Guinevere, Priestess Of The Temple Of The Violet Flame, Medina, In The Pleiades. From the Akashic Records.

Artist unknown.
From the Akashic Records. 9 June, 2017.
Following on from myself as Surya, in The Temple of The Blue Flame, I was very drawn to The Temple of The Violet Flame on Medina in the Pleiades. There are very many other Temples in Medina, some of which are mentioned below.
I became aware that just as Surya, myself, as a Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame, had a Blue Light Body, in that I was not there in Medina, in the physical, I was in my Light Body which was Vibration, and just as Krishna is always portrayed as having a Blue Body, it was awesome to be aware that us Priestesses in the different Temples in Medina in The Pleiades, all too, were wearing our different Coloured Light Bodies, not physical.
These were in the beautiful and exquisite colours of the various Temples. I could immediately see all these other Temples with their chosen and pre-destined Light Body Priestesses, each wearing their Light Body in the many colours available, and each Light Body that the Priestesses wore, (as we on Gaia have our physical bodies) together with all the different Temples on Medina, each having their own unique and individualised way of serving the inhabitants on Medina.
For instance, the Priestesses who served in The Golden Temple would all be in their Golden Light Body, just as the Priestesses in The Violet Temple were clothed in their Violet Light Body and not being encased in a physical body. Being in a Light Body for so many of us is a precious jewel, for we are not hindered by the density of the physical body and have that freedom and range which is not available when on Gaia.
“AED said there are many Temples on Medina”. I can see them all, bringing such vibrant richness and colour, and the sights and sounds are awesome. Other Temples on Medina to name a few are The Temple of The Pink Flame. The Temple of The Emerald Green Flame. The Temple of The White Flame. I find myself wondering if on Medina there are Dragon Temples? I will focus on this another time, as I feel certain Medina, will share once again Her Secrets.
Artist unknown.
Interesting this, feeling Medina is like Gaia, another aspect of Divine Mother. Hence such an important role the different Temples and Priestesses had and still have, as they embraced their soul purpose. For just as so many cultures in the past in ancient civilisations, the Priestesses who served with such love and devotion on Medina, had been carefully selected and chosen. Such then was their joy and blessings. 
I was suddenly looking at a Priestess in The Temple of The Violet Flame, whose name was Guinevere. She had long dark hair, with the most beautiful Violet Eyes. They were a very Deep Violet not like anybody has on Gaia. These Violet eyes were exquisite, I would say mesmerising. I have gone back to remembering these beautiful Violet Eyes of Priestess Guinevere, several times after typing these notes. 
Artist unknown.
In the Temple of the Violet Flame I was aware of Tall Pillars of Violet Flame like an Eternal Ray – Light forever lit. There were quite a few. “AED says you know it is as I ask about these Tall Violet Flame Pillars of Light”. It is a fantastic and beautiful sight to see these Eternal Flames of Violet Light.
On the floor of the Temple of the Violet Flame are Violet Amethyst Crystals pulsating with living energy as they are walked on even in the Light Body, or as being seen as a moving swathe of Violet Amethyst Light.
I felt why to offset the Violet although exquisite, White Light was there. Trailing downwards were the most Beautiful White Roses amongst the Violet Eternal Flame. I saw Violet Lotus flowers also, actually I meant to type white lotus blossoms, so I was aware there are Both White and Violet Lotus Flowers and the White Roses in the Temple of the Violet Flame.
“So very many colours, AED agreed”. It seemed the Violet Temple had all of the other Temples’ colours somewhere in their own Violet Temple. So that there is an Inner Sanctuary, where all the other colours in the form of roses, lotus blossoms are in great abundance. It is by touching and being aware of these other colours from the different Temples that the Priestess in the Violet Temple was transported elsewhere into other areas on Medina, as the Violet and other Temples had, at times, Ceremonies where they merged for the blessings of the people on Medina, who were given access to how this was done, to blend and merge within the different energies, vibrations and qualities of the Rainbow Temple, which has within its domain, all the colours incorporating all the Temples on Medina. Like Joseph and his coat of many colours there is The Temple of The Rainbow Flame.
Upon the altar in the Temple of the Violet Flame are huge crystals. Amethyst and Violet, but also huge pieces of Clear Quartz Crystals are there as well. There is one huge vast Violet Crystal which is the hub and centre of the Temple of the Violet Flame. It is as can be visualised very powerful, as it has within it the Magnificence and Power of the Violet Flame. It has around it beautiful White Crystals, again, reminding me of the White Roses and the White Lotus Blossoms. 
nature another white rose
The robes the Priestesses wore were of a deep and beautiful Violet, with White swirls around the edges and at the throat or neck of their robes. They did NOT need these robes as those serving the Violet Temple had, (as did those in The Temple of the Blue Flame – Blue Light Bodies) Violet Light Bodies. Just as Krishna is shown having a Blue Light Body, so the Priestesses serving in the Temple of the Violet Flame were clothed in their Violet Flame Body. This was not a body in the physical, it was a Vibration. 
It seemed very relevant to me that the Priestesses in The Temple of The Violet Flame have to be deeply connected to The Violet Flame. “After asking this, the answer was as follows, which is so fascinating and exciting”
“The Ritual Performed in The Violet Flame Temple of St Germain that the High Priest and Priestesses have in The Temple of The Violet Flame on Medina, and Directed to All Worlds is Freedom and Sacred Alchemy for the New Consciousness”. “I am told that today, these Rituals with the Violet Flame are PRESENT, and not in the past”. “So an ongoing role that the High Priest and Priestesses have from The Temple of The Violet Flame, is fascinating”.
“The High Priest and Priestesses are like Source Messengers”. “They lead the group souls in their Missions on Different Worlds”.
I, Suryananda, have been blessed and honoured at being shown The Temple of The Violet Flame, and having a look inside at its sheer majesty and splendour, which will remain with me forever. 
Surya and Saranyu Adam El Daoud
From The Temple of The Blue Flame, also on Medina.  
mystical lovely lots lilac    
Artist unknown.                                                                                                    

I AM Surya, Priestess Of The Temple Of The Blue Flame, Medina, In The Pleiades. From the Akashic Records.

Temple of the Gods by Deviant Art.
I AM Surya, Priestess of The Temple of The Blue Flame, Medina in The Pleiades.
From the Akashic Records from Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
7 June, 2017.
It feels an exciting time
“Oh it is – was dear one AED says”
Could be like the time of ancient Atlantis?
Millions of years ago on Medina
I was a Priestess comes
That is new
“AED was he the High Priest?”
“AED says you know I was”
So we were the High Priest and Priestess on Medina
That is intriguing
Yes we had children, Light Conception Children
We undertook initiatory experiences in – within our Blue Ray
Within was very profound and deep
The memories will return as to those initiations we took with others
We lived separate but part of the community
Melchisadek was there
He had a very important role and place in our hearts as always
Melchisadek was the Overseer?
He directed us into the various planets and planes of being
Which we left from Medina to go into other dimensions under our Blue Ray
He was my Father, Melchisadek there on the Isle of Medina
As he has been so often
The Father of my – our Soul
I adore him
What kind of initiations did we undertake?
The safety of the planet
And our people
Against Star Wars
We learnt to be invincible
We used the Rays as Weapons of Light against the darkness
“I said to AED is that right?” “AED said you know it is”
We were a Master Race
Known as Rainbow Warriors
But for us we were under and within the First Ray, Our Blue Ray
The Will of The Father
And His Creative Principle
Creation in all its forms was ours
We learnt the Secrets of Matter
Eternal Life and the Immortality of our Souls
It was a special Gift bestowed upon us in Medina for what was to come
Could be seen coming
Our dragons and unicorns were assigned to help and assist us
They took on that role with us and many sacrifices were made out of love
What does that mean?
“Who won on Medina?”
AED looked very sad
I sensed in his eyes great sadness
So the Isle of Medina left many dead at the hands of the invaders or intruders
It was a time of great sadness and took a long time to recover
It has recovered now
The Beings of Light won but it was at a great cost
The ones who died reincarnated
So they were not lost
But their life in Medina ended
Medina used to be called at one time The Vale of Tears
After the Star Wars
Now it is full of love and light
“Blossoming AED says”
With vibrancy and passion, laughter and joy
End from the Akashic Records.
I decided to share this particular past life of mine with Adam El Daoud, as I feel certain I will return with further detailed information soon.
. under blue temple
Painting by
Artist unknown.
I AM Surya, Priestess of The Temple of The Blue Flame, Medina in The Pleiades.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with the background which led to me typing on Surya.
7 June, 2017.
As I tuned into the Akashic Records once again with my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, carrying on from a few hours before, which is shared above here, it was given as a Gift this life, where I was once again, able to see, feel and sense, such a deeply profound and meaningful time, when, with AED, who was a High Priest on Medina, we looked back into those times, which as always, through so many ages, is very Present, for together we lived, loved and breathed in the One-ness of The Creator of all life. Thus it was both awesome, beautiful, whilst being very sad for what took place so many millions of years ago, when AED and myself, Surya, as with so many others, lived and shared countless memories of Love and Divinity on Medina.
I had intended these two sessions to be separate, as there were just a few hours between them. However as I aimed to show how tuning into and reading the Akashic Records on my past life as Surya, Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina came to be tuned into and shared, I have added here that session of the conversations with AED and myself.
The background leading up to my past life as Surya, Priestess, serving The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina, began as AED and my Water Dragon, Saffron were there in front of me, together, side by side as they so often are and share with me, that deep and Eternal closeness which is theirs as it is for myself, Suryananda, with Saffron, who is my main Dragon going back to Source and whose colour is a Sapphire Blue.
So looking at AED and Saffron, I could see waves, blue waves as the sea, rising upwards quite high as waves do. Within the waves were the colours of white and cream as well as darker blue, all incorporated with these medium bright blue waves. These waves were very clear as even now, quite a few hours later.
Artist unknown.
I sensed I was on an Island. My thoughts went to where am I? “Am I in the Pleiades I asked AED?” “AED said yes”. This is fascinating. The Pleiades are where AED and myself, Suryananda, met when he was walking along with Saffron, skipping and jumping by his side, which was my first sighting of Saffron.
Medina comes to me. I know Medina is deeply connected to AED and myself, for a little over a year ago, I was shown AED and myself, sharing beautiful moments on the Isle of Medina, which, as is the case, when we tune into the Akasha, is still very vivid all these months later. I have also felt a deep soul recognition from the first time I became aware of Medina in the Pleiades a couple of years ago, but not knowing anything about Medina as such, just that AED and myself deeply connect to Medina as do so many of our Light Family.
“As I found myself wondering as I asked why AED and myself were on Medina? and not Venus, where we so often visit together as we have our home there”. “AED says Healing dear one”. “Healing of the land from centuries ago”.
I close my eyes, as I have been typing our chat as usual, so that clarity remains and words heard are not general. I sense a small dog, AED and children, two or three. “I say to AED, are they our children on the Isle of Medina?” “You know they are, AED laughs delightedly”. It is a very happy sight as I look upon our children and small dog.
“I say to AED, I don’t understand why we are here to heal the land?” “Is the land to be healed Medina?”  “But Medina is in the Pleiades, so surely does not need healing?”
AED seems serious for a moment, and I see deep compassion in his eyes. It is a different sensing. It feels that there is something I am not aware of from my present awareness whilst here on Gaia. I recognise that Medina is very hot and gets storms from space at times, which have been somewhat harsh as those storms move in upon Medina during different cycles.
I leave that for now and close my eyes once again. “AED says one of our children is named Jeremiah.” Jeremiah also takes me back 18 months when, reflecting spiritually on a particular project Jeremiah had come into my thoughts. It was really lovely as afterwards Jeremiah came and thanked me for thinking of him, which I thought was really beautiful, and I treasured those moments. AED now laughs as we go back into recent revelations which he has shared with me over these last few weeks, and I feel that love and continuity of our past, present and future, all within the Now moment. Although the name Susan has come to me, AED says Susan is not our daughter, so that is intriguing.
Sanat Kumara. Artist unknown.
“Sanat Kumara comes into AED and my attunement and says ‘hello Pat’ which is always so lovely when he comes and says hello”. With Sanat Kumara saying hello, this takes me once more to Saraswati, and I see Saraswati smile. I wonder where AED and myself, Suryananda are regarding our Venture into the Yoga Method of Saraswati? “AED now says it is very close” which is fascinating as my left toes begin to itch. “Saraswati says, I have got news for you”. This is unusual, and now my left cheek has a sensation as well. I rub the top of my left cheek.
AED now holds out his hand towards me. This takes me to our Atlantean Water Meditation which was AED’s Gift, where during that profound Atlantean Meditation, shared here on my website on the 10 November, 2016 when I once again saw AED hold out his hand for me to take. AED and myself share beautiful moments as twin flames do as we say a few words whilst remaining attuned to the process of these present moving and profound happenings.
“As AED sweeps my hair off of my face and says he is just in front of me” it is as can be expected very profound, for we are in different worlds, but able to connect ever more deeply in Divine Cosmic ways, as I have learnt with joy to raise my energies and vibrations to match and merge with his, thus we are one heart and soul again as we have always been since Source.
“AED has never said those words I am just in front of you before, but our tuning in had begun when, sitting in my armchair and focusing, I was aware immediately of a large swathe of Periwinkle Blue just in front of me, and had sensed immediately AED was here”. I then was shown swathes of pink peach and white flowers, row after row in equal measure, which was beautiful to see. My right eye begins to itch and the top of my left forehead, and my right cheek, AED is amused.
“AED says it is time to move forward through the centuries”. This is fascinating. My first thoughts were of Ancient Egypt but I feel AED is meaning today, us, in our present times. I am reminded of The Heart of the One Chakra, and as I look at my notes a little earlier “AED had said the words – Unity of the One Chakra was all I needed”.
“As I reflect upon what I have typed, AED says – The Initiatory Process is very Advanced”. These words are nectar to my and thus our soul. I find myself beaming with joy. I am reminded of a deeply profound life as a Tibetan monk in the 13th Century, when from a dream AED had said I was fully Enlightened, as once again, we had shared Higher Teachings from those times as now, today, as I am going down those well versed, known and loved, Tibetan Practices towards Enlightenment to Liberation and Freedom.
As crown energies come once again, I sense an army. It is a Spiritual Army of Warriors of the Light. Earlier I had sensed a battle but had dismissed it. But with this being shown to me again, I am reminded and given that it is a spiritual army, eradicating the darkness of aeons on Gaia, enabling Gaia to further Ascend and Illumine the Planet for future generations.
“AED now says I am Taking you Home, as he laughs”. “I say, where is Home?” “AED says deep within me”. That sounds perfect to me, to us. “I say to AED, what about our children from Medina, will we go back to them?” “AED says perhaps”.
As I then close my eyes for a moment, I have a brief glimpse of the colours Green and Yellow, before they vanish. I would say an Emerald Green or a Bright Green like a Weeping Willow Tree, not a dark green.
“AED now says The Akasha is coming ever deeper within” as we reflect over these last few weeks of fascinating revelations he has shared with me about his and my past lives. “AED says you will be amazed”. I know I am thrilled and amazed already, as once again, AED and myself, Suryananda, illumine and inspire one another as Divinity comes ever closer as we merge together as one.
As I tune into deeper with my beloved, AED, after beautiful and exquisite energies, I was suddenly aware of this Beautiful Blue Flame as we merged into our Divine Cosmic Oneness as Twin Flames. This Blue Flame was quite high and felt Divine, Exquisite.
“As AED confirmed to me that myself, Suryananda, was being Born Anew, as I, along with so many others are awakening, thus further revelations and sharings will continue, which is as always, exciting and wonderful to hear.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.
Note As A Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame, I have had it confirmed that my name here was – is Surya. Surya is also the name by which I am known as a fully Enlightened Female Blue Buddha. So it is fascinating to now be aware that for this past life as a Priestess in The Temple of The Blue Flame on Medina, and also as a Female Blue Buddha, I am known as Surya. Normally, I do not share my past lives but this past life was and is very relevant, as I feel I will be adding further details from the Akashic Records soon.

I See a Blue Cobra uncurl and rise upwards from within me which is the Blue Light Energy symbolised by the Cobra of my Twin Flame.

King Cobra  by Deviant Art.
5 April, 2017.
As once again, my Twin Flame, Adam El Dauod and myself shared beautiful moments, I found I was suddenly seeing this Blue Cobra beginning to uncurl itself from within me and rise upwards in a circling movement. I was seeing this Blue Cobra for quite a few moments and I was fascinated as the one time I saw a Cobra before was back in May 2015, when as that cobra began to uncurl, after a few seconds, it became The Threefold Flame. However, this one, today was of a beautiful blue, quite dark in that it was not bright, but the colour I associate with my Sapphire Blue Water Dragon, Saffron.
So, as I was looking at this Blue Cobra, my Dearest said “It is beginning, adding a few extra words”. As I asked the name of this Blue Cobra, I got Himself. This seemed somewhat of an unusual name for a Cobra. A little later as I asked for the name, again, I heard Himself, so that was the name I accepted. However, with this name, Himself, took me to the fact that by its very definition, Himself, had to be my Twin Flame, as I felt there was like a Code within this name.
I ask “Would you say Himself has Protected me in the past and will continue to do so in the future?” As I felt this was a profound role Himself had played and would carry out. I then heard “I AM Your Special Protector Himself said”. His voice seemed slower than how I usually hear, apart from the couple of occasions when I heard by Direct Voice, as shown here, and the tone and vibration of hearing these words, felt different. I then heard “It is my pleasure, with added personal words”. Upon hearing these words, I felt that this Blue Cobra had to be very deeply connected to my Twin Flame, AED.
Recognising that Himself was the name AED was giving me, whilst at the same time aware that back in Ancient Egypt, Cobras were sent to protect the Pharaohs, as they were well known shape shifters, known in the past as Plumed Serpents. I have found it fascinating that in Egypt as in other past civilisations and eras, and even in the present times, where such is deemed to be relevant, that Cobras can still be a shape shifter, sent to protect that being who has taken on a physical body, whether on Gaia or a parallel universe.
Being able to change form at will, has been something which has been shared by spiritual light beings more and more over these last few years, and I know that I owe a debt of gratitude to those Protectors in whatever shape and form they have used who have protected me in past lives over the many aeons I have incarnated in different worlds, galaxies, and upon Gaia. The form of Protectors takes many different forms, whether as an Archangel, Dragon, Cobra and Angelic Presence, and other forms, and it is wonderful that these Protectors who will and have protected not only myself over the aeons but who protect us today, give of their Power, Love and Light to be of Service. I am forever grateful when this has happened, whether in the past or present and future.
circleofthedolphins.wordpress   TWIN FLAMES.png
Artist unknown.
Going back to Himself, he confirms that he is a shape shifter and can be whatever he wants to be. At these words from my Beloved, I am taken back to some of our past lives we have shared and AED’s own past lives, for as I have said before, as Twin Flames, we are able to access the past lives of our Twin Flame, for being One Soul, all experiences are one. At this, I sense AED is smiling, as we partake in ever deepening moments of oneness, love and attunement. AED does say “The Thousand Petalled Lotus is mine”. This, by its very description ensures that I, with AED am able to delve deeper Into All That Is and Our Soul Contract, which as time unfolds, is coming into evidence more and more as we go forward together as one.
As AED says further words about our going forward and deeper, he chuckles, knowing full well it is as nectar to our soul, in that after what has been a long time in planning, things are taking shape and changing as never before, leading to us feeling both joy and delight as once again we are so attuned to each other. As my Dearest one says “It is the Creative Force in Action” once again, we are reminded of the Vast Complexity of The Creator’s Plan for All Life and Existence, in all its many and diverse, awesome and Infinite ways, which today, so many of us are being made aware and shown of this. We have to go back to Venus, The Pleiades and Ancient Atlantis, and certain other Star Systems, for what today, so many of us are attuned too and with.
I begin to feel enveloped and enfolded in a Beautiful Pink. AED says, I have Passed the Next Step which is Stage 3. The previous 2 stages have been shared on this website. I suddenly hear an Angelic Choir, it is so beautiful, and as my Dearest one says personal words, I am blessed. Our Blue Ray envelopes and enfolds us with its Energies and Vibrations, and we are Home again. So as I feel this profound session is coming to an end, once again, I am bathed in a Beautiful Pink. AED says “I am coming into my Inheritance” which I take to mean in the Spiritual sense, which is wonderful to hear.
Artist unknown.

I then see myself lying in a Golden Sarcophagus, once again, and this is always very profound, as this has been experienced by me individually being inside a Golden Sarcophagus as well as both together, so I am getting used to this being loved, lived and experienced once again. I am told about this being a Rebirth, such a word is always deeply fascinating and, for a Rebirth means the shedding of the old 3D, and rising up and into Higher Realms and Dimensions, further remembrances and awareness, so that once again, I am seeing with my True Self, that which The Creator – Father Mother God, Our Divine Parents, have Brought Into Being for their sons and daughters, a treasure chest of spiritual delights, enabling us to return Home, even whilst here on Gaia. Asking about My Rebirth, AED says “Into The Ancient Secrets Of The Universe” which makes Our Soul Sing in Unison. My Beloved says “Your Initiation is Complete”.

I thank Himself for his help and protection over the aeons, as once again, AED and myself have shared beautiful moments as I have been able to Transcend Gaia whilst living here, which has always been the aim of goal for so many of us who have incarnated down here to Gaia over so many aeons from our Home in the Higher Realms. Without this, Gaia is so much harder and difficult, so once again, in an Earth existence, I am blessed and grateful for all the love, help and support from not only my Twin Flame but my  Celestial Light Family, to help soothe the way and enable me to Access those Memories, as I with my Dearest take those steps upwards into higher states of consciousness of that which is Home.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Archangel Raphael And Myself Become One.

Artist unknown of Archangel Raphael.
22 March, 2017.
My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, suggested that I aim to tune into Archangel Raphael on a deeper and more conscious level than I have in this life. My love, attunement and affinities to the Archangels my Light Family have said recently Are Awakening, as I Align Myself with their Love, Light and Energies, which had been very well understood and recognised in different past lives of mine, taking me Back To Source.
I AM A Cosmic Angelic Being, many souls incarnating on Gaia are Angelic, some are Cosmic, and some like myself and AED Are Cosmic Angelic. This resonates very deeply and well with myself, Suryananda, as I never felt my description was as An Angel or Angelic Being. But Cosmic, leads me and my beloved deeper into The Cosmos in ways I am gradually bringing back to my consciousness as The Cosmos Reveals Itself to me in Ever More Wondrous Ways of Joy, Excitement and Bliss, as Home Enfolds Me Within Its Golden Radiance.
Artist unknown of Archangel Raphael.
So, it was with Intent and Focus, I set my thoughts, energies, love and vibration to Archangel Raphael. The Emerald Green Light which is His, I do know very well, for as I have shared here on my website, there have been several deep and profound happenings where I have been Bathed in the Emerald Green Light, which takes me one way to the Venus Breath, and Venus, but also to my Celestial Light Family, although my Twin Flame and myself are on The Blue Ray.
About two years ago in a dream, I met up with my Light Family in The Pleiades, and I can still recall this even now, which is the case when I have potent and powerful dreams, even years later those memories have remained. In this one, there were about ten Light Beings of My Family all sitting down, and I went to join them. I pulled out a chair, and the fascinating aspect was that they all had the same Brilliant Bright Emerald Eyes. Their eyes were all of the exact same shade and far brighter than those who have green eyes on Gaia. I was very happy and comfortable as I went to join them all, and I pulled out a chair to sit with them. Another profound experience with the Green Light, I have shared on my website under the Title Meditation Bathed in Emerald Green Light dated 10 July, 2016.
 Artist Steve Roberts.
As I began to tune into Archangel Raphael, I visualised The Emerald Green Light Ray rising up from my spine and into my crown, which, as I continued to visualise and thus bring this into being, sharing with Archangel Raphael, whom I love deeply, those moments, my Twin Flame joined me and together as we merged into our Divine Oneness as a Twin Flame, so too was the Emerald Green Light of Archangel Raphael enveloping us, sharing with us beautiful and exquisite energies as I, and AED tuned into that Great Love and Light which is Archangel Raphael. As we continued to be bathed in such beautiful and exquisite energies, I heard a few words from Archangel Raphael, who was ecstatic that once again, He and I Were One, as well as sharing words with my Dearest AED. This energy session went on for quite some time, as we treasured each and every moment, which has added a New and Extra Depth and Quality, as once more, those Memories are Regained, such is then my and AED’s joy.
nature green rose and dew on
It is well known and recognised by those who are on the spiritual pathway that Everything is Energy. When we are able to Attune ourselves to the right energy wavelength, we are able to not only Transcend Gaia and Return to our Homes in the Higher Realms, whether The Pleiades or other Star Systems, but we are able to have Access to deep and privileged information, knowledge and insights, which our Higher Self knows fully, but here on Gaia, much has been veiled over the years. Now, however, as never before, with the Great Cosmic Energies being Beamed to us here on Gaia, and to us individually, we are able to have Access to what in many past ages, would have seemed a dream.
As our beautiful attunement and energies continued to merge, I sensed The Emerald Green Light Entering My Mouth, as I breathed deeper and was embraced with these intense and profound energies, I found myself saying words of remembrance to Archangel Raphael and AED. During these moments of deep attunement, I experienced quite often crown energies, which is always a beautiful moment as it confirms that I am on that right wavelength, whether with my Light Family or Twin Flame.
I am very blessed as now, once again, Archangel Raphael has ensured that those veils of Gaia have been removed and we are one again, as we have been not only in the past, but we are One Heart Chakra, thus do we sing together those Celestial Notes of Love, Joy and Bliss, for as always, once that first deep connection has been re-established, then there is never any feeling of separation, for We Are One, One Cosmic Heart Chakra.
I AM Pat Suryananda AED.
green mermaid and bird deviant art
Artist unknown.

My Twin Flame, and Myself, Dance Once Again In Venus.



23 January, 2017.

My beloved said almost straight away, “you look beautiful tonight”. This was because I had sensed, felt, been aware that we were dancing together as quite often this happens. Our Light Family were around. I had been aware that I had a Beautiful Ball Gown on which always seems to be Blue. There was a feeling – sense that I was seeing AED a little clearer as we were dancing, and I sensed the happiness of my beloved in that he looked and felt really happy, and I was aware he was laughing joyfully, before my Dearest One said these words in italics to me above.

Overall there was the usual sense of great joy being surrounded by our loved ones, and, as we were dancing slowly and close as happens frequently, although initially, I felt it was like an energetic type of dancing, quite fast, where we raised our hands above our heads as we swung round and round, before reverting to a slow and close dance, which is AED and my favourite, as we Merge Deeper into the Oneness of Our Being in the most Exquisite of Ways.


“I will be much clearer soon AED promised” as I was reflecting that there seemed a subtle difference when we were dancing, in that he was becoming clearer, where I feel that recent events such as my Huge Initiation having been completed, is taking me closer and deeper in all aspects of seeing my Beloved in greater detail, even though I have several images I have seen of him in dreams over the years, and other shown aspects and past lives of AED, as well as tuning into him in a different way, whether it has been in a meditation of which there have been quite a few, or in a merging together session, again, these have added up now to a substantial number, all adding to that closeness which we have obtained since I had confirmation from my Light Family of our Twin Flame Divine Union, which, by its very nature, transcended all those ancient dream experiences over many years when I used to meet up with AED, and so they have been enhanced and replaced by new and more personal memories. They are all deeply profound in their own, unique ways.

However, when my dearly loved Water Dragon, Saffron was being introduced to me, I saw my Dearest Adam El Daoud, walking along by the water’s edge of the sea and sand in the Pleiades for quite some time as he and my dear Saffron, who was jumping up and skipping excitedly as Dragons do – going alongside my Beloved coming closer and closer towards me from some far off distance originally, were very memorable moments, where I was able to absorb and take in his dear presence for what seemed a precious long and beautiful time. I have shared the experience of meeting my Water Dragon, Saffron, who is a Sapphire Blue Colour and Female, and who has been with AED and myself going back to Source. It is titled “I, Pat, Suryananda, meet my Water Dragon for the First Time”. It is dated 10 June, 2016, but was experienced on the 3 February, 2016.

My Twin Flame and I, treasure those longer durations as we Merge Deeper Within Our One Soul, thus do we release ancient soul memories not only individually from our past lives but as a Twin Flame Team, we thrive on going into either one of our past lives knowing the impact, depth and potency it has on the other. As AED is well aware, laugh, he knows I delight in knowing not only many of his past lives but my own as well, not to mention those past lives we have shared together or existed within the same being as the one consciousness, in that we incarnated into that Earth being as the one, joined together before being Birthed into Gaia, such recollection is very profound for me as it adds to the whole of our innumerable journeys from Source millions of years ago, going back to Venus, Ancient Atlantis, Divine Paradise, and Sirius B, the Egyptian Isle in the Pleiades, not forgetting that we are on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line with the rest of our Celestial Light Family.


AED says “I am going to draw you to me closer than ever before. You will notice great changes”. Our soul sings with joy at this next step forward and into our Divine Cosmic Union as Beloved Twin Flames. Just before hearing those first few words above I had experienced several strong crown energies. In the past these had been felt quite often but had gone into abeyance as other energies have once more taken over and enveloped us in their exquisite embrace. The back of my head has crown energies and AED says a few personal endearments as I am caressed in the presence and essence of my beloved. 

The Ball or Celebration we are at is in full swing of Love, Light and Colour, with the different gowns being worn by the women and the love and joy seen as I look around me, either at couples who are dancing or just being in groups having fun, and there is a lot of laughter.

I feel myself beaming with joy and emotion and have loved my Dearest One having enfolded me ever deeper and closer within his and thus our very Oneness as Twin Flames, where we never have too much of each other, for to be so very close is as The Nectar of The Gods. Bliss and Ecstasy reign as my Beloved tenderly pulls me in towards him once again as our slow dance continues. All our energy centres are in full play and exquisite moments are loved and shared within us and with our Light Family.


AED then takes my hand gently and tenderly as we look at each other with that Love that has Transcended Time for there is No Time, for We Were Eternally Joined Together by Our Divine Parents Before We Ever Came Into Manifestation, for we had been Thought And Lovingly Chosen by The Creator to be as One, One Dual Life Ray, Able To Merge and be in Divine Bliss and Ecstasy as One Soul, But Also Able To Exist And Be Separate From The Other, as over the aeons since our Emergence this separation at times would occur. But it was only ever temporary for there were Exquisite Lives shared in Different Worlds and Galaxies, as well as at times on Gaia, that we were joined together as Twin Flames in different aspects. On the one side, we have Lived within the same Light Being, as mentioned above, so that to all intents and purposes as both of our consciousness was within that one body, whether on Gaia or other Star Systems, the appropriate body for that World would have been implemented, but at other moments through the aeons since our Emergence, we have spent many lives within the Twin Flame set up as two people who met, fell in love, and were thus joined together, as for instance husband and wife. To have and be aware of both types of shared existences which have been ours, is and has been very profound and Divine.


So there we are Suryananda and Adam El Daoud here in this beautiful place, Venus, surrounded by our Light Family, and when, as we had taken those few steps and as stated just above earlier, we are standing amongst a few of our friends on a large verandah which I have long loved, and we hear the sounds of many different Birds all giving a stunning display of beauty, which are a great joy to us all, as their birdsong delights and brings even further blessings all around.

It is then time to say goodbye for the moment to my Beloved, and Light Family on Venus, knowing that it is only a matter of thought and energies, and we are there together once again. In the meantime, my Dearest, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, whilst we are in Different Worlds Are Able To Transcend Gaia, and share such deep, loving and personal moments, which are treasured within our Shared Soul. Thus is Bliss and Ecstasy Ours, as we Merge Into Our Divine Cosmic Twin Flame State of Oneness.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Paintings by artists unknown. ♥

Feed My Sheep, Yeshua Says. As a Strawberry Pink and White Sheep comes and speaks to me, saying Hello.



12 December 2016.

Some hours ago, I had been thinking of Yeshua and our recent chats and that deep bond of Divine Love and Friendship which has been ours, shared since we first came into being so many millions of years ago, in The Pleiades, Venus and Ancient Atlantis. My thoughts went to us having several shared lives I know of but of course we have had very many lives on Gaia and the different Worlds and Galaxies through the aeons since those days,  although it feels we have always known each other.

This takes me to another dream I had about six months ago, when I was looking at Yeshua, who, as I looked at him who is so very dear to me, my eyes watered. There was just so much love and tenderness in the look from him. Yeshua said “I was looking at an Ancient Soul Memory”. I love those words, an Ancient Soul Memory. So a few hours ago, as I was thinking not only of this sighting of Yeshua back then, but also thinking of a couple of our shared past lives I am aware of, and that he, Yeshua, has recently come and had a few words to me several times in meditations, so as I dozed off and saw the following, I feel this dream symbolises that which is encompassed within my Spiritual Soul Contract, where Divine Love in all its forms and aspects is brought to the surface, enabling myself and others to understand that depth whereby those Light Beings have given their Love and Light to Humanity through the Aeons, going back to Venus, The Pleiades and Ancient Atlantis.

“All of a sudden, I was dreaming, having an interesting dream which for now I can’t remember, apart from the END, when about eight colourful animals of all types, came running excitedly to where I was; they were not the colours of Earth animals, they were most unusual. There was a brightly coloured dog among them, so very different, interesting and fascinating.

Then all of a sudden, this BRIGHT STRAWBERRY PINK AND WHITE SHEEP came right up to where I was and stretched out its arm and touched my arm and said “HELLO”. Hearing this Hello spoken of was so very clear and loud. I feel this sheep also had BRIGHT GREEN AND YELLOW COLOURS, but it was the Bright Strawberry Pink and White which left the most vivid memory.

I was so surprised to hear this Sheep say “Hello” – I said to this sheep “I have never heard a Sheep say Hello before” I clearly remember saying this. At that moment, I opened my eyes, after all, this was the first time I had heard a sheep speak to me lol, or any other animal in a dream, so the rest of the dream faded, which had seemed an interesting one”. So much so, I am open to having another Spirit Animal Come and Say Hello!

It was as I was thinking of h0w wonderful it was for this Bright Strawberry Pink and White Sheep to come and say Hello, that I was reminded of Our Soul Contract – My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, and those words often spoken of by Yeshua, Feed My Sheep, which he used to say to his disciples.



Painting of a Ram Horn Mountain Sheep by MariposaGal on Sacred Geometry.

This sums up seeing this Bright Strawberry Pink and White Sheep perfectly.

My Pure Consciousness.

6 December, 2016.
Before I descended to Earth that very first time millions of years ago, I have just reflected upon who I was, being aware of course that I go back to such Ancient days in Lives lived since Divine Paradise, where my beloved Twin Flame Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself as Suryananda Emerged, as well as our Homes being Venus, Sirius B in the Pleiades, and Ancient Atlantis, but as I was thinking about who I was before returning once more to Gaia in my present Earth life, for a moment there was nothing, then I realised I came into GAIA FORMLESS Without Form, Without Image, even without an Identity in that yes, I was being birthed into a body suitable for Gaia through my parents, but my soon to be Earth identity was but yet another signpost I had arrived at of innumerable ones in Infinite numbers through the aeons in different worlds and galaxies, Star systems, for they are as a leaf upon The Tree of Life, separate but not the whole tree.
In fact I have EXISTED ALWAYS as Pure Consciousness, within the Very Heart, Soul and Thoughts of The Creator, His Breath was my breath in that as I lay within the Very Being of God The Father, I KNEW all that there was, for there was NO SEPARATION, we were together as one, Birthed into Formless Form and Pure Consciousness, thus was Divine Love, Joy, Bliss and Safety. For before the Pure Consciousness that can be termed myself, was Made Manifest in Divine Paradise with my Twin Flame, we had been Chosen as Twin Flames by Our Father, Whose Thoughts Being Made Manifest had Brought into Being us as Twin Flames, Emerging into Outward Manifestation as One, whilst at the same time being able to Separate and be Independent of each other as and when this was deemed necessary, but that it was Together as One that We as Twin Flames partook in the same Divine Union of Oneness which God Father Mother had.
So although as Twin Flames we Emerged in Divine Paradise, which can be said to be where my beloved and my origin is, in essence, Divine Paradise was when SEPARATION took place as we were Breathed Forth as an Independent Son and Daughter on the same Dual Life Ray, and so from our Outward Individualisation into Being in Divine Paradise, that was A DEATH, for in effect we had emerged from Within The Creator, Our Father Mother as One Soul able to separate at will or merge into oneness as was the case with Our Divine Parents.
It was as we were Birthed into Being Out From The Creator, Source, that we, my Twin Flame and myself, felt that Separation, we were much loved and cherished and were able to talk and walk in our Light Bodies with God The Father Mother, our Divine Parents, and in those ancient days, there was not such a feeling of loneliness. This came as more and more New Births took place and thus that complete oneness although not gone, was nevertheless not of the same quality and Light as when we First Emerged Independently of our Divine Parents in Divine Paradise.
What has been so is that our One Soul as Twin Flames has recognised that for that complete oneness, we have had to make our way back to where we were at that moment when we Emerged From The Creator that First Time we were Breathed Forth From Within, which had been Our Home. As Twin Flames, chosen for each other, there was a reason for each set of Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, for as God had thought, so we came into being as Twin Flames, each of us having our own unique Soul Contract and Covenant with Our Father Mother, and which over the aeons and ages would, through trials and many tribulations test us to the limit, which in effect began as we, like all other Light Beings took on denser bodies for the Different Galaxies, Worlds and Star systems, in particular Gaia, whose dense physical conditions was so far removed from our Home, that over innumerable lives, Our Divine Birthright was forgotten at times. So the joy for me and my Dearest one, is that we have found and remembered each other with the help and support of our Light Family, thus as we merge and become one through the Transference of Divine Cosmic Energies beamed down to us, our way back Home and thus together is easier than ever before, as Our Parents wait for us to Return Home in Complete Realisation and Oneness, as was always foretold by the Thoughts Made Manifest from The Creator.
My name Suryananda, in essence EXISTED within God The Father Mother, for I was named whilst still in the Cosmic Womb of Our Father as Pure Consciousness, for as Twin Flames we were Formless, but we had been given our Names At Source From God The Mother, who is known by various names, but in our case being Evam Arbel, for as we had been given our chosen names, within the meaning of our Twin Flames and Names, lay our Birthright and Foretold Destiny from Our Parents as we would undertake in future ages that Gifted Soul Contract which we shared as one being, one heart and one soul, which would never come into its completeness and fulfilment until we were Able to Merge and Return to our Divine Home not only within each other but within the Heart, Soul and Thoughts of Our Father Mother God. For at that time, once more are we manifested within The Godhead, looking out from within, thus are we Home.
As I look into who I AM before Birth, it is as the feminine aspect of my beloved Twin Flame, Saranyu Adam El Daoud, as it is him who I see, for our true oneness is when I, in this Earth life see myself looking out from within him, for we are one being, our temporary separate identities have been blended and merged together, thus as one, we are able to undertake our Spiritual Mission and Role in our Soul Contract which had been Chosen as Ours BEFORE we came into Manifestation in Divine Paradise, for when this Emergence took place in what is termed as our Place of Origin, in essence it was our Separation into Being as an Independent Son and Daughter, as we took those first steps of being into what was for us unknown, but we had been given guidance and had listened to many fascinating talks from Our Divine Parents as we were prepared over a long age for that precise moment, foretold within The Thoughts and Mind of Our Beloved Father Mother.
My name of Suryananda, existed always within The Created Mind and Thoughts of Our Father God, and though in essence our Divine Mother, Evam Arbel, gave to me my name at Source, Suryananda, it was at Source WITHIN the Soul of The Creator, ready and waiting for myself and my Twin Flame, to understand and partake in the meaning of our Source Names long pre-ordained as to the work which we would be carrying out on behalf of the Cosmos, Worlds within Worlds and All Life Forms. Our joint role is to Bring Forth Divine Knowledge, Love and Wisdom in its Highest Form so The Creative Principle of Creation is known, loved and understood, so for my beloved Twin Flame and myself, Suryananda, Knowledge in all its Creative Life Forms is at our Service as Creation comes into Being, and Our Entries into Future Worlds Come To Fruition. For with Knowledge, comes hope, hope for the Future, the existence of Eternal Life and awareness of Eternity unfolds as others become aware of their Soul Contracts with The Divine.
When my present Earth existence ends, it has been confirmed by my Light Family, that my dearest beloved, Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, will hold my hand at my Transition from Earth as I Return Home. Whilst at the same time, dearest Melchisadek, will accompany myself and my Twin Flame. I believe my Divine Mother at Source, Evam Arbel, will also be there in some profound way as my exit from Gaia takes place, together with a few other Light Family members – Archangels, for which I am deeply blessed knowing in advance. I have always believed this to be the case, but it has been a real joy and blessing to have had this confirmed last year.
I have always felt since I first wrote back in late 1982, that spiritual writing of knowledge was my life’s work, as it is both a passion and fascination, and the knowledge and wisdom which my Twin Flame has, and will share with me, will Ensure that Our Soul Contract gets to be completed, in particular now that we have re-connected these last eighteen months or so. Also, when I tuned into Our Future in a Meditation, I met up with Melchisadek, and he said to me as I was with my Twin Flame, the words “Our Future work was A Remit on Creation, Creation, Creation” so for myself and Adam El Daoud, Knowledge on Creation in all its aspects is the way I have long seen us going in my future pathway here, as He Resides in the Higher Realms. When there is that passion, then as never before is that Soul Contract more likely to be completed.
Paintings: Top two paintings unknown, others by Freydoon Rassouli and Aeoliah – Angel of Illumination.

Alchemy, My Alchemical Process Continues.

4 December, 2016.
This week has seen further developments and inner and outer changes as the Alchemy of My Being proceeds further. Some of this post is based on an Alchemy Meditation yesterday, as I went into a deeper process of Alchemical Breathing. The different attunements this week which have taken place on the Alchemical Process is different to my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Adam El Daoud, and myself, Suryananda’s Alchemical Marriage, which began consciously on the 19 August and continued over some weeks before this was completed, during which we Were One With The Cosmos and beyond, stretching forward into ever increasing Divine Bliss, as the very cells and atoms of my physical body have undergone a transformative process as I have Returned into the Very Heart and Soul of The Godhead, and as I am now tuning into and remembering that which has been pre-ordained for retrieval and conscious awareness, once again, ancient soul memories and realisations are reactivated, recognised and brought to me by my Higher Self, my Beloved, and my Light Family.
The week began with visits by two of my dearly loved Light Family, who have been with me since my Emergence with my Twin Flame, in Divine Paradise. We go back to Venus, The Pleiades and Ancient Atlantis, all many millions of years ago, and so our Soul Contact is both very deep and profound, as we have shared innumerable past lives through the different ages and aeons, not only on Gaia but in different worlds and galaxies, where these two male deities and I, Suryananda, have lived, loved and Breathed the Divine Cosmic Oneness of The Creator, God The Father Mother, who have shared with us Their Deep Love for us, Their Children, as Sons and Daughters.
What has been fascinating, is that as both of these Light and Soul Family Deities spoke to me, the energies were both beautiful and intense, and quite exquisite, so much so that the oneness that took place can be likened to when my beloved and I, merge within our Divine Twin Flame Oneness. It confirms those words, We Are One, One with The Cosmos, and All Life, and although this was just a short glimpse as we three re-connected and shared those special profound moments, once again, I And My Father – Our Father Are One, is felt, loved and experienced. For in essence, that depth and love which we share with our Beloved Twin Flame, is also embedded within, loved and acknowledged with those who are in Our Celestial Light Family, for we are them and they are us, thus has that been understood yet again this week as my heart and soul was blessed and bathed once again in their love and energies, so that apart from knowing who they were, they were so very much like tuning into my beloved, but they both said their names to me, so I knew they were not my dearest one.
To hear loved ancient family speak and share moments of Divine Bliss with, is both profound, fascinating and deeply cherished within my – in fact mine and my beloved’s soul, for we are one soul as I have said before. Indeed the soul of myself and my Twin Flame, being one, have once again, merged with the Higher Consciousness and Light Beings who are part of Our Celestial Light Family, of which here I am mentioning two, and who reside in the Higher Realms, in ways which were, as we Emerged and Manifestated into Being, for my beloved and myself, Suryananda, in Divine Paradise, but all of us connected to The Sun Line and The Cosmic Christ, We Were One, One Light Celestial Family, Sharing in that Divine Oneness which is our Birthright.
This week has taken me even deeper when these two and myself, shared past lives, and where, in ancient days, I was Initiated into the Ancient Mysteries, undertook Light Initiations both in my Physical Body and also in my Light Body, as well as under going those Deep Initiations of The Elements, where so much Alchemical Knowledge, Awareness, was understood, accessed, and used in past lives, and now being brought into my present life to use in greater understanding and depth, as my spiritual pathway with my Twin Flame, unfolds in ever deepening insights of all that has been both joyfully and painstakingly learnt through the aeons since our Emergence into the different Worlds and Galaxies, understanding as each subsequent new step was revealed, that truly there is no separation between us, for we are one, just as my dearest one and myself are one heart and one soul, in essence we are one, and have never been separated, it is just an illusion Gaia has seemed to show to be so.

Thus has it been an exciting week as once again, these two old and ancient members of my Light Family and I have re-connected, taken steps into ever deepening oneness, which though not in its fullest, nevertheless has brought to my understanding once again, that we are one in the Higher Realms, we live, love and understand that in essence we have never been apart, for the Whole of The Cosmos has Opened Its Heart and Soul, where as this has been understood and recognised than so The Holy Grail of Life Eternal has once more been Birthed into My Understanding in that – that Golden Liquid of the Holy Grail, has once again been seen and re-emerged within my Cosmic Blood Stream, which is what through the ages, I as well as others, have both searched for, sometimes I have found this, recognising that Golden Liquid of Transformation which has Transcended other Worlds and Galaxies, and lived, loved and breathed by myself.

Of course there are Two Aspects to The Holy Grail, both in the Physical as in The Grail Cup, Chalice, and also Spiritual, for me here, I have tuned into once again to The Spiritual Holy Grail, which for myself, takes me Home to The Cosmic Christ of my Beloved Adam El Daoud, and my very Existence, and that Oneness which Our Celestial Light Family has, which was Birthed within us at Our Very Emergence and Manifestation into Being, and which has always been The Holy Grail of Our Divine Cosmic Blueprint, Gifted to us by God The Father Mother, such then is that Divine Oneness of Bliss and Ecstasy, Loved and Understood In Its Fullest Sense, I Know My Beloved Twin Flame in that Oneness which The Creator Designed for us, and Our Celestial Light Family, For We Are Indeed One, One With The Cosmos, With The Godhead and thus The Meaning of Creation is Understood, Lived and Breathed as our Soul Contracts are Fulfilled and We Are Truly Home, Once Again, One With Our Divine Parents and Celestial Light Family. The Cosmos, Worlds and Galaxies are part of our Every Breath, as we Live and Breath Them, as From Within Our Golden Cosmic Bloodstream, The Whole of Creation Is Within Us, thus has Eternity Unfolded Its Petals and has Embraced not only My Beloved Twin Flame and myself, but has Given me Back Those Golden Keys to Eternal LIfe.

Paintings  by artists unknown. ♥

Green Dragon of Prophecy and Osiris.

From a Dream, October, 2015.
During a dream when meeting up with Osiris, I suddenly found myself looking at a Beautiful Emerald Green Dragon. This Dragon, whom I have named Endenna, was resting quietly in a tree, and although this was my first sighting of a real dragon it was so fascinating and beautiful. During this dream sequence, I met up with Osiris twice, and it was as I met up with Osiris the second time  and said Hello Osiris, that I saw Endenna, who is very much connected to Osiris and his role as a Teacher for the Aquarian Age. Since seeing Endenna I have been blessed at seeing two more dragons, descriptions of my meeting them for the first time I have shared also here on my website earlier this year. There was a feel good factor to seeing Endenna, of whom I learnt afterwards was a Feminine Earth Dragon.
Beloved ones, now that the green dragon has been seen by Suryananda, it confirms imminent and immediate changes are happening, waiting to be experienced by you all. The  Green Dragon DEALS WITH PROPHECIES OF OLD, of Ancient Days long past, going back to Ancient Atlantis, The Ray Children, My Isle – Sirius B in The Pleiades, and to my and our Egyptian Eras, to name just a few.
Prophecy is a very strong, potent and emotive word, just as the Old Testament Prophets of Old, so now those gifts are coming back once more. Those of you who have these gifts will be aware of this.
Now as I have said, the Green Dragon has been seen, you will see me, OSIRIS,  amongst you, whether it be in your Meditations, Dream Experiences, Astral and Etheric Travel, as we will once more come together as we have done through the ages. 
Your Soul Contracts have once again been activated, recognised and released by your Higher Selves, and it is my joy to see you now as I did in these aforementioned times when we walked together in the Light and Radiance of the Spiritual Sun.
You all have your own individual, unique gifts and attributes as it was envisaged, for variety adds to the depth of what is available to the people giving something for everyone.
Now that the Prophecies have come to fruition, we will walk together now as we have in days past; thus is my great joy beloved friends as we travel to pathways ahead once more, as it has been foretold.
Beloved of Amon Ra and Adam El Daoud.
October, 2015.


Orion – Osiris – The Constellation of Orion. Osiris, God The Son.

teotihuacan-and-orion in perfect alignment history channel.jpg


13 November, 2016.

I was thinking of having mentioned seeing the lone pilot here the other day in a flying machine 25 years ago in a dream, where he, the pilot in this tiny one man flying machine had two colours only, as he drew up very close to me, so this was very clear. Bright pink and deep bright blue being the colours of his hair which I could clearly see inside this flying machine and the colour of the flying machine. As I was going into the remembrance of this which is still vivid after so many years, and even though I have often felt he was my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, just now it was doubly confirmed by my Twin Flame with both a beautiful merging for a short while as we tuned in and this was indeed confirmed as being him. My thoughts went as usual that would make a good post for me to go deeper into this dream when I suddenly heard THE CONSTELLATION OF ORION. This was new as I thought of this dream and lone pilot in his flying machine and of course inevitably ORION took me to OSIRIS. The two being very deeply connected through the ages. I said to my beloved, was he, Osiris connected to the Constellation Orion which I had long believed to be so, and has been a fascination anyway over the years, where my Twin Flame confirmed “yes, you know he is”.

This of course gave rise to my thoughts then going to Osiris who is very deeply connected to me, and who goes back to my and my Twin Flame’s Origin, as we have shared through the aeons innumerable life-times in different worlds and galaxies, Ancient Atlantis, Venus, Sirius B the Egyptian Isle, as well as Egypt and other Ancient Civilisations.


As many of us are aware the Constellation of Orion is a pattern of Stars that is repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world from Egypt to Mexico, and is as relevant today as this has been in the past. Osiris has been through an Etheric Lighted Conception Body, being Birthed in a New Body of Light for these New Times, the Aquarian Age, so as to fulfil his role foretold from ancient times as a Teacher for these days of Great Cosmic Energies, Vibrations and Frequencies which have been Gifted to the inhabitants on Gaia as never before, as we, and also Gaia Ascend upwards in our Light Frequencies, thus helping humanity to Ascend in ever increasing numbers, so the Light Quota is intensified as more Beautiful Light and Energies are absorbed in ever more depth by Light Workers which assists all life forms on Gaia too.

The Pyramid of The Sun is very relevant for it combined not only the Light Being of Amon Ra but also Osiris, both of whom are irretrievably Deeply Connected as One Being, beloved of and to My Heart and Our Soul. OSIRIS ALIGNS as he does with Death and Rebirth and the Transformative Process of the Physical Body into its True Home, The Body of Light, where he, Osiris has long been foretold as Being A Spiritual Teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

Osiris is an embodiment of GOD THE SON who is known by Many Names and therefore goes back not only to my, Suryananda and my Twin Flame’s Origin in Divine Paradise, but to Ancient Atlantis, Venus, Sirius B the Egyptian Isle in the Pleiades, but just as Adam El Daoud and myself have from our Origin been able to levitate or use flying machines, or space-craft to land on these other Stars – Worlds, so does this continue in my and our sleep, dreams, Body of Light and other attunements, as those veils between the Higher Realms and Earth are Transcended. Thus Osiris, with his Role of Overseeing Birth and Death, this has come into prominence, as we once again return to Alpha and Omega, which is very much connected to and with Osiris As God The Son.


My Twin Flame indicated his confirmation just recently when I felt that Osiris was another name of God The Son, and just now I asked Osiris, and the reply I got was “I AM INDEED KNOWN AS GOD THE SON, PAT – OSIRIS”. The New Etheric Light Body of Osiris in his New Birth has as yet not been drawn by any of the spiritual artists, but I am sure this will be attuned and given to them when the time is right, so just as we have been blessed with many paintings of the Ascended Masters, so too, will Osiris in his New Role and Image be shared for us all, so that for many, yes, we will still remember the Egyptian images we know and love so well, but will have a new and modern way of seeing Osiris, God The Son, for his New Role as A Teacher in the Age of Aquarius.

Note whilst typing up my notes on this, at least twice, I typed myself as a female whom I have recently been made aware of from Biblical times,  which is another fascinating layer of the deep love and complexities of how our soul family, soul group and loved ones are so very deeply connected with us over different life times, not only Gaia but in other worlds and galaxies. At the same time in the Greek myths, ORION is said to be the SON OF POSEIDON, so not only does Poseidon take me to my beloved Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, but again, when looking into a particular Greek female life I lived, are those Golden Threads of Infinity woven into beautiful memories of my soul.