Dream, I see myself, Rosemary from The Pleiades.


I was dreaming when I found myself suddenly seeing this young woman, say late twenties or about thirty. She had on a Claret long cloak whereby her cloak was not fastened, instead I could see she had on clothing underneath which looked like a dress. Rose came to me as I was looking at her initially for a few seconds followed by Rosemary, so I am calling her Rosemary. Rosemary had very long white hair, almost straight going down to her waist, with just a hint of a wave, and was looking slightly sideways and was talking quite animatedly, and smiling at the same time. She was crystal clear, and I can still see her now, very many hours later which is always a sign when being shown a person in a dream, not always recognising why, just that that person or persons have been brought to my attention for a reason, often multi dimensional and consisting of many layers.

 Getting crown energies now as I am adding here, I feel Rosemary is saying hello. As I moved to note, as I alway do from my dreams, my initial thought was in being drawn to Rosemary and Avalon and Rosemary being a Priestess. But I sensed I needed to go deeper, ie “Older than those times to pre-historic, ie Atlantean OR Pleiadian”. Rosemary’s hair was very striking being very long and white. I do see women or young women at times with yellow hair which always registers as yellow hair takes me to my Higher Self, Arabella, and also to my incarnation later than my origin of Divine Paradise, to Ancient Atlantis, when as Ray Children my twin flame and myself had yellow hair. Since my initial dream experiences back to 1983, I have trained myself to take in as much as I can in a few seconds as I never know how long a dream sequence or at times tuning into my own Akashic Records will last. I thought for a moment of “Melrose” which could relate to Rosemary in one way or another as well. 
Some way into this dream as I was wondering who she was “I sensed my Twin Flame, Saranyu say – “she is you dear child”. Saranyu does not usually say dear child, smile, just the odd moment over something as here. My thoughts then went to seeing (Rosemary – was this sighting of her in another reality, dimension, other than Earth?). I then just closed my eyes for a few seconds as I was thinking of seeing (myself) when I suddenly heard a “Loud noise from within my laptop” so much so that for a moment I was concerned my laptop had broken; the sound was like “A drum beat” just the once but unusual and very interesting as by now having been noting this dream in the early hours there were no sounds around. I sensed my twin flame, Saranyu around me, extra close, as if he was trying to “impress upon me details and information over seeing Rosemary. This sensing of being aware of Saranyu, just in front of me and especially close does not happen all the time. There have been a few occasions over these fifteen months but this sensing of an extra closeness as if just a breath away and a couple of inches indicates an extra closeness and awareness we are sharing. This sensing that Saranyu was so very near lasted for quite some time, much longer than just a few seconds, adding to the potency of those moments. I would add also that when getting the name Rosemary, for a moment that took me to Rosemary which is a herb. The sound like a drum beat coming from within my laptop tells me that “Sound in a different way” is beginning to manifest in my life, clearing the way for as I see it, greater depth and remembrances, awakening to where my spiritual pathway is leading me, which has been said several times in coversations with my Light Family, means for me, tuning into and reading once again The Akashic Records, which is written on my Silver Cord and cannot be erased, not that I wish this to be so, for it is a deep passion, fascination and interest, enabling me to go deeper into the one-ness of Creation in all its many layers.
ADDITIONAL DETAILS ADDED – Saturday, 24 September.
“Rosemary” was not finished as I knew when I kept going back to her, in essence myself, as when this takes place I go over and over in order to get that which feels missing. Rosemary therefore is no exception!
It began really being aware of my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, calling me “my child” which although he has said to me my child a few times, this is not how Saranyu usually addresses me – he will often on a day to day basis say “Dear one” for instance. Not always but that is a popular way Saranyu will use when speaking to me.
I have now got heat on the back of my neck on my right hand side. So, as during my dream seeing Rosemary, which when I get shown to me such a vivid and clear image, scene or scenerio, often takes me in my thoughts to coming from the Akashic Records, especially when the memory of a dream is still so very vivid very many hours later.
Therefore there was deep meaning and fascination for me in being shown Rosemary, but then as I was making a note yesterday when going into Rosemary again as I was not content with the way I had left this as during my dream, Saranyu was very much trying to impress upon my consciousness knowledge and further insights, so I knew there was more to be added.
When I therefore typed a Biblical past life name of mine instead of Rosemary, I felt this was no coincidence. 
So, recognising that “my child” has now taken me back to my deep and meaningful life within my heart and soul as a female and sister in law to one of the Old Testament Prophets, I believe that as Rosemary, my twin flame, Saranyu, was either my Father or Father in law in my life in the Pleiades as Rosemary. Just one of the many golden threads which not only myself but we all share with those who are our twin flames and Light family members.
I feel Saranyu brought Rosemary to me for a reason, and although I do not have as much information as I would love, knowing that his words “my child” takes me back to a much loved and meaningful female life in Biblical times, I am aware that this has already registered and connected with my soul to those times when Saranyu was my Father in law, to retrieve that which needs to be recognised by me today from my life then, and any future soul contract I made in those names, to enable my spiritual pathway to lead me further into its chosen and pre-allotted place.
In fact now when I think of Rosemary, I go also to this much loved past life, and so in essence they are one and the same, as happens when we re-connect with our past lives, in truth we are one for there is no separation, in that those memories of that life rest within me, and can be embraced and added to all of my existences since I first came into manifestation. All can be tuned into, thus adding to our vast jigsaw of who we have been, are and will be, for as we align ourself with our past, we are doing so very much more, for they have all been a chosen part of our whole vast blueprints chosen by us to live, undergo and experience the different worlds and galaxies on the many planets apart from Earth, for Gaia came into being a much later planet, as my and our existences were already manifested before Earth joined the other planets and stars. I believe sensing Rosemary as a herb also takes me to a feeling that as Rosemary, amongst where I was living in the Pleiades in particular, there were Rosemary bushes and plants in abundance.
Much love from Pat – Rosemary and Saranyu.
22 to 24 September, 2016.



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