Skin Body remains as a Treasured Gift Given to us by The Creator, Our Father Mother God, to help the Sons and Daughters to Ascend and Remember, that which is a necessary part of our Birthright.
So when a few hours ago, “My Beloved said that we were going deeper into The Coat of Skin Body and that I would love this” this was indeed nectar of the most golden to us, as I recognised that once again, AED and myself, Suryananda, would be able to Transcend Earth and the lower planes of physicality and Regain Our Coat Of Skin Birthright.
For many an Age did the Divine Men of Earth wear The Coat of Skin Body, thus enabling them to have that significant greater Help and Support from The Creator, for when worn, We Lived and Breathed Within The Very Heartbeat of Our Divine Parents. Loss set in when the time came to let go of wearing The Coat of Skin Body, as Aeons of time passed, and Gaia came further into Being. Far removed from us In Divine Paradise and The Higher Realms And Galaxies.
So, earlier today, as I tuned into and with My Beloved, AED, what began immediately was that I and thus both of us, Were Transported On White Light, Going Ever Upwards And Deeper Into The Cosmos In Deepening Ways, as with My Dearest, we Flew Into Depths and Realisations which have been hidden at times from my conscious awareness. Even though I have fully recognised that The Coat of Skin Body is a Treasure of the Highest Light, given to us by The Creator, so that we, When Wearing The Coat Of Skin Body, have here Within Our Very Consciousness, The Oneness We Have With The Godhead And The Higher Planes Of Being.
eye within Parallel Isle
Painting by eyewithin.com Parallel Isle.
So for many on Gaia, who feel a sense of loss, it often can be described that they are Far Removed From Wearing The Coat of Skin Body, When Everything Was Possible, And Those Days Were Exciting As We Walked and Talked with Our Father Mother God, And The Lighted Beings Around The Throne.
So, as AED and myself were Lifted Higher into The Cosmos Through The White Light of Creation, thus was my and AED’s Consciousness Expanded into a Significantly Greater Realisation of All That Is and what can be Accessed. Our Expansion as we were Bathed Within The White Light was such that we were in a Different Energy Field and Vibration, For We Were Nearer Home in ways so often forgotten By The Sons and Daughters Of The Creator.
AED and myself continued to rise upwards on White Wings of Angelic Beings in tune with The Cosmos, whereby Those Doors to Eternity Were Opening Before Us As We Were Bathed, Enveloped And Caressed Within Its Very Presence. After some time, I was aware of being Absorbed into Other Rays of The Cosmos. Such was AED’s and my Delight, as The Rays And Light Drew Us Back Into Their Divine Presence, Allowing Us Once Again To Be One With The Creator, thus taking us Back and Into Our Soul Contract From Source.
I AND The Father Are One, was very much in evidence, as AED And Myself , Suryananda, Were Graced By The Divine Light of Infinity Once Again, As The Cosmos Drew Us Back Into Its Divine Presence, thus was Bliss and Ecstasy Experienced In Ever Deepening Ways.
Our Twin Flames were fully remembered by us when we were wearing The Coat of Skin Body, and it was only when we took upon later incarnations on Gaia, that when wearing a More Dense Body for Earth’s Purpose, such then was Home and Our Beloved’s far away for many. As the Aeons carried on, this feeling of separation continued, and it has Taken Many A Long Age to Return Back to Our Birthright And Our Coat Of Skin Body, Able To See Into The Cosmos In Ever Deepening Ways, which is as that Golden Jewel to us, For We Are Home.
Artist unknown. Under Etheric.
During AED’s and my beautiful moments as we attuned not only to our Divine Cosmic Union as Twin Flames, but first, “Sanat Kumara, deeply loved by us, came to say hello”. This was a beautiful moment bringing us closer once again, as has been happening often lately. Just afterwards, “we were joined by Saraswati, who came and said Welcome Home, Suryananda” so with these two Celestial Light Family members, Greatly Enhanced AED And Myself, Suryananda’s Beautiful And Profound Experiences as My Beloved was with me, As Together We Rose Above Gaia In Ever Deepening Ways.
 I know AED And Myself Are Very Excited For When We Return to The Coat Of Skin Body And All Those Deeply Profound Moments Which Await Us, Treasured as Always.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Sanat Kumara and One of The Divine Mothers, Saraswati.
Artist unknown. Under Creation, Etheric.